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  1. Server is up for some warmup, password is : potato
  2. Download : Click Here ! To install, extract the file and put the two folders into your PR levels folder (Program files / project reality / project reality BF2 / mods / PR / levels) I'm on TS if anyone has any questions or needs assistance with the maps.
  3. Found a quite an annoying bug that makes one of the maps unplayable. Trying to fix it atm.
  4. Max human count on the server will be 30 with 2 of those slots being reserved for gamemaster and HCO. You will have a rep station in main. Vehicle decay wont be changed unless I manage to figure out how to get it to work. Undamaged vehicles wont despawn. camping on hills with assets (vehicles , fobs etc) is forbidden. All fobs and non offensive deployables must be dug I'll post full info and rules when I get back home. .
  5. Added first set of intel about the next battle. More detailed info will be added within the next couple of days. Maps will be released around 24 hours prior to battle.
  6. PR uses around 2 gigs, depending on a map and your settings, when fully loaded. Now combine it with windows & other things running in the background and your 3 gigs won't be anywhere near enough. Try lowering your graphics settings and close any unecessary background programs.
  7. Are you sure this is the correct log you posted? It dates back to mid January. Can you run the maps on local or do they crash as well?
  8. Cycle IV conclusion (24.02 - 03.03) Asia : The Asian front didn't see any confrontation this week as both MEC and Red Dragons decided to reinforce and fortify their positions and therefore non of the armies clashed there. In koreas, North Korean troops with the aid from their Chinese allies have pushed back the South Korean defence forces and managed to capture Seoul with relative ease and The remaining disorganised South Korean forces have surrendered. Chinese forces that were in Korea have return to their mainland and are being redeployed to fight against the MEC. The now unified Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong-un , now turns it's attiention to west to aid it's allies. Korean navy has been deployed to secure the coasts around Red Dragon sectors & Korean air force has already been deployed. Motorised forces are to arrive within weeks. Europe : Eurocorps forces launched a daring attack against Russian forces at the centre and were able to push them back after suffering heavy casualties. Russian forces that managed to push deep into Eurocorps territory are now in danger of being cut off.
  9. COOP Campaign Live Battle III 17th March 2018 1900 PRT Download Password : potato Operation Silver Anvil 1. MEC Assets : 10 x BRDM 2 Support 2 x Boragh 6 x ammo techie 4 x Transport van 2 x Logistics truck APC squad: 1. Boragh Gunner - Spartanish 2. Boragh Driver - =VG= Double13 3. Boragh Gunner 4. Boragh Driver Logistic squad: 1. Squad Leader 2. Assistant/LAT 3. Assistent/Medic 4. Ammo bitch ####################################### Operation Gothic Serpent 2. MEC Assets : 12 x BRDM Support 6 x Ammo Techie 4 x Transport van 1 x Beast 2 x MTLB Dshk 2 x Logistics truck 2 x 50.cal Techie 2 x DsHk techie APC squad: 1. Beast Gunner - Spartanish 2. Beast Driver - =VG= Double13 3. MTLB Gunner 4. MTLB Driver 5. MTLB Gunner 6. MTLB Driver Logistic squad: 1. Squad Leader 2. Assistant/LAT 3. Assistent/Medic 4. Ammo bitch
  10. Run the game on windowed mode. It should give you an error report when the game crashes
  11. Small update on the battle. Due to both MEC and Red Dragons deciding to fortify and reinforce their positions, their armies won't clash and therefore the battle will not take place this week. Next live battle is schechuled to take place on 17th of March at 1900 PRT.
  12. Cycle III Conclusion (17.02 - 24.02) Yet another cycle has concluded and here are the highlights. Also, the next live battle will take place next week, on 3rd of March at 1900 PRT. In Asia, MEC decided to further fortify and reinforce their current positions. Red Dragons launched yet another assault against MEC forces, but after fierce battle and heavy casualties on both sides, were forced to pull back. The North Korean news media are broadcasting news stories of Chinese forces fighting alongside North Korean units in the Korea peninsula and there are reports of South Korean units being pushed back hard and suffering heavy casualties. It is expected that South Korea will fall in about a week. In Europe, Russian forces continue to push throught southern flank of the Eurocorps, forcing the defending units there to abandon their posts and retreat to neighbouring sectors. Russian forces in Scandinavia successfully captured the Swedish sector, but were unable to push out the entrenched Eurocorps forces from Norway. There are also reports of massive mobilisation orders being given out by Russian covernment. The reason for additional mobilisation is currently unknown as is where these newly formed units are being deployed. In Americas, NORAD forces continued to push Mexican forces further into their mainland and after some fierce battles, Mexican covernment admitted it's defeat and surrendered. There are rumours that a large fleet has sailed out from the US mainland and there are sightings of Canadian units being mobilised and loaded into cargo planes in their airbases. MEC managed to research : Radios, Field Dressings & HMGs. Also MEC forces are now equipped with Tier II Weapons.