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  1. Oh my. Looks like we're damned to hell.
  2. Am I not right?
  3. In Brazil there are 3 ways. Be a clever criminal, be a bad criminal or be a stupid criminal. All the good people get left behind.
  4. So we lost practically all vehicles didn't we. Man that was rough. Good fun but rough.
  5. My point exactly. I don't mind, I will enjoy playing with any squad leader or run a squad, doesn't matter as long as we're balanced to win these maps and try to avoid last moment improvising trying to save what can be saved. I think we can try to avoid this by having a framework. Like i.e. having squad leaders sign up and we can assign grunts on the day. Everybody happy right? Or am I missing the point?
  6. Oh well that changes everything. So then we would be on 3x5INF 6xAPC 4xLOGI for example. Or 3x7 MECH SQD and 4xLOGI and 2xspotters. Just thinking here...
  7. Looking at the amount of logistic vehicles I'm gonna guess no. That's why I assume the logistics squad is probably the most important squad. Come to think of it, I might sign up as SL for the logistics squad unless we can find a better candidate.
  8. Well I meant to balance the squads. Last round we had, I believe, Double and Hater with two full squads and Kav and my 'squad' had to merge at the last minute to be effective. Good fun but quite chaotic. Therefore I think it's best to have smaller more agile teams for assault and secure and larger solid teams to defend with the APC and logistics for support. I'm not even sure if that makes sense but I just want to throw it out there and see what you guys think. For example Operation Gothic Serpent: If I'm correct we have roughly 35 players maximum that can play, in this case (for example) 3x8 members is already 24 people add 6xAPC and 4xLOGI + 1xCO and you're at 35 people. We could possibly add a spotting/sniper team with the CO and that's the defending map if we get roughly 35 players. I don't know. What you guys think?
  9. Will there be sign-up limitations per INF SQD for the most effectiveness? When I look at the maps I see we need at least 3 full INF squads to defend (Operation Gothic Serpent). But for the assault map (Operation Silver Anvil) it's probably better to limit to 5-man squads for easier mobility and risk-management. Assault-Secure-Defend-Assault etc. Unless I'm reading the maps wrong. What do you think? Anyhoo I'm signing up with Kav's infantry SQD (if that's okay Kav?) and if needed I can run a seperate fire-team or SQD.
  10. Looks like the best option is to buy some more memory. I think I have 16gb (2x8gb) and that isn't enough sometimes. But my PC is an old beast.
  11. banned

    Don't know man, just file the report. Also - honesty wins more here. Liars don't. Just a hint. Our head admins will look up the 101 and answer. If I were you I'd speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Even if it is bad.
  12. banned

    There's a process for this. Effectively explain the situation why you were banned and propose why you should be unbanned. Think about it and fill out the form.
  13. Oh yes! Coop INS test would be so much fun! @=VG= Fastjack is it possible?
  14. Sorry Double, I'm a moron with this stuff. As you very well know. But what is possible is to see if there can be like a test server or something where people who do know how to make maps can upload them and we can make like a amateur event thingy or something. I know we tested some of Fastjack his maps a while ago that was good fun. But then again only about 10 or so people showed up. So probably not worth the effort.
  15. Oef I'd like to see that in more maps. It'd be so great if you start off with only infantry and as you progress the map you will get more and stronger assets. I can think of a bunch of maps that could work that way. Boat in on Vadso, capture first flag you get APC's capture second flag you get choppers etc. Or something like that. But like I said not going to happen because that's probably only interesting for an elite group of veteran players. Not your random blueberries who downloaded the game two weeks ago. They just wanna blow shit up.