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  1. Sigh............. Amusing that I'll have to post a weather graph to prove stuff around here now, but here you go. The orange blob swooshed accross Baltics last night. I apologise to all who showed up yesterday ( es specially our Aussie brothers), I didn't know that the #3 server was not fully set up yet and there were far too many python changes to migrate over to the main server. The event is rescheduled to 26th at 1800 PRT.
  2. Event start in 1 hour. Unfortunately I have a huge strom heading my way so I propably wont make it. Therefore Double is in charge. The main server will be shut down in about 30 minutes and then double will release the Password for the event server. Then there will be a bit of warmup on regular INF maps before the main event begins. the rotation is : Basrah Muttrah Bijar.
  3. Alrighty, the download is up : CLICK HERE!!! To install : extract and put the three map folder into your levels folder (Default - C:Program Files (x86)/project reality/project_reality_bf2/mods/pr/levels) Made a few changes to Albasrah : 1. Set palace to neutral to attract the bot mob to move towards BLUEFOR. 2. Put a very incospicuous flag for the T-shape cap. Virtual cookie to the first person to find it Muttrah : 1. Cap order is a bit messed up. Don't ask, tried to fix it, didn't work. - Apartments and US FOB (next to fort) have to be capped before fortress is cappable. Therefore extended deployment rallypoint lifespan to 10 minutes and set fortress to neutral. 2. Bots recieved an additional training courses on mk19 handling. Bijar : 1. replaced one of the respawning techies with ZU truck (10min respawn) 2. Enemy now attacks the HQ once they have one of the defence flags capped. 3. Replaced roadblocks with saltbags 4. Removed static AA from hamas - Dushkam crashes on COOP and lock on AA is too OP. Handheld is still available. 5. Removed mortars, roadblocks from Hamas.
  4. You mean this amazing piece of art? Cant believe that I actually still had it somewhere on my PC :S EDIT : It is copyrighted, if anyone thought about stealing it
  5. And that's why PR is 100x better than "Squad"
  6. The Bleeeeuuurrrgghh! (also known as boragh) should only be on Muttrah and Jabal deployment atm ( and Melon's test event). Havent seen it being used on any other maps. From personal experience, it has to be the most fun vehicle MEC has ever had. Good for dominating INF hiding behind cover with it's amazing splash damage (Even for 50.cal) and acts quite good against hueys that are foolish enough to enter it's protective zone. 10/10 it has made muttrah great again
  7. Event time set to 1900h PRT (7pm) I'll upload the maps sometime next week. (Prop. Tuesday or Wednesday) I'll see what I can do. Depends if I get bored enough to take my time to remove the thermals from the modern tanks and APCs/IFVs. From what I can remember, people didn't enjoy spending much time in those OP soviet era tanks. Still debading wether to include BMP1s or not, as they seem to be currently the most OP vehicles in the game.
  8. This truly has a lot of potential. I can imagine that with some more work this could be an official COOP gamemode for PR some day. I'd recommend trying out the Special Forces expansion AI files that I also used during the campaign. It makes the bots group up a lot more and move as a unit instead of lonewolfing like they usually do on PR. Quite amusingly they seem to have the ability to form a decent line formation with all bots in the squad providing 360 overwatch as the squad moves around. I also noticed that bots from other squad that happened to "get lost" / went too far away from their squad, followed the nearest squad leader until they got close to their original squad. If you don't have the files I can upload them somewhere. Suggestions : 1. Reduce the amount static weapons to ensure that bots have more INF on the ground. They could also use more spawn points inside the city. 2. Remove UAV - The bots mostly get confused by that metal bird that flies over the area, often staring at it with amazement rather than engaging the enemy. During the testing I also noticed that some of the bots decided to shoot at it for whatever reason. 3. Less armed vehicles for BLUEFOR. As for the server crash - It happened after I tried to place down a second hideout. Propably was one of those completely random crashes that happen every now and then and didn't have anything to do with the map / gamemode.
  9. The effects were forced to max in one of the previous updates to prevent people from seeing through smoke. I wouldn't try what Double suggested as it's kind of in a violation with their "Fair game" policy. IF you get caught you could be booted out for good.
  10. Standard Team formation on COOP
  11. F15s against INS seems a bit of an overkill.
  12. One thing I forgot to mention in the main post earlier, APC squad claims the BRDM2s that have guns on them. BRDMs without guns act as a regular transport vehicle and is claimed by the first squad that gets it. And yes, Shitbox = MTLB *During the event - On Muttrah, PLZZZZZ DO NOT ram the british cargo ship with the boats. The siren gets annoying very fast.
  13. Maybe...........
  14. USMC is main faction. Brits come in with a ship and some assets. No INF Not red tide.