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  1. Game Night

    Good times
  2. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    Thank you all who joined. Not sure why the AI was so insane on those maps, will definately make the next one easier with SQL spawns enabled. Anyways, we kind of managed to do the job. Virus was uploaded (kind of) and the fusilier company ran out of manpower in the end and had to retreat, so supply route is captured. Thanks again for joining, thank you @=VG= SemlerPDX for setting up the server in such a short notice. Next part of the campaign will be in 2 weeks, so stay tuned.
  3. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    Server will be up in a bit, password is event42
  4. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    Download added to the main post. If you have any questions or problems with installing the maps, feel free to poke me on ts.
  5. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019 1800 PRT Download : Click Here Server Password : event42 Situation : Early 1989 - Soviet Union's leadership, paranoid of imminent NATO invasion, decides to launch a preemptive strike against NATO in Western Europe and the United States. After years of development, Soviet scientists have developed a computer virus that when inserted into radar comm link, will effectively disrupt any radar connected within the system and will make it near useless for hours. Using this to their advantage, Soviet leadership authorises the launch of operation code named "Red Dawn". At 0300 in the morning, several Spetsnaz units are sent into Western Europe to infiltrate key enemy radar bases and to upload the virus into the network... Equipment : Rifles : AK74 / AK74m / AKMS / AKS-74u / Saiga12 MGs : PKM AT : RPG 7 HEAT Rifleman AP has access to RPG 7 w DZGI40 airburst HE-FRAG Medic bags haven't been developed enough for area effect ( Deployment settings, meaning that medic has to treat people one by one) All units have binoculars. Heavy AT, AA, Sniper, Spotter, HMG kits are currently unavailable. All deployable assets except HMGs and Sandbags must be dug. HJ-8 / AA / Razorwire is unavailable. Mission 1 (Original map : Siege at Ochamchira by Irontaxi) assets : 8 x RHIB - 1 minute respawn While the main focus is on attacking the Western European mainland, a Soviet naval battlegroup is sent out to attack British isles & Norway. Under the cover of darkness, Soviet Spetsnaz platoon is sent ahead to infiltrate British naval bases and to upload the virus into UK's radar network so the main invasion force may approach undetected. Weapons are free and we are now at war. The enemy will be unaware of your presence. Mission objectives : 1. Infiltrate British mainland, plant a jammer outside the base to block any enemy radio traffic. 2. Capture the base entrance (Objectives Anna & Boris) 3. Upload the virus into British radar network by capturing two enemy HQ buildings ( Objectives Dmitri & Yelena) 4. Exfiltrate (5.) Supplies are unavailable. Use rally points for additional spawn locations. (6.) To avoid people abusing the boats, off map timer has been reduced. Mission 2 (original map : Borovsko Bridge by [R-CON] Rusty_42) assets : 4 x Tigr (Unarmed) - 5 minute respawn (2 at obj. Anna, 2 at Obj. Gregor) 2 x Tigr (Armed) - 5 minute respawn 1 x Logistics truck - 10 minute respawn The main invasion has begun. Spetsnaz platoon is paradropped to British countryside with the objective to capture and secure vital supply lines. British fusilier company and some scorpion IFVs have been spotted in the area. Mission objectives : 1. Establish a perimeter around the drop zone. You will be dropped from relatively low altitude, so be ready to open your parachute quite early. ( 9 ) 2. Capture objective Anna so we can open up the supply line and send in additional equipment. 3. Capture two villages to the south west. 4. Secure the main road by capturing the objectives along the way 5. Eliminate any British resistance
  6. Operation Red Dawn

    Neither did Soviet Union invade US and Europe. Its a fictional scenario....
  7. Operation Red Dawn

    Greetings! A small late Christmas present for our PR enthusiasts. Starting from late January - early Feburary 2019, Veterans - Gaming will be hosting a Cold War era campaign called "Operation Red Dawn". Campaign takes place in early 1989, where Soviet Union, in response to NATO's increasing military presence and large scale military excercises in Western - Germany, decides to launch a full scale invasion into Western - Europe and The United States. Players will be part of a Spetsnaz platoon that is assigned to perform special tasks throughout the European Theatre. Campaign will be around 5 - 6 "episodes" long with each episode taking place on a Saturday evening. Each episode will consist of 2 main missions and one optional mission which will be played after the first two are completed and there's interest and sufficient pop. Additional information about the Campaign, start date, mission briefings etc. will be announced in January. We wish you all (late) happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
  8. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Server is up. Password is : rushb
  9. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Download is up : Click Here To install : 1. extract VGevent_30_06.zip 2. copy/cut and paste the folders event_sben & muttrah_event to your levels folder (Default location : C: Program Files (x86)/Project Reality / Project Reality BF2 / mods / pr / levels. ) 3. Make sure that you Restart your game in order for the changes to take effect. 4. Check if the maps are properly installed by launching the game, going to COOP, create local and check if the maps called Muttrah Event & Sbeneh Outskirts Event are on the list. If it's there then you are set for the event. 5. Server password will be released around an hour prior to the event (1700 PRT) on VG site (www.veterans-gaming.com) and on TS at Additional info / rules / reminder : 1. No flag hopping allowed! Follow the cap order. Armor stick with INF. 2. On muttrah, APC crew using the 30mm MTLBs, must request crewman kits from the repair station before being allowed to use the vehicle. 3. Spec Ops squad claims the tigrs and engineer kit on Sbeneh and are the only ones allowed to ignore the cap order in order to locate the radar stations. Breacher kits are disabled during the event. 4. On Sbeneh, the radar stations are only allowed to be blown up by the engineer in Spec Ops squad. If you happen to find one, let them know and move on or secure the area, but DO NOT blow it up using grenades, vehicles etc. 5. Radar Stations :
  10. Veterans gaming server not showing up

    There was a typo in one of the config files, causing the server to not start up. All fixed now. Thanks for the report. /Locked
  11. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    As mentioned in the information part, you can not pre-claim assets. Whoever makes the squad first, gets the asset. Operators are the grunts in the SF, following squad lead orders. It's up to the SQL to decide which kit the operators have. (Basically you can figure out whichever kits you want to have, doesn't really matter. Just make sure you bring enough explosives.) @ranger_12 You can only have 5 people in the squad. The medic is also the 2IC in case you happen to lose connection during the fight.
  12. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    "PRT time is equal to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Please note : Like GMT, PRT time does NOT switch to summer time. Please take your own time-zone's summer time change into account."
  13. COOP Event 30th of June 1800 PRT Server Password : rushb Download : Click Here! Event info : A. Everyone is free to join and no particular signups are required. Only signups are for : 1. COMMANDER : 2. Special Forces (Sbeneh) : SQL : Ranger_12 Medic / 2IC : Rotblut Demolitions : Jersans Operator 1 : Binary (numbers) Operator 2 : Stalinhammer B. Standard PR Server rules apply. C. Assets are claimed on first squad basis. APC squad claims all APCs and SBoxes, Tank squad claims only the tank. Logistics squad claims logistical trucks. Troop transport trucks, BRDM2 support vehicles and jeeps are not claimable (Except tigrs on Sbeneh) Situation : The civil war has been ragin in Syria for years with neither FSA, backed by the USA, nor the Government forces, backed by Russia, being able to deal a decisive blow to one another. The Russian High Command came up with a plan to crush the rebel forces and to give a blow to the US garrison in the Middle East. Russian VDVs are going to attack several US garrisons in the Middle east simultaniously to ensure that the enemy can't reinforce our primary target. Meanwhile, Russian Special Forces are sent to hit US naval garrison in the city of Muttrah prior to the assault on highly strategical town of Sbeneh, under the control of FSA. If the attacks are successful, the US would have no choice but to withraw from the region and without their help, it is doubtful that the FSA would be able to withstand the combined Syrian and Russian forces. 1. Muttrah Assets : 4 x BRDM 2 support ( Deployment zone) 3 x Troop Transport Truck (Deployment zone) 1 x Logistics truck ( Deployment zone) 4 x Tigr jeep (Deployment zone) 4 x MTLB DshK (Deployment zone) 3 x Troop Transport Truck ( Fortress) 1 x Logistics Truck ( Fortress) 3 x Tigr jeep ( Fortress) 2 x MTLB Beast (Fortress) Russian Special forces are sent to Muttrah under the cover of night. Their main goal is to capture the American carrier Essex. Operative on board it will disable it's engines once the attack has begun to ensure that the enemy doesn't escape. The enemy is not aware of your presence in the region. Intel : A British navy cargo ship has been spotted in the region and it's more than likely that they will come to assist their american allies. Intel suggests that they have several attack helicopters and armored vehicles on board. Primary objectives : 1. Secure the castle so we can send in additional reinforcements 2. Clear the city of any opposition 3. Capture the US naval base and it's naval assets. 4. Assault and seize control of the US carrier Essex. 2. Sbeneh Assets : 2 x Tigr jeep ( Special Forces) 1 x T72 2 x BMP2 3 x BTR 60 4 x Troop Transport truck 4 x GAZ jeep 2 x Logistics truck ( FOB) 3 x Troop Transport Truck ( FOB) The Syrian armed forces will launch an attack an hour after the strike on Muttrah has commenced. Their main objective is to clear out the city of any FSA opposition and capture the military bases currently under FSA control. Russian 3rd support battalion has been assigned to provide long range artillery and mortar support. During the attack, Syrian Special forces squad is sent to locate and destroy enemy communication arrays in the city. Primary Objectives : 1. Secure and establish a forward operating base at the rebel held compound so we can bring in our support and supply vehicles. 2. Capture the city and neutralise any FSA opposition in the area 3. Capture the two military bases under FSA control Secondary Objectives : 1. Locate and destroy enemy radar stations and towers. 2. Locate and neutralise the enemy Commanding Officer. 3. Additional objectives will be added during the operation