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  1. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    I do beleive the TK was not intentional. You will be unbanned and placed on the watchlist indefinitely. My suggestions to you, play as infantry, this is the best way to learn assets, tactics and maps before moving onto vehicles. And just a friendly reminder, this is not a training server that we run, asset waste will get you removed from the server.
  2. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    As requested, if you don't want to wait to see the outcome of the ban appeal you will remain banned. Your ban appeal will not be removed, rather serve as a historical log in case you do come back at a later date.
  3. My Rest Time Is almost over. I will go to da Jungle

    Merged your posts, good luck and wishing you the best! Also, are you an OWSI? or something else in the industry? Hope your water is better than mine, was only 2m vis here today.
  4. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    on topic please guys, thanks. make a dogposting thread if you need
  5. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Best guys I know here, mostly cause I don't need to look at your ugly mugs. Have a great time everyone, I know I'm enjoying a tradition Aussie Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of beer and prawns (shrimp) Melon
  6. Server Connection Issues

    Crashes are an integral part or PR. Just like long loading times or that one angry player. We try our best to improve but will always exist. I sorted the starting maps and removed all the harder maps or maps that don't seed. Message me if there's any maps that you think shouldn't be there
  7. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    Sniper medic and spotter 2 squad members HAT ENGI and AA 3 members Breacher, AR, LAT 4 All others 6
  8. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    It's been fixed now
  9. PR Editing

    Yep still works for me, just checked.
  10. PR Editing

    I run the editor on win 10. No issues for me
  11. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Nice work Semler and Xenalite! Awesome!
  12. H8CrazyVet67

    A great guy and friend to many and always had the best intentions at heart. Thanks for all the time you spent making everyone else's lives that little bit better Vincent. You will be missed. Hater, thanks for letting everyone know and condolences to losing a great friend.
  13. I am Back!

    Wow, a real ghost. Spooky... welcome back
  14. PR Updates -

  15. Iron Ridge