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  1. Just tested... I can run it... Can't wait for it
  2. Since I don't fly sim anymore, the X52 is too much money, mrs will kill me slowly... Ordering the Cyborg Thx for the input.. just hope the config is eaysy as I'm not a "nerd" ;)
  3. Cool. How's the throttle sensitivety on the stick? Good enough or use throttle on kb? The x52 costs around 250usd over here ;) X around 50 Btw the flying itself works fine with KB, especially in the Huey, low altitiude tactical flying. But speed reduction and landings has massiv space for improvment
  4. I was thinking of buying a joystick to use for flying in A2. I mainly fly choppers, but from time to time I fly A10. Anyone using stick? And what stick would you recomend?
  5. As for PDF writer, use CutePDF writer. If's free, used it for many years. Works fine. Is this mod launcher better than Arma launcher?
  6. I installed the mod, and it screwed my arma. Could not join a singe server. Had to reinstall the the game :(
  7. Congrats Spears
  8. !smoke!racing
  9. I'm goining to teach you how to fly a helicopotala...
  10. !neo
  11. Hmmm, playing with one friend is fun, but I more hoped to play with several friends. Seems as MP is only PvP.... Can't they just make a good coop game anymore? Hope they don't destroy that with Arma 3
  12. I can run it, but I can't wait for the game lol
  13. http://www.origin.com/no/change-id You can change your avatar name without changing the account. That means your id remains the same, but ingame name is changeable.