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  1. Commander doesn't really have be around during the battles, it's preferred (moral support for your minions), but not required. As long as he has time to come online few times a week to select research, troop movements, Check the world map, think over the strategy etc, which all will be done over the forums, it's fine. As for screwing up, don't worry about it. The only one who's mostly likely to do it is me when I accidentally "blow" the server up by editing the server files.
  2. So all the hard work the mappers and COOP devs have put into PR is just "waste of space" and thrown away the moment it doesn't suit for PvP. Brilliant.
  3. Just out of curiosity, why were the maps scrapped in the first place? Why not just leave them in, if not for Deployment then for COOP? I seem to remember that Shikotan was one of the most popular INF maps on COOP back in the day. Same question about the old PR mappack. The maps work perfectly fine, just need to have some of the outdated stuff removed/replaced, init file organised and the AI "flag" file updated.
  4. Bump. 10 days left until CO signup closes.
  5. We already kind of have our "own" mappack for COOP and permissions to edit the maps the way we want, just needs a lot of tweaking in terms of balance and stability. They all work, but are just a bit funky. I'm a bit busy with the campaign stuff & french language lessons atm, so I'm not going to spend any time on fixing those small problems before it's over, but if anyone here wants to have a go then I can upload the files somewhere and put up a list with most notable problems on the maps.
  6. Well, PRTA got special permissions to have their winter mappack stuff run on an unlocked server so we could ask the lead devs for the same thing, not like the Lead management gives a damn what's going on in the COOP land anyways. In the end, it should also be in their best interest. With people outside the developer team working on the old mappack they threw away, it would be possible to have it up to the "PR Standards" one day and part of the official release again, meanwhile while the devs work on the deployment stuff.
  7. I mostly meant the lines that set flag ownership on neutral flags which for example are currently missing on wanda shan and kashan. Also would love to have the lines for spawn delay and the amount of assets spawned. The values can be set to 0 or 1 for asset count so they are just inactive, but can be activated serverside when needed. I'm sorry if The comment "yes, I'm taking a piss on devs" or the other stuff I've panthered over the time felt like it was meant towards you, Melon, because it wasn't but was mostly towards the devs who constantly reject everything community modders throw out just because it doesn't meet their insane standards. The amount of amazing mappers and modellers who have rudely been turned down for some stupid reasons like "I don't like that one building or that that one colour on this side of the gun is .5% different shade than on the other side" is insane. I'm just shooting out ideas and suggestions for future that I'm unable to fix/touch atm on server side. I'm not excpecting someone to do them for me, if the idea were to be accepted then sure, I would love to do the changes. But with the current PR Lead Administration team, I can't be sure that in the end the entire thing wouldn't be just thrown over board. So again, sorry if I've offended You or anyone else around here with my blattering, I know that I can be a pain quite often because I like to complain about a lot of things, but most of those things are meant in a sarcastic and not in offensive way.
  8. You should be able to edit everything with server in the title as long as you only change the numbers and nothing else.
  9. Concidering how "bitchy" they are on the community modding section over smallest things I doupt they will come around, but doesn't hurt to ask again. The mappack will most likely never going to be in again for the same reason it got abandoned - Doesn't match the standards. Quite shame, over 20 maps just thrown away. Technically we woudln't need those 3 extra layers, just so that whoever does the coop layers would just do those 3 extra clicks in the editor every time they put down a vehicle or a flag so we could edit them on server side as needed and I'm sure that the overflow of assets would be fixed. And it would allow us to bring Melon's OPFOR fridays back without the hassle of flag ownerships and overflow of assets. I can send a message to the guy who I've always been redirected to when it comes to COOP stuff with our request and see what happens although I wouldn't hold your breath.
  10. We played around on it with 20ish people and I didn't notice any changes, apart from instead of having 10 vehicles camping on the hills, it was only 2. 1 f16, abrams and 3 bradlies is more than enough to counter the first wave of t62s and BMP1s that roll out.
  11. These changes will propably never be added to the official release as the PR standars require for both teams to have same amount / balanced assets. We tried to talk about it years ago and got completely shut down. Best thing we can do is start a petition to have the COOP devs add couple of lines for each vehicle spawn and flag that state the ownership, delay and amount so we could edit them freely as needed. EDIT : All the changes are currently up on the test server (PW: 123). I can upload them to dropbox sometime if needed.
  12. Uploaded additional changes to the server. Again all of this is temporary and will be reverted in a few days. General : 1. Reduced tickets for bluefor on some of the maps Muttrah : 1. Bots are now more aggressive on their deployment 2. Slightly increased time it takes to cap docks. Reduced time it takes to capture ECC & WCC but increased time it takes to neutralise them. 3. Increased TOW HMMWV Respawn time slightly 4. Increased Cobra respawn time on STD to 10 minutes EDIT : Looks good so far Khamisiyah : 1. Bots now spawn on bunkers & chem factory 2. ZU guns now respawn after a while 3. Increased f15 respawn time to 10 minutes 4. Bots now focus more on defending/spawning on the flags rather than going for the vehicles Kashan : 1. Bots are now more aggressive on their deployment and should be able to capture both bunkers in reasonable time, provided that human side doesn't rush the hills before village is captured 2. Bots now get AAs once they capture bunkers 3. Increased jet respawn times to 10 minutes. ALT : 1. Removed 1 man tanks and reduced the total number of tanks to 2, with one of them being delayed. 2. removed one of the f16s STD : 1. Reduced total number of tanks from 12 to 4. All tanks have increased respawn times. All one man tanks have been removed. 2. Reduced respawn time on bot aircrafts Pavlovsk : 1. Bots are now more aggressive on their deployment 2. Decreased ZU gun respawn times slightly ALT : 1. Increased time it takes to capture west beach fort so the bots would have a chance to fight over it before the 2 man tank squad captures it. 2. increased TOW HMMWV respawn time slightly STD : 1. Increased harrier respawn time to 10 minutes. 2. Increased time it takes to neutralise West Beach Fort so the bots would have a chance to defend it properly.
  13. 40 bots with ratio on 200.
  14. So far the spawn time changes that I've tried on the test server have ended up either not working or forcing you to CTD after loading in. The same with the flag ownership changes and swapping 1 man assets with 2 man assets. The caporder change was just an example. EDIT : Error from my part. flags seem to work. Not sure why it didn't work earlier, propably some stupid typo somewhere. Disregard those lines on last post. Jup everything besides removing the 1 man assets works and I'm a dumbo. I'll be adding some ticket and respawn changes to the test tomorrow.
  15. Unfortunately range is something that is and always will be an issue when it comes to fighting against bots. Only way I see that could fix it is by decreasing the view distance to insane levels and then reducing the bot engagement range to that level, which could in theory provide quite amazing INF battles, but would render the entire air arsenal useless in the process. The changes on the server are temporary and will be reverted in few days. The biggest issue in COOP atm is the amount of assets available on both sides. An issue easily solvable if the COOP community was given free hands to modify the maps based on the playerbase needs, but unfortunately most of those tools have been ripped from us over the course of latest updates. (yes I'm taking the piss on devs. Sue me). If the files weren't blocked by every imaginable "code" or whatever check system, we could easily increase spawn times of assets on human side, force the bots to spawn on the foward flags, change cap orders etc. One thing that has been discussed every now and then is to reduce the slots on the server to 30 or so and increase the bot count by the extra slots recieved. Unfortunately in my opinion it would only end up with less inf being on the field and more assets raping against the bots on human side. Again, something that could be fixed, but oh well. Like Jersans mentioned, in the end it all comes down to the players and how they choose to play the game. We have had really amazing rounds when the regulars and usual "asset whores" went to do INF and left the heavy assets for newer / noob players (not sure if allowed to used that word in 2018, so sorry if offended anyone), so if we want to improve the teamplay even by slightest I suggest : 1. admins running more INF maps during peak hours (I know that some of you already do that, so thumbs up) 2. On asset maps, favour doing inf and leave the heavy assets to randoms. 3. Don't kick randoms from your squad just so your usual buddies could join in. If the dudes in your squad are following orders and aren't running around on their own, let them stay and explain things if needed. 4. Don't lock your INF squad until it's full (7-8 people)