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  1. Unbanned /locked
  2. While looking through the logs I did find something interesting. You filed an unban request on 18th of december and was given 30 day timeout starting from 19th of december. While our banlist was down on 22nd of december, you joined the server with account named KomradeKalinin and got banned yet again for intentional teamkilling. Also I noticed that you have around 5 additional PR accounts which 2-3 have got in trouble for being disruptive during your 30 day ban period. Why should we unban you if you constantly keep breaking the rules and come to our server with different account names, cause havoc and hope we wouldn't notice? Even though this ban was placed by accident, it will stay for the time being.
  3. The problem seems to be that we are currently running the default vanilla PR COOP settings that don't have any of the Melon's modifications on it and I dont have the backups for it so propably going to need for Melon to upload his version again. Until then, we just gotta roll with a slightly easier version of COOP. I tried to run it with the settings from previous modified version we had but it was too outdated and didnt work. I don't understand the issue with "bots spawning places". Bots cannot spawn on random locations. They have preset spawn points that are placed on a map by the developers and those can't change.
  4. I unbanned him on 8th of January but I guess the older version of the banlist got recently mixed in by accident. Uploaded the updated version and you should be able to join now.
  5. Commandah Bushido, your host on Iron & Beirut here, Just a quick info concerning tomorrows battle. Nothing fancy just basic stuff : 1. Iron Ridge Basically gonna have inf spawn in the city and defend the flags that are assigned to the squads. Piece of cake. Nothing complicated. If we do lose those flags then just hunker up around HQ and hide in the buildings. 2. Beirut A. Inf squads will spawn at docks area, mount in the merkavas / hmmwvs / trucks and rush to the bridge (merkavas can carry 6 passengers - 50cal gunner does NOT need a crewman kit!!! ) B. one of the INF squads is to spawn on the ship alongside with a recon squad. B.1 Looking for volunteers for small (4-5 man max) Recon squad whose main task would be to search and destroy enemy mortars and to disrupt enemy armored reinforcements from reaching the bridge area. C. Looking for volunteers for bridge repair duty (2 ppl) 3. Additional info will be distributed to the squad leaders on demand. (Poke on TS or send a PM on site - also add an estimated number of squad members if possible) All who plan to lead a squad on those maps + Pilots, please drop by the Command Channel on TS before the battle to recieve further info and details on what your squad is supposed to do. I'm also going to run the Mighty Techy Force squad on Karbala so if you want to add more salt to your storage area and get LAT-ed a lot, let me know
  6. Both sides talked and problem has been solved. /Locked
  7. There's no SuhariK++ on the banlist, however the hash corresponds with user named "N00B ~~Kappa~~" who's banned for disruptive behaviour on 29th of November. Concerning your buddies, the only one I could find on the list was Volk18rus who got banned on 9th of January for multiple asset steal.
  8. Hi chaps, Event Factory is happy to announce that after long time of waiting, the COOP campaign has finally been finished and is expected to be launched in March ! The launch date will be announced in upcoming weeks with full backstory and info for the first battle. Campaign will consist of modded PR maps with addition of old map-pack maps such as Street2 and Op Phoenix & Vanilla BF2 maps such as Clean Sweep, Kubra Dam, Road to Jalalabad and many more. Until then, please enjoy this little trailer put together and stay tuned for more info. Special Thanks to : @=VG= Double_13 & @=VG= PBAsydney for the campaign name ideas / Feedback & Support =VG= TED(F)
  9. Hi Commander TEDF,

    I've read your battleplans for Lashkar Valley and Ramiel, and advised my squad to read it and commit to memory.

    If you have any more details to pass on to me, as per your post, I'd be grateful to receive that.

    I've done a bit of recon on all maps, and was wondering about how the Chinook is going to take off and land if the Lashkar FOB is under a major attack.

    Flying back to the FOB in the Chinook I felt a bit vulnerable coming into the FOB directly from the N - NW.

    I'm sure you've probably taken this into consideration but we may need to give the all clear before they come back to the English FOB.

    Otherwise I have nothing to add at the moment. Will brief the guys and pass on any relevant feedback.

    My email address if you wish to send an attachment is:  sea_eagle@chariot.net.au



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    2. Kavelenko


      Best route in my opinion would be to go hard left from the FOB and up the valley, hug the left side of the map and shield themselves with the mountains.

    3. =VG= TEDF

      =VG= TEDF

      Area around the main is completely open so it's super easy for the Pilot to spot if the area is full of little moving dots when coming in. From what I can tell, the bots seem to be only interested in NE / E side of the base and don't go other ways, giving the pilot a perfect little mountain corridor from NW side to use for rapid take offs / landings. The idea is for the pilot to take- and fly off as quickly as possible. Going directly towards West means that he would have to climb the mountains over there and If he is to remain to gain altitude over the main, then there's a high chance that he'll get shot down since AI has around 99,9% accuracy against choppers that are less than 200m off the ground.

      At the beginning of the deployment we do not have the time / luxury to have defensive squad set up prior to take off. Deployment of Hater's and Double's squads must be done quickly and without any delay.

      Since there aren't any other vehicles on our team, we can use the AI mechanics to our advantace, meaning that the pilot has around 4-5 seconds to land / take off before any of the RPG guys become a threat. After the initial deployment, it is up to the Pilot to keep the bird safe using whatever means are neccecary. 

      There are many loopholes that are done / left on purpose in the plan to keep the map interesting. If we wanted to have a boring easy-win round then all we would have to do is to deploy everyone in the main, poke the guns out of the bunkers and pew-pew-pew for the next hour or so. My main idea was to set up different checkpoints and FOBs on / around other flags and then, depending on the situation, maybe simulate the evacuation of the FOB base so the bots can take it and progress on to other flags.


    4. Kavelenko


      Sorry TEDF I didn't mean to say turn left into the mountain but was looking at the valley corridor to the NW off the FOB, which is the same one your path uses on your map, the only difference is that I would be hugging the left side of the map once I got through that valley. So yes I agree the first few minutes should be safe but I was looking at the return journey and subsequent flights in and out of the FOB. Depending on how many bots are attacking the base at any time, it would be pertinent to keep the communications up as to whether it was safe enough to land. As  you say its going to be critical for Double and Hater to establish FOBS, and not lose the Chinook early. Looking forward to those maps, at least you have a battle plan which is excellent!

  10. Battleplans : 1. Lashkar Phase one : a. Hater's & Cheeky-Breeky squad : Squad leader + 2 selected members will spawn in and board the chinook with me as quickly as possible. Rest of the squad members will hold spawn until rallies have been placed. b. Kavelenko's squad is to set up defensive perimeter towards NW - N - NE - E of british FOB and defend it until further notice. b.1 Defensive stance must be achieved as quickly as possible! Once you spawn in rush to your positions and fend off the first wave. c. The general idea is to get commander and small amount of troops out of the main base as quickly as possible to provide emergency team rally points in case of a loss of the chinook. d. Red area on the map is a NO FLY ZONE! Use the western part of the map for manouvers. Phase two : After Cheeky-Breeky and Hater's people have been successfully dropped off and rallies are down : a. Chinook is to drop 2 supply crates on west village flag, then RTB back to base using the same route as in phase one. Landing in FOB area must be done quickly to avoid any potential sneaky RPGs! Pilot is allowed to squash any people that are sitting on the helipad during landing. b. Cheeky-Breeky squad is to head South towards Compound flag and secure it. Set up defencive perimeter towards SW - S - SE - E. b.1 No supplies will be available once you have been dropped off. Make sure to have couple of rifleman with you as they may be your only ways of resupplying for a long period of time. c. Hater's squad will head North towards West Village and set up a FOB and defensive assets as they see fit. Set up perimeter towards SW - S - SE. Assign someone to patrol Eastern and North Eastern flanks in case of some sneaky bots. d. Kavelenko's squad is to remain defensive until further notice. Phase three : a. After the first wave of enemies has been held back and more squads have been formed, more people will be dropped off towards other flags. b. One "Volunteer" squad will be sent out to construct additional FOBs around the combat zone at marked locations. Once done, they are to be remain on standby for further orders. Additional info : 1. Once these phases have been completed and defensive perimeters have been established around Compound and West Village, more troops may be shipped out from the FOB to support defensive operations on other locations. Until then, all remaining people are to be dedicated on defending the FOB at all costs. 2. All supply / Transport requests most come through the Commander. Any other requests are to be ignored. 3. FOB is surrounded by Dome of Death (DoD) meaning that the only way out is by using the helicopter. 4. Chinook is not to be used as a CAS asset !!!!! 5. It is adviced to keep the chinook away from the FOB are when idling. Ramiel : Not going into much detail for this one. The plan is pretty simple : a. Inf squads are to regroup at the main base, they have around 5 minutes to get their people ready to move out. b. Once the green light is given, inf is to move up towards the first flag and scout out any ATGM launchers and spawn points. Once the flag area has been reached, inf is to set up defensive perimeter all around the flag (360). Once secure, supplies will be flown in by our BlackHawks. c. Once supplies have been dropped, one of the inf squads is to be tasked to construct defensive assets at commander marked locations. When done report to commander and resume overwatch. d. When the flag is secure, convoy is given a green light to move out from the main. The convoy will be composed as : Kawaii 1 ( Stryker 1) HMMWV Kawaii 2 ( Stryker 2) e. Depending on how many people remain, inf squad(s) will be tasked to provide additional security for the convoy as they proceed towards the flag. f. The route which the convoy has to take will be marked on the map by the Commander. g. Once flag is secure, repeat the proccess with other flags. Additional info : 1. Pilots are to remain in the airport until called in by the Commander. All other tranport / supply requests are to be ignored! 2. DO NOT REQUEST ANY HAT / ENGINEER KITS WITHOUT COMMANDER'S APPROVAL !!!!!!!!! THESE ARE TO BE USED ONLY ON EMERGENCY SITUATIONS BY THE VEHICLE CREWS. AT-4 WILL BE ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF THE ENEMY ASSETS. 3. Depending on how fast / slow the progress is, a YOLO command may be given, meaning that all safety measures will be thrown away and we will now turn into rush mode, trying to capture rest of the flags as quickly as possible so we could move on to the next map. Lashkar & Ramiel administrative notes : 1. If a person / group of people is responsible of getting one of our assets destroyed, that person / group will be immediately booted from the event and from VG COOP server for prolonged period of time. 2. Griefing will result in you getting immediately removed for the duration of these operations 3. Disobeying Commander's orders may result in you getting resigned or removed from the operation. 4. IF any of the squad leads wishes to get more info or full overview of the plans, then message me on TS / Forums and I'll send you more detailed plan. Those plans are to remain only between the Commander and Squad leaders to avoid certain someone doing any last minute changes to the maps that might compromise the strategy. 5. Any additional info will be added in yellow text.
  11. I can take the Command over the Lashkar Op if no one else wants it.
  12. Propably not going to be added until they are implemented into the main game instead of a separate download. Too much of an hassle to get everyone to download the maps and install them in correct folder. Don't worry, the work on old maps hasn't died out. Wrapping out some loose ends right now. If everything goes by the plan, the campaign should launch in late February / early March.
  13. I'll post the battleplan for Ramiel tomorrow or day after. Basic idea is to have inf squads push up towards the flag, scout out any ATGMs and spawnpoints, set up 360 and then move in the vehicles to cap. Depending on how many people show up, we might try few cooler and more complicated manouvers like moving in a convoy with having inf covering the front and rear.
  14. Suggest spreading people around in different squads rather than creating an elite one. Otherwise we'll be stuck on constant loop where the elite squad has to bounce back and forth between the flags since other's aren't able to hold / attack them. @Xenalite Everyone is welcomed to join. Just make sure you have the maps correctly installed by next friday .
  15. Thompson and TiagoSeal got banned by Hater before they managed to leave. Detomi added to the banlist Thanks for the report