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      Project Reality Public COOP Event (CONCLUDED)   02/16/2018

      COOP Campaign First Live Battle 17th of February 1900 PRT   Commanders have made their moves and this time the factions managed to clash. Red Dragon faction launched an assault on MEC territories with their mechanised and regular INF divisions. The battles will take place on Lashkar Valley & Archer. 

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  1. @Trader /@Trill Great job and great team work , Was a pleasure. We executed that 100% as planned. Look at all those birds in the air.... Will upload the video tomorrow.
  2. Sounds good. I would love to do some dog fighting practice. I would need some guidance as I am still trying to learn and work on corner speed , which I gather is between 330 and 440 kts. Anyone up for some training...
  3. Hmmmm..... Do they deliver to Scotland .???
  4. I remember about (cough couch) 20 yrs ago there use to be a Falcon 4 Dogfight competition ladder.. What do you think about revitalizing it....??..
  5. So when do I get my Topgun wings....?
  6. We can use this post when we are looking for anyone wanting to join a BMS flight.
  7. Hi, I have created this post so we can all post our own video tutorials for new players and anyone wanting to learn new techniques. See you in the server.... Sandstorm
  8. Falcon 4 - Quick guide to Bullseye...
  9. Nice. Well if he needs a headtracking system let me know and I can get a discount code for him..
  10. SAM Defence. Not a tutorial but more of a demonstration,
  11. No probs. I do have one x 20% code for the first taker. Would prefer it to be for a new joiner but if anyone needs a head Tracking System let me know. After that it is 10% codes. Cheers Sandstorm.
  12. Hi. I have secured a deal with Trackhat.org to offer 10% discount @ Trackhat.org. Its for new and current VG signups. Its non affiliated so I dont get any commission or kickbacks. Its just to try and get more people flying and enjoying Falcon 4 BMS. Just PM me and I will send you a one use code. All I ask is that you have a look at my youtube Falcon 4 BMS startup tutorial videos and like / comment. I am putting a good few hours into them so would appreciate it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9oDaTAw4bQ-UzeCIT5z6xw I also have a post on this forum with all the training videos on. Trying to add videos as quick as I can. Thanks and hope you you enjoy the discount and videos.
  13. About 5 minutes ago we suffered a blue pause which did not recover. 30 mins into a 2 ship Deep strike and 10 seconds from target. Gutted. I jave it videod if it helps
  14. Will maybe be on about 20:30 ish.
  15. Basic F16 Startup Tutorial.
  16. Hers is the first one , CCIP Pop Up tutorial.
  17. Online if anyone wants to play..
  18. What are the chances of a change of theater?. I know it may be confusing for new starters but just thought I would ask. Cheers. Sandstorm.
  19. Nice one SemlerPDX , It was just a thought and really appreciate that it may happen in the future, I am going to PM you on a separate matter, Thanks
  20. I am free from about 21:00 Zulu most evenings. If I get home early and house is quiet I can maybe get on about 17:00Z. Hopefully we can catch each other. Cheers.
  21. Hey Kav , hope you are well. Been having some great group flights recently but no harrier squads.. Need to run another Harrier mission soon.
  22. Had a really good flight tonight. 2 ship strike with 2 ship CAS , Brevity was excellent all calls from Bullseye and a lot of fun. Unfortunately both package wingmen downed early. Duck did a great job protecting the package and mission accomplished. Thanks Duck and Webb and great to see experienced new pilots onboard Great job guys..
  23. Gonna be online in about 10 mins or so 21:00 UTC , if anyone around
  24. Looks like the server is down