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    I have been playing with Falcon since it first appeared on the Mac...Damn that was a long time ago.. Anyway...the last time I REALLY played around with Falcon was when Falcon 4 came out with a Notebook...which was its first release..... Now given the time that has passed and the numerous amount of mods out there...it has become almost as complicated as ARMA 2 to just get the game configured to play anyone...SO..... Can you guy post a "STANDARD" list of programs and mods that should be installed (in order of course) for FALCON 4.0/AF FREE FALCON 5 and any other configuration that is useful..I would like to get flying again. And a list of programs that is needed to configure pits and skins...Speaking of which I have a tail skin that I have saved since Falcon 4.0...anychance I could get that put into F4AF...its arkansas national guard with a Razorback on the tail....i think its cool... Thanks Guys..