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      Red Tide Part IV   05/21/2017

      OPERATION "RED TIDE" PART IV 27 May 7pm GMT More info here.


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  1. New event date set to this saturday (27.05.2017) at 7pm GMT. @HaterOneActual I'll let you know by wednesday if I managed to get the nuijamaa working or not. Doesn't look promising, but I'll give it another try. If it doesnt work out, then Iron ridge will be done instead.
  2. I'll fix the server settings once Semler gets back. Dont want to mess around with main files until then in case I mess something up and need reset or something.
  3. Well, since there's an update, event will be postponed once again. Will give out the new date asap
  4. Early spawns wont be an issue during this event as the bot attack wave will be manually triggered
  5. A bit intel on Saturday's event : Nuijamaa will be skipped due to issues with the map. Instead we shall redo iron ridge with FDF as the defending faction and with 5 - 10 minute setup time for defending forces before russians arrive. The Defending forces are not allowed to further than the most southern blue circle (flag). Russian attack will be triggered with the city cap by the russians Maps will be uploaded tomorrow FDF Assets : 4 x HMMWV 50.cal (5 minute respawn) 3 x HMMWV Support (5 minute respawn) 1 x Logistics truck (20min respawn) 4 x VAB (10 minute respawn)
  6. project reality

    Long live the s#@$boxes!
  7. Looks cool and all, until a somewhat competent BLUEFOR Grenadier shows up
  8. FDF Weapons : -snip- Default militia weapons for now. PR is a pain in the arse
  9. Awesome. Let me know where you want the deployable assets. To make it more interesting, only 3 are available per map Yeee. Got a bit bored of the generic BLUEFOR factions and as Finland isn't as much of a NATO guy and they dont have their own faction ingame yet, I figured to give them (kind of) their own stuff for this event. They will have some custom weapons instead of AKs, but I'll post more intel on it later.
  10. OPERATION "RED TIDE" PART IV 27.05.2017 7pm GMT Briefing Event Info : 1. No signup is required to join the event. It is allowed to gather up people for squads beforehand. 2. There will be foward spawns on foward flags, but they will despawn after 2 minutes. After that the only spawns are in the main base and from player placed rallypoints and FOBs 3. Logi trucks will be the only vehicles carrying supply crates. 4. It is not allowed to leave the defence zones. It is not allowed to go into Russian deployment zones / camp enemy spawn points. 5. Deployable AT/AA launchers and handheld AAs will be disabled. 6. Russians have deployed their airforce to support Spetsnaz advance. 7. Maps will be added during the event week, at least 24h before the event Commander Assets / Abilities : The commander(s) will have additional resources that they can choose to deploy on the maps. To deploy the assets, commander(s) have to post below where they would like to deploy the asset. The choice must be done by 17th of May. After that the assets will be locked. If there's no commander signed up for any of the maps, the event host will choose and place assets randomly. 1. Radar X 2 - Early warning for incoming enemy heavy Airstrikes (JDAM, Tactical Nuke) 2. Static TOW X 5 3. Static Stinger X 3 4. T72B X 2 Maps : (Full Intel will be added in few days) COMMANDER : HATERONEACTUAL 1. Saaremaa - GB Royal Marines VS Russian 877th Marines supported by The Baltic Fleet GB assets : 6 x Land Rover ( Transport) 1 x Logistics Truck (non respawn) 2 x Warrior APC (non respawn) Royal Marines start with all the flags on the island capped and have rallypoints on the beaches that will despawn after 2 minutes has passed. After that the only respawn will be in main or from human placed FOBs/rallies. All flags will be active at the same time! Radio Tower(Blue star) MUST NOT fall in the enemy hands!!! 2. Yamalia - The Finnish Defence Force (Militia) vs Russian VDV + Spetsnaz + Russian Air Force FDF assets : 6 x HMMWV 50.cal 3 x HMMWV Support 2 X Logistics Truck (non respawn) 4 x VAB APC (10 minute respawn) FDF starts with all flags capped and have rallypoints on all flags that will despawn after 2 minutes has passed. After that the only respawn points will be in the main base and from human placed FOBs/rallies. All flags will be active at the same time! BLUEFOR main base (Blue Star) MUST NOT fall! Expect enemy paratroopers and Spetsnaz units being deployed behind your lines! 3. Nuijamaa - Finnish Defence Force (Militia) vs Russian Spetsnaz + 21th Mech FDF assets : 4 x HMMWV 50.cal 2 x HMMWV Support 1 x Logistics Truck (non respawn) 2 X VAB APC (10 minute respawn) FDF starts with all flags capped and have rallypoints on all flags that will despawn after 2 minutes has passed. After that the only respawn points will be in the main base and from human placed FOBs/rallies. FDF has 3 lines of defence. The third and also final line of defence also activates the main base, meaning that if russians manage to break through one of the flags there, they are able to capture the BLUEFOR main base. FDF Camp MUST NOT fall!
  11. Nah, can lock the door and throw the key away. It was valid for the period when we had huge problems with the Banlist. Do still encourage admins to write down notes on the bans they issue though. /Locked
  12. You guys did way better than I expected. These maps were designed to be as challeging as possible so I was surprised that you managed to hold on for 50 minutes against the stuff we threw at you. Good job on Hater's part. There were quite a few things I didn't expect and had to rearrange the bot move orders to counter it. Es specially that counter attack on Hilltop Base that completely screwed up the bot assault as half of the bot team was already in the capzones of the hill flags and were very reluctant to move back, so had to have Double to drive a BTR in there to put some pressure on. As for Dragon Fly, I'm pretty sure that if we had done it for another 10-15 minutes, the BLUEFOR would have been overrun in the main camp, concidering the amount of stuff that was on the way to the bridge from the center of the city. (Es specially that newly designed invisible SHILKA). But you did hold on for the originally set 50 minutes + the extra time I gave Double to have a rushB manouver to see if he can do the sneaky cap, so well done everyone. The early spawns didn't screw you up that much as I blocked the bot spawns in the beginning by going commander, which we discovered blocks all delayed spawns on BOT side until player resigns, during our tests.
  13. Part III Debrief Thank you all who joined. Next part is to be expected in 2 weeks (20th of may)
  14. Password : rushb
  15. Was just doing some testing. Server is back to normal for now. Will take it down again about an hour or so before the event starts. Password will be given on TS and posted here on the forums before the event begins.