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  1. Evening. Just managed to strike a deal with Tacview for a 15% discount. Again non affiliated so I make nothing from it. So now I can offer 10% off and 15% off Tacview. Happy Flying, Sandstorm.
  2. ok ,appears to be back up now.
  3. Server appears to be down 16:57 gmt
  4. Anyone flying. I am in BMS.
  5. Anyone know how Trill and Hoss got on?..Apparently SA10's dont give a launch warning and if you see it come up on the RWR in the danger zone it means you are already dead.... Nachodka was the name of the base we were aiming at (NE far corner , Russian)
  6. Lovely Jubley. Cheers Jeffu. Learn something new every day...
  7. Morning. I am sure this is possible but cant remember how. I am looking to be able to select which fuel tank I am taking fuel from. I.e External first. If I have wing and centerline tanks how can i select the centerline tank to be the main tank until it is empty.? Also how to see exactly how much fuel is in each tank during flight ? Cheers.
  8. Hi Trill / Hoss. That was a good flight and hooe Hoss got home ok. Looking a bit closer (if you do try again) maybe go NOE when the SA10 pops up and then when in JSOW range pop up together , launch and then go NOE until out of threat range. as I cant see any other way to get close.Not sure if taking AI with HARMs would be good enough. Good luck and let me know if you manage it.
  9. @Trader /@Trill Great job and great team work , Was a pleasure. We executed that 100% as planned. Look at all those birds in the air.... Will upload the video tomorrow.
  10. Sounds good. I would love to do some dog fighting practice. I would need some guidance as I am still trying to learn and work on corner speed , which I gather is between 330 and 440 kts. Anyone up for some training...
  11. Hmmmm..... Do they deliver to Scotland .???
  12. I remember about (cough couch) 20 yrs ago there use to be a Falcon 4 Dogfight competition ladder.. What do you think about revitalizing it....??..
  13. So when do I get my Topgun wings....?
  14. Falcon 4 - Quick guide to Bullseye...
  15. Nice. Well if he needs a headtracking system let me know and I can get a discount code for him..