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  1. Radio =VG=

  2. Arma Tactical Combat (ATC) Campaign #9 presented

    Does look too cool to be honest. Just have no idea how to play it? Need ArmA version? And use mod?
  3. Cave bunker first time! 

    cave bunker.jpg

    1. .Blizzard.


      Nice, next on the list is last flag on Tad Sae and Ghost Train. ^_^

    2. Jersans


      Already had Tad Sae. Up next Ghost Train. 

    3. .Blizzard.


      It won t be easy but i m sure you can make it !!! :drinks:

  4. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Buck Rogers anyone?
  5. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Firefly was cool. Even my wife likes it.
  6. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Voyager for me.
  7. Hey,mate

    Ah Mr. Redman. Nice to see and to see you nice. Welcome to the website.
  8. Underappreciated Metal!

    And she wouldn't give it to me!!!(one!111!! Or:
  9. Underappreciated Metal!

    Hi all, Didn't know we could share music. Gave me an idea. So although Punk is good, metal is better. Especially unknown or little know bands are far better than many know. Below is a small selection of my favourite bands. So have your say here I'd be curious to know what else is out there... As promised I'll start with Woods of Ypres, Canada; Pestilence, the Netherlands; Gorefest, the Netherlands; Mork Gryning, Sweden. Full on Albums (playlists) if I didn't make any mistakes and well worth listening all the way through. Enjoy! Hopefully...
  10. Underappreciated Metal!

    And this:



    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      My Squad..... ;) Best Squad :P


    2. CNJ Jonathan

      CNJ Jonathan

      Lol. Nice bro


  13. Underappreciated Metal!

    Not always: But mostly yes: And one of my favourite gaming albums:
  14. Radio =VG=

    Last caress has some cool covers. Rocka Billy, New Punk, Metal.
  15. Radio =VG=

    Doesn't this belong here? While we're on the subject:
  16. Radio =VG=

    Ha! This thread is like a time-machine! How you like this? Or this?
  17. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    I simply consider such set-backs as part of the game. It's not like in real life there's no fuck-ups or even intentional drama. There are also idiots in real life. When faced with any type of set-backs I typically try to resolve or salvage what I can at that point in time and then try to get all noses pointed in the right direction and find another way to complete the mission. Yes I acknowledge that it can be extremely frustrating and sometimes even devastating for my squad or the entire team but it is what it is and there typically are alternatives. Like with real life situations wrongs typically don't get righted in the field but afterwards. Let's just promote the !r [name] kit-stealing solution calm everyone down and then focus on being creative to accomplish the mission ahead. My two cents.
  18. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    I'm more in favor of report it and let the admins deal with it. It's our job. We can easily kill someone who stole your kit. I am not in favor of wild west shows.
  19. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    Easy. Check the logs if someone or even multiple people account for a suspicious amount of teamkilling him and then we can dig deeper. @=VG= SemlerPDX can you have a look if there's a conspicuous pattern? I doubt it but he sometimes appears to be a target. I certainly have noticed that. Envy?
  20. international undergroundpunk from 70s and 80s

    Heideroosjes? All Tracks - Heideroosjes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwcaJNr5bKJvK7ch7c8UiFpDWwatyOCes
  21. Kit-Stealing allowed?