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  1. We are having these every once in a while, depends on if any of the modders gets the spark of motivation. And like Double mentioned, the editor program is the worst one out there. It crashes often and sometimes takes over 5 minutes to boot up again. I wasn't really planning on doing any more events this year because of the PR tournament taking up most of the weekends, but I happened to watch a Falklands doc. few days ago, so thought why not to try a modern version of it.
  2. 11.11.2017 1900 PRT Info : 1. General Veterans - Gaming server rules apply. 2. RCON will be enabled during the event. Anyone using it without permission will be removed from the event without a warning. 3. Event is open for everyone to join. No signup is required. Anyone wishing to lead the team, post down below. 4. Maps will be released during the event week. Password for the server will be released 1h before the event begins. Falkands - Goose Green - 2017 After 35 years since their last attempt, Argentinian forces have once again launched an assault on Falklands islands. Within hours, all British security forces in the area were forced to surrender and were captured. After the news of an assault on the islands, British Task Force was sent out. Within few weeks, eastern island was retaken and Argentinian forces pushed back to the west. Argentinian forces managed to dug in around the town of Goose Green and repel the british assault. In order to avoid further heavy casualties, a Royal Marine Commando brigade is sent in the cover of darkness to assault and secure the area so the main task force may proceed. Royal Marines CO : XXXXXXXX 1. Goose Green - Assault Mode Royal Marines will be deployed NW of the area and must secure the three landing sites. After they are secure, they must push east and secure the two outposts, after which they must secure Goose Green. Assault will commence with boats (2 minute delay). British destroyer will be on standby to provide fire support for troops on the groun. Once objective "Beehive" is secure, foward spawn point alongside with a logistical truck will be available. This is the only supply truck that you'll get and there is no way to resupply it = only 2 FOBs are available. 2. Goose Green - Defend Mode Royal Commandos must Defend the captured area until the Task Force arrives. Intel suggests that you have only a few minutes before the enemy starts their assault. Assault will commence from SW. Recon spotted several armored vehicles alongside with masses of INF. All flags will have a rallypoint that will despawn after 5 minutes has passed. After that the only respawn points are in the HQ and from rallypoints. All flags also have a supply cgcgrate that will not respawn after it gets destroyed. No FOBS will be available. HQ must not fall until Task Force arrives. British Forces are not allowed to push further than the line marked on the map.
  3. Not a hobo (yet). Just a Recon - "stealth" outfit
  4. it's PR. You are lucky to get through even 2 without crashing. As I've said before, there's only so much we can do to avoid the crashes and they are : 1. Do not use setnext at the beginning of the round or at the last second. Do it in the middle 2. Do NOT use runnext on the first map. Wait for it to play through. 3. Do NOT use runnext within the first 10-20 minutes into the round. Avoid using it at the end of the rounds. 4. Avoid setting maps that have the same faction as the previous map with different layout. (For example, do not set karbala after muttrah as it would be Marines - Army / MEC - Insurgents, which PR doesnt seem to like.) 5. Avoid spamming commands - If someone needs to be warned, kicked, whatever - talk it through on TS who is going to do it. Don't need to send out the entire battalion to take out one guy. albasrah is the name of the map folder, which the server uses when dealing with commands. (muttrah city is muttrah_city_2 etc.)
  5. Kubra Dam was part of a "red tide" campaign which in a way was a test on it's own.
  6. If the maps run on local then you are good to go. We tested the files couple of days ago with Double and ironically only CTD issues we had were on my side. The server is mainly for those who are having crashes or doupt that the files are compatible (overwriting on install for example) If you are having any issues, feel free to jump on TS, PR admin HQ channel and we'll try to find a solution.
  7. I'll be available on TS tomorrow (friday) if anyone has any technical issues with getting the maps to run. The test server is up with the maps so you can check if you have the correct version. Red = no If you have any issues or wish to check the compapility of a map, feel free to ask and I can set it to run on the server and we can check it out.
  8. 4. The best way, for me atleast, to identify if the target is friend or foe is by taking a look at the weapon. Each faction has their distinctive weapons that make them super easy to identify (us m4s, MEC g3s, russians aks etc.) Also each faction has their own unique uniforms. Just takes a bit time and practice to remember them all. On insurgent syle maps like iron ridge where both sides have same weaponry, its best to check the helmets. All bluefor units have a helmets, but opfor usually sports bandanas and shemaghs instead.
  9. Best way to test it would be to have at least 24h ahead announcement and by taking down the main server during the testing. Right now not many people bother to search the maps since they have alt option to join the main server without spending time on looking through the forums and downloading.
  10. Yee
  11. Took a while, but after numerous of failed attempts, the mappack has been uploaded and ready for download. Download : CLICK HERE! IMPORTANT : IF YOU PARTICIPATED IN PREVIOUS TESTS, MAKE SURE TO DELETE THE MAP FOLDERS BEFORE INSTALLING TO AVOID MAPS GETTING CORRUPTED. DO NOT OVERWRITE! Install instructions : Extract the rar file and place the map folders into your project reality levels folder ( Default : C:Program Files x86 / Project Reality / Project Reality BF2 / Mods / PR / Leves) Notes : 1. Dalian Plant, Gulf of Oman & Leviathan had some late minute AI issues and won't be included in this version 2. Tickets on some of the maps are not set up (noticed it after uploading) and therefore the rounds may end prematurely on local servers. If you wish a fix for it, send me a PM and I'll quide you through it.
  12. You'll need to drop a patch on it to get it unstuck and then poke it with epipen for revive. Works most of the times.
  13. Sorry guys, but I overestimated my internet's capabilities and it takes a lot longer to upload the maps than I thought it would. Therefore the test is moved a week further to 16th of september, starting time remains the same.
  14. Let me know if you guys need the dev server or some kind of extra assets on some of the maps for the tutorial thingy. I guess I could throw a small vid together with how the armo(u)r works, but it will have to wait until I finish packing up the maps for next week.