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  1. Nope. Scientists are still working on that upgrade
  2. MEC doesn't exist in this scenario. FSA is part of a bigger rebellion faction that's fighting against Taliban Only 2 slots per player for now. Since the tank on Sharqi is manned, I can put you on HIghway and Quarry
  3. @Spartanish Added you to Shanqi and Highway. Forgot to mention this on main post, but let's keep it 2 signed positions per player like on Melon's event
  4. Operation "Red Tide" part II 8th of April 7pm GMT Briefing : With the crisis between Nato and Russia escalating in Europe, Delta Force has been pulled out from the Middle East and US forces are ordered to return to their bases. This leaves the job of clearing out the last Taliban strongholds to the Rebel's 3rd mechanised company. The enemy has fled to their three remaining sectors and will do anything to keep the hold on the area. US UAV picked up a large number of enemy tanks and IFVs in the region. Event info : 1. Heavy assets are signup based - first come, first serve. To apply for position, reply to this post. (2 positions per player) 2. Inf does not have to sign up. It is allowed to gather up people for your squads. 3. Maps will be added on the event week. 4. FOBs will be available, but will require digging. 5. Due to lack of funding, it is prohibited to build ATGM launchers from the FOBs. (SPGs allowed) Maps : 1. Sharqi Peninsula - FSA vs Taliban FSA assets : 1 x T-62 2 x BMP1 4 x 50.cal technical 2 x zastava music truck 1 x FSA logistics truck FSA will start their push from the south of the city. The outpost south of the city must be secured before advance on the city can commence. All units are to remain on the lowground. Mountains are off limits. Also, a lot of sharks have been reported in the region, meaning that swimmining over the sea is not an option. Enemy heavy reinforcements expected from north and east after the alarm is given. Response time currently unknown. NO CAMPING ENEMY REINFORCEMENT ROUTES!!!! Tank 1 : Driver : Double_13 Gunner : Spartanish IFV 1 : Driver : Gunner : SerEvergreen IFV 2 : Driver : Gunner : 2. Taraba Quarry - FSA vs Taliban FSA assets : 2 x T-62 2 x BMP1 1 x AA truck 4 x 50.cal technical 2 x music vans 1 x logistical truck Intel : FSA will start in an abandoned industrial sector NW of the area and will progress east towards the dam. The red area east of deployment zone indicates mines, making advance towards that area impossible. The blue area south of deployment zone indicates area under the control of friendly forces - No enemies will come from that side. Intel suggests that enemy has deployed air assets and heavy armor to the region. Tank 1 : Driver : Carkidd Gunner : Jersans Tank 2 : Driver : Gunner : IFV 1 : Driver : TEDF Gunner : Sydney IFV 2 : Driver : Gunner : 3. Highway Tampa - FSA vs Taliban FSA assets : 4 x T-62 3 x BMP1 4 x 50.cal technial 1 x SPG technical 2 x logistics truck Intel : This is the last remaining Taliban stronghold. No doupt they will throw everything they have at you. Expect heavy armor, backed by mechinised inf presence in the area. Taliban, in desperation, have blown up oil derrics in the area, turning the ground into wasteland. View distance is reduced greatly due to heavy smoke and dust. Use caution when engaging enemy forces since their assets are superior to our own. Tank 1 : Driver : Double_13 Gunner : Spartanish Tank 2 : Driver : Carkidd Gunner : Jersans Tank 3: Driver : Gunner : SerEvergreen Tank 4 : Driver : Gunner : IFV 1 : Driver : TEDF Gunner : Sydney IFV 2 : Driver : Gunner : IFV 3 : Driver : Gunner : Event Rules : 1. Standard VG COOP server / TS rules 2. Map specific rules
  5. Thank you everyone who joined. I guess the difficulty was a bit too high for inf only combat, will tune it down for the next events. Next event is planned for 8th of April, same time 7pm GMT. Going to post event details and maps in the next coming days. Operation "Red Dawn" part I Debrief :
  6. Password for the event is "meluns" .
  7. Bump. 2 days to go
  8. Jup, as intented. No sneak peeking
  9. Added the download link with an additional map - Black Hawk Down. Also, event will be moved earlier - to 7pm PRT
  10. All good suggestions and fun ideas, but you gents seem to forget that this is COOP we are talking about. I dont see any of those things working out since the majority of the players we have are newcomers who have just finished downloading the mod and jumped in. How do you expect them to follow all the 100+ tiny rule bits that we have for every smaller thing? How to you expect them to follow up on that super micromanaged 8 man TOW hmmwv squad thingy? I agree with what Double pointed out - We used to have a line that sayd that the rules are also to be used as a quidline and it would be up to the admins judgement to enforce them or to look the other way as needed. I dont see a problem with having a locked 2 man TOW hmmwv squad for example if they are being useful and get things done. Why force them to have an additional 2 blueberries with them that are just going to sit in the back and be absolutely useless? The same goes for the shitty APCs such as (for) Fuchs (sake) & VAB - I have taken a view of them as more like a jeep class vehicles since the only difference atm is : 1. Size 2. ability to request kits 3. driver needs a crewman kit. They dont have any anti tank capalities, rocket launchers or autocannons. Just same machineguns as the jeeps do. If the inf squads wants to use them and there are loads of them just sitting in main, then so be it. We dont have to micromanage everything with the rules. There are exceptions where it is possible to close your eyes and let it slip. I saw someone mention PRTA rules earlier - Yes PRTA did try to micromanage every squad and asset with rules and see where it got them. All they got was uproar from the community and hundreds of complaints on the forum until they turned their rules back to more civilized version. And this brings us to the issue about the APC squad vs Mech inf squad - I'm strongly against the mech inf having priority over APC squad for heavy assets such as IFVs and mightier APCs than the ones mentioned before. Yes, mech inf can be effective at times, but how it turns out most of the occasions is that inf jumps in the vehicle, drives up to the flag, dismounts and abandons the vehicle, caps the flag and then heads back in and rushes the next flag, wasting the potentional firepower and support it can provide. Or second version - INF rushes in, dismounts, gets the vehicle blown up and then complains that APC squad is stealing their asset afterwards. To come back to the PRTA example- The current rule there state that Mech INF squads get priority over all the "APCs" and not IFVs. Do you really expect the normal COOP players to be able to make difference between an APC and an IFV? You guys seem to forget that this is not a deployment or tournament server. Of course we could follow the idea that tanks and IFVs go for the same squad but again - it's COOP. There are way more assets on maps than you can fit into one squad. We have never had these kind of problems between APC squads and INF for years. Why is it so much of an hassle now? I rarely see a situation where INF squad gets denied/ignored the transport from APCs when calling in with the radio, so what's the issue? Edit : If someone from the higher ups could move this discussion to a separate thread so it woudn't clog up the rules section, it would be appreciated.
  11. Operation "Red Tide" Part I 18th of March 2017 7pm PRT/GMT Hi chaps! Event Factory is happy to announce the launch of PR Coop campaign Operation "Red Tide" on 18th of March 2017! Before the information on maps and other administrative stuff, there are a few things I'd like to address : 1. The scenario takes place late 2016, in an alternative timeline where most of the major 21st century events didn't happen. (Terrorist attacks, conflicts between countries, ISIS etc.) 2. Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen etc. have collapsed and the territories have been divided between Hamas and Taliban (more in the backstory) 3. I got the idea for this campaign from reading the comments of baltic people on news stories where russian aircraft has violated soverign airspaces, stating that NATO should take more aggressive stance and shoot down one of those jets to send out a warning. The purpose of this campaign is not to make one of the sides look as the "bad guys" and the others as "good guys", but to represent one of the possible scenarios that we might face due to increasing tensions between the Russia and the West. Event Details : 1. Standard Veterans - Gaming Coop rules apply. Only approved supporting members will be having admin rights during the event. 2. Event will be open for all to join. No signup is requiered. Password for the server will be announced 24h before the event. 3. Maps will be uploaded week before the event ( look for them at the bottom of this post) 4. No FOBs will be available and squad leader spawn points will be disabled meaning that rallypoints will be the only spawn points ouside the main deployment area. 5. As there will be many new (old) maps, feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Backstory : Middle East (1999) : Radical islamic groups of Hamas and Taliban announce an alliance and take up arms against disjoint goverments of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen & Jordan. Within couple of years, all government forces are overrun and by 2003 the territories are divided between Taliban & Hamas. 2004 - Newly discovered oilfields in Taliban held territories spur new tensions between the former allies. Taliban refuses to share the oil with Hamas which leads to another all out war in the Middle East. First couple of months leave many of the major cities on both sides in ruins and tens of thousands of civilians are killed. Using this conflict to their advantage, several new militia factions emerge, including the former government loyal forces, that have been in hiding until now. Fueled with new hope to restore the former countries and supplied by the West, they begin their struggle. 2009 - Hamas bombs the market in one of the Rebel held cities. over 400 civilians are killed, including 17 American, 4 German and 2 UK citizens. Attack causes outrage in the western world. Under heavy pressure from the congresss and the public, newly elected US president Obama approves retaliatory air strikes against Hamas forces. 2011 - Terrorist attacks in Washington leave over a hundred dead. President Obama approves the deployment of US forces in the Middle Least. First US units land in Yemen and join with rebel forces in the fight against Hamas & Taliban forces. New coalition is formed. Early 2016 - Last of the Hamas strongholds have surrendered to the Coalition forces and many of the Taliban positions have also been overrun. US intelligent agencies discover that Iran has been supplying Taliban cells still remaining in Yemen with advanced weapons. In retaliation, US deploys additional ships to the area to block any more deliveries and sends out a protest note to Iranian government to cease the supplying immediately. Late 2016 - Taliban is on the brink of defeat. As the Coalition prepears for the final assault, Delta Force is sent in to clear the way for the main Coalition armor force. Briefing : Maps : 1. Phoenix - US Delta Force vs Taliban Commander : 2. Road To Jalalabad - US Delta Force vs Taliban US assets - HMMWV 50. cal X 2 - no respawn HMMWV 50. cal x 4 - 10 minute respawn Commander : 3. Street 2 - US Delta Force vs Taliban Commander : 4. Black Hawk Down - US Delta Force vs Taliban Commander : US Assets - HMMWV 50.cal x 4 - 10 minute respawn DOWNLOAD : LINK Install Instructions:1) Download the file 2)locate your PR levels directory, (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels) 3) Extract the downloaded zip file into pr\levels using winzip, winrar, 7zip etc.4) Run PR 5) Create a local coop game and check that the event maps are in your maplist 6)If they are you're good to go for the event
  12. The problem seems to be that we are currently running the default vanilla PR COOP settings that don't have any of the Melon's modifications on it and I dont have the backups for it so propably going to need for Melon to upload his version again. Until then, we just gotta roll with a slightly easier version of COOP. I tried to run it with the settings from previous modified version we had but it was too outdated and didnt work. I don't understand the issue with "bots spawning places". Bots cannot spawn on random locations. They have preset spawn points that are placed on a map by the developers and those can't change.
  13. Commandah Bushido, your host on Iron & Beirut here, Just a quick info concerning tomorrows battle. Nothing fancy just basic stuff : 1. Iron Ridge Basically gonna have inf spawn in the city and defend the flags that are assigned to the squads. Piece of cake. Nothing complicated. If we do lose those flags then just hunker up around HQ and hide in the buildings. 2. Beirut A. Inf squads will spawn at docks area, mount in the merkavas / hmmwvs / trucks and rush to the bridge (merkavas can carry 6 passengers - 50cal gunner does NOT need a crewman kit!!! ) B. one of the INF squads is to spawn on the ship alongside with a recon squad. B.1 Looking for volunteers for small (4-5 man max) Recon squad whose main task would be to search and destroy enemy mortars and to disrupt enemy armored reinforcements from reaching the bridge area. C. Looking for volunteers for bridge repair duty (2 ppl) 3. Additional info will be distributed to the squad leaders on demand. (Poke on TS or send a PM on site - also add an estimated number of squad members if possible) All who plan to lead a squad on those maps + Pilots, please drop by the Command Channel on TS before the battle to recieve further info and details on what your squad is supposed to do. I'm also going to run the Mighty Techy Force squad on Karbala so if you want to add more salt to your storage area and get LAT-ed a lot, let me know
  14. Hi chaps, Event Factory is happy to announce that after long time of waiting, the COOP campaign has finally been finished and is expected to be launched in March ! The launch date will be announced in upcoming weeks with full backstory and info for the first battle. Campaign will consist of modded PR maps with addition of old map-pack maps such as Street2 and Op Phoenix & Vanilla BF2 maps such as Clean Sweep, Kubra Dam, Road to Jalalabad and many more. Until then, please enjoy this little trailer put together and stay tuned for more info. Special Thanks to : @=VG= Double_13 & @=VG= PBAsydney for the campaign name ideas / Feedback & Support =VG= TED(F)
  15. Hi Commander TEDF,

    I've read your battleplans for Lashkar Valley and Ramiel, and advised my squad to read it and commit to memory.

    If you have any more details to pass on to me, as per your post, I'd be grateful to receive that.

    I've done a bit of recon on all maps, and was wondering about how the Chinook is going to take off and land if the Lashkar FOB is under a major attack.

    Flying back to the FOB in the Chinook I felt a bit vulnerable coming into the FOB directly from the N - NW.

    I'm sure you've probably taken this into consideration but we may need to give the all clear before they come back to the English FOB.

    Otherwise I have nothing to add at the moment. Will brief the guys and pass on any relevant feedback.

    My email address if you wish to send an attachment is:  sea_eagle@chariot.net.au



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    2. Kavelenko


      Best route in my opinion would be to go hard left from the FOB and up the valley, hug the left side of the map and shield themselves with the mountains.

    3. =VG= TEDF

      =VG= TEDF

      Area around the main is completely open so it's super easy for the Pilot to spot if the area is full of little moving dots when coming in. From what I can tell, the bots seem to be only interested in NE / E side of the base and don't go other ways, giving the pilot a perfect little mountain corridor from NW side to use for rapid take offs / landings. The idea is for the pilot to take- and fly off as quickly as possible. Going directly towards West means that he would have to climb the mountains over there and If he is to remain to gain altitude over the main, then there's a high chance that he'll get shot down since AI has around 99,9% accuracy against choppers that are less than 200m off the ground.

      At the beginning of the deployment we do not have the time / luxury to have defensive squad set up prior to take off. Deployment of Hater's and Double's squads must be done quickly and without any delay.

      Since there aren't any other vehicles on our team, we can use the AI mechanics to our advantace, meaning that the pilot has around 4-5 seconds to land / take off before any of the RPG guys become a threat. After the initial deployment, it is up to the Pilot to keep the bird safe using whatever means are neccecary. 

      There are many loopholes that are done / left on purpose in the plan to keep the map interesting. If we wanted to have a boring easy-win round then all we would have to do is to deploy everyone in the main, poke the guns out of the bunkers and pew-pew-pew for the next hour or so. My main idea was to set up different checkpoints and FOBs on / around other flags and then, depending on the situation, maybe simulate the evacuation of the FOB base so the bots can take it and progress on to other flags.


    4. Kavelenko


      Sorry TEDF I didn't mean to say turn left into the mountain but was looking at the valley corridor to the NW off the FOB, which is the same one your path uses on your map, the only difference is that I would be hugging the left side of the map once I got through that valley. So yes I agree the first few minutes should be safe but I was looking at the return journey and subsequent flights in and out of the FOB. Depending on how many bots are attacking the base at any time, it would be pertinent to keep the communications up as to whether it was safe enough to land. As  you say its going to be critical for Double and Hater to establish FOBS, and not lose the Chinook early. Looking forward to those maps, at least you have a battle plan which is excellent!