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  1. Also - I just have to rant. Because it irritates me. Firstly you don't come from a 'post-socialist' country. You come from a former Stalinist insane oppressed country, and my friend that is not socialism but more Stalinist communism which is NOT quite different from oligarchy and autocracy.. Those are simply not the same. NOT AT all. Sweden and Norway are socialist countries. They're fucking rich and considered some of the best places to live in. Iceland is socialist. You poor Polish guys were fucked by Stalin after WW2 and we fought hard to bring you into our prosperity. Don't you ever forget that and don't believe what you read on extreme right-wing bullshit Russian sponsored fake-news. Is it perfect? NO. Is it better? YES. Are you better off then ever? FUCKING HELL YEAH! Secondly. You don't live in the 'disaster' that is the EU. You (Poland) as a country have benefited THE most from all the free market investments WE (western Europeans) have done in your country both via EU and via business. Poland is fucking booming and has never been richer. There are Polish districts in Dublin right now. Never have Polish people had it better. Not under the Lithuanians, not under the Russians, not on your own and not under the Germans! It's honestly sad to see someone bite the hand that feeds/invests in you because my country for example pays shit-loads of money so your country can profit and later we can profit too (we're business people). It's called investments. I like you, you're a great buddy but please invest some time into what is real and what is not. Is the EU shit? Yes on various levels it sucks because it's fucking limited. It's limited because of freedom and democracy. Is it better than pretty much everywhere else. Yes it fucking is. So get on board and make it better or shut your mouth and enjoy a better life that your grandparents wished for. I prefer the former. Please work hard to make it better.
  2. Yeah well here's the thing. In our overly regulated countries on average I get to choose between 6-7 banks, 2-3 electricity providers, several universal / private healthcare providers, 3-4 internet providers, 3 mobile phone providers and 2 gas companies. They have to fight to get me as a customer and moreover fight to keep me as a customer. And this is important. They actually have to fight to keep me as a customer. Because if they try to fuck with me I can quite easily go to their competitor. And moreover because our governments don't allow them to form a cartel of have a monopoly they can't collude or conspire to fuck me over. They can have their 'fair' business, excellent profits and more or less satisfied customers that stay with their services. This in my humble opinion is more like how it should be. I want to be able to buy my bread, meat, beer or whatever with either Bob, Tim or Christina and spend my money with whomever I like more, think is better as a service or whichever my reasons are. Perhaps I just think Christina is hot but whatever the reasons cartel-forming and monopolies with government support should always be fought against HARD. We see this in all those place we DON't want to live. *cough* RUSSIA *cough*
  3. Though slightly off topic I'd like to comment/rant on this whole free market farce as mentioned above. Firstly. True 'Free' markets don't need to be regulated, sheer competion between businesses ensures self-regulation. Monopolies and cartels with government support however are vile and evil. This is what we're talking about. To give an idea: It's a like the old mining industry in Europe during the 19th and 20th century. This was when the mining company actually owned the houses, shops and watering holes where it was able to force you to spend every penny. That's not free market it's just a huge problem for average hard-working Joe. First you bust your nuts for little pay in the mines, then you spend half your pay on rent in the mine owned house. You need to feed your kids so that goes to the mine owned shops. So now you're depressed because your life sucks so you drink like hell in the mine owned bar. And there's something very wrong with that. You have to be able to see what is wrong there. It's damn near slavery. Personally I'm right of the center politically, but even I understood long ago that there are some things that need to be regulated for and by the people at a basic level. Education, healthcare, water, electricity, infrastructure and access to information. Sure if you're really successful you should buy a house or rent 'top-notch' go to a private clinic for the best doctors money can buy, drive to work in fancy car send your kids to private school and get the most expensive access to information. And more. But if you're less fortunate you should still be able to see a doctor, get to work on a bus, drink clean water, have electricity, have access to a library or the internet and be able to send your kids to school. Why? Because that poor kid with a kidney problem that got a chance to a decent life might just invent the cure for cancer or create something else magical that helps humanity forward. There's not some crazy leftist ideology behind this, it simply works best. We see this in most European countries. Low crime rates, overall happiness and prosperity and moreover safety for most people. People don't want to leave the country or EU they want to get the fuck in because it sucks elsewhere. You can say what you want about Europe or the EU but by comparison our heavily regulated countries have been in top 20 of just about everything that can be considered positive. Prosperity, Healthcare, Education etc. And this includes our newly adopted Eastern European brothers. Look at Estonia or Czechia or Poland? See the difference between now and then. A healthy mix between free market, investment and regulation. I myself am living in post-communist country and I can tell you that life has improved and is improving year after year for the majority of people. The crackdown on corruption and organized crime is ongoing and will probably never end but compare it to Africa, Russia or China and even the US and you'll never want to live elsewhere. Only countries like Norway, Switzerland, Canada and Australia can compete. Not great, not perfect but definitely and by far better. So yes my American brothers Net Neutrality is a big deal!!! And you better fight for it. And from the looks of it a lot more to keep America great and possibly make it greater. Rant over. Delete if appropriate.
  4. I heard about this. Did some reading up and yes, that's pretty messed up but don't you have competitive ISP's meaning one can advertise on not adhering? Free market and all? Either way as a European I have a bad feeling that you guys are going to get a lot of crap you don't deserve in the current circumstances. No offense but we have universal healthcare for decades. It ain't cheap but it seems like the right most moral thing to do. Apparently you guys are arguing about repealing the closest thing to universal healthcare and now this. As a smuck European I wonder why the strongest, seemingly greatest country in the world can be so backwards on so many basic issues. I'm far from 'leftist' but your 'right-wing' seems awkward and foolish to me. Kinda really backwards to be honest. I'm no socialist but I know that the more you fuck over the common people the quicker your society will break. I will plainly and always fail to understand how you can fuck people over and give them guns at the same time and think it will work out. Fuck with their internet. Fuck with their healthcare. Fuck with their sustainable jobs. Fuck with their food. To be fair: I'm just saying that the French or Dutch would be rebelling by now. Nobody wants to pay taxes and then get incorporated for some dumb grey old guys to get nothing in return. Good luck guys. I hope you win! It will be a moral victory for the world and we need one with all the other crap going on. PS. What happened to your political leaders? No offense but they all seem like idiots democrat or republican. Especially Trump.
  5. No. It's a massive problem. IT doesn't crash the server it crashes the client. We need to remove the map.
  6. I wish I could make a cool Jersans Avatar like something with wolves and probably Vodka but my skillzzz suck in that area so I settle for stock crap.
  7. Hahaha! Oh yeah that was fun! One of the best moments.
  8. Well I enjoyed it. I truly hope this isn't the end of events like this because even though it was incredibly hard it was still good fun. At least I thought so. Anyhoo thanks Ted and all others who put in a lot of effort to create the events and I hope we can organize a rematch for all maps in the future.
  9. I'll join Alpha Squad if that's okay as a LAT, medic or breacher or if need be I will lead an additional squad. @Jersans Locked and loaded mate, cheers Kav.
  10. It was cool. So definitely thanks guys. But after seeing our movements and our engagements again I can see where we, I, went horribly wrong on multiple occasions. We, I, did some really dumb stuff where we, I, didn't have to. I was simply expecting a trap of some kind that we would walk into and had to avoid at all costs, I never fathomed we could just sneak in ignore the 3 (speaking terrible Russian) guys and not engage. Clearly that was a big mistake on my side.
  11. I didn't vote. I think that the game is about having fun and that we have enough rules and MVP's to play a good game no matter what. Are there bad rounds? Sure. Do we get heckled by idiots? Absolutely. But at the end of the day it's about making a team and completing a map in the best possible way. There are easy and very hard maps. We are supposed to work together to capture the flags and defeat the 'bots' this is about it. If tanks roll up two flags ahead in Kashan they're doing it wrong. Last time I played I split my tank horde to defend a flag, stop the armour from raping our infantry and capture a flag that no-one seemed to care about. I think that as a general rule of thumb all those who play heavy assets just need to keep in mind that they're simply there to support the boots on the ground. Whether they're hunting frogfoots in A2A or whether they're tanks clearing the road for infantry or whether they are APC operators or Huey moving a squad from A to B. The whole point is work with what you have and work together. Now the only problem I may have is that nobody should use 1-man assets or go solo. Ever. If you're tanking up get a driver, gunner and preferably a top-gunner. If you're going APC please transport / cover troops. If you're CAS just support the troops. Just do your job. My two cents.
  12. Fair enough Double.
  13. Alright. Discussed it with my wife and I can take Alpha as SL need a medic at the minimum and we are almost good to go. Let's get Alpha sorted and then let follow the rest. Let's organize. With double and Ted on Opfor you know we need some good people to ensure we win. In silence. Also. Who else will take a squad? The more we can spread the harder it will be for Opfor. You just need a medic and rifleman and stay quiet. I'm actually uncertain what a commander can do to add benefit in this challenge. What could he or she do? Coordinate from a hill? Or can we get some UAV?
  14. Shouldn't we fill up squad by squad with SL first? For example if I am able to attend I'd go for SL Alpha and then take Bryan as rifleman and Martin or Carkidd as medics and then etc. I'm sure Double and Kav and Hater will be happy to lead as well and probably others. That way we'd have at minimum SL, medic and rifleman sorted for multiple squads. Or does that not make sense?
  15. Just one question. Silenced weapons would be knife? Or what weapons would we have?
  16. This looks sweet. I would probably go for officer or medic but I am not sure if I will have time on that date. Will let you know closer to the event if there are still spots available.
  17. Call me a n00b but I always heard the cannon that the Americans built a plane around was the most impressive. Granted. It does sound like a bad night after bad curry.
  18. Epic!
  19. Oh man I am so looking forward to this! I can also confirm I will attend. My wife gave me permission after hours of begging. "But honey please... all the other cool guys get to go... and you know your mom doesn't really like me so imagine all the nice talking you can do without me!!!"
  20. Oh man! I really hope I can finally join one of these events. If I can - to be confirmed - I would like to join Carkidd's tank squad.
  21. Yup love you guys since 2011!
  22. Whoa! Congrats new =VG= members! You all earned it!
  23. Ha! This is awesome! I always used to say: 'radio silence until further notice' when my squad was blablabla-ing like a bunch of hyperactive teenage girls and I was trying to coordinate with other squads and or commander typically I would always say 'okay boys radio silence is over' but one time I simply forgot and we ran into a firefight and no one says a word until while I am trying to coordinate and this brilliant guy goes: 'can we break radio silence sir, sir!!!' I laughed my ass off and said 'yeah my bad call your fucking targets!!!' Okay I guess it was one of those you should have been there moments...
  24. I actually don't have an issue with it. If you're a squad leader you're going to have to work with what you have and if you're only 10 people on Muttrah you can organize it to defend it and wait for reinforcements to come. I have done this multiple times in the not so recent past with some really great players and we had 'fun' struggling our way defending. And eventually assaulting. That's part of the charm of the game. Fight together. I understand the objections some have but come on. If you have five good people in your squad you should be able to defend effectively no doubt. We once held Muttrah docks for something like 90 minutes with pain truthfully and only about eight players by keep rebuilding our defenses playing smart and having fun while doing it. Then the reinforcements arrived and we finally had air support, trans and other teams to support us and we still won it at the end. Best squad of course. It was pretty awesome. In short don't whine and make the best of it.
  25. Well guys. I'm sorry but I have to cancel. Sorry.