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  1. Now I know I am not able to host or do such a thing but I have heard quite a few voices saying we'd love to do that. So main questions are: 1.) How many will sign up for this alternative play-game? 2.) Are we (Fastjack) ready for it? (PS it doesn't have to be perfect, but we can try) *just throwing it in there*
  2. Well I thought we had two maps ready to go for testing so I'd say let's use those. Why not? It will be fun!
  3. Okay. To be fair. You don't mess with those guys. They're hard-core. Ever wondered why the Queen doesn't get killed?
  4. Okay one last thing... SO Basically the Dutch fucked the English (fake Germans), Scots and Irish over for years. we were undeniably so very fucking good at doing well Viking stuff. Fuck we learned it from the fucking --- wait wait wait for it --- yep fucking Vikings. You'll never guess it. This bitter low-lands bastards we're actually REAL fucking bastards. And I am proud to say I am Dutch. I am. But it's over now. The wars are gone and we're all good friends now. Aren't we. Oh... Fuck #Brexit. Here we go again. PS David Coverdale is English. Mildly... PS 2 so far my contribution to Nationalism, HOUZEE!!!
  5. Also little known fact. Oh yeah DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE US. We are bad-ass by birth. But still gradzzzz to the English, they won at the end.
  6. Nuff said. Not even the Scots, Irish, Spanish, Russians, Germans. Just only the DUTCH. Bow in honor.
  7. For the poor bastards that have to wash dead bodies 3 times per day? I say NAY sir. Let them dabble in them bear (BEAR) hats. Also - there are no bears in England. Haha.
  8. Well Saugag3... You know me.
  9. BAREskins? I thought those ridiculous hats were made of bears.
  10. Well Kav, I still think this game is way too complicated and hard for jarheads like me but to be fair I like that idea. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go with some coaching from the experts. In a flight school environment that is. As Rotblud can attest I really suck at flying. I can drive a car at top speed full throttle but flying ... I’d like to try one day.
  11. Thanks Ted, it was awesome!
  12. Doesn't mectus have an INF squad? I mean we could join him right?
  13. I would definitely recommend creating a map rotation with newer/hardly played maps. There are lots of easily playable maps that we never/rarely play due to the server crashing. It’s worth a thought methinks.
  14. Ah okay. Thanks Rot. I’ll ask @InchPincherToo when I get a chance.
  15. Okay, this is awkward. I was checking gametracker because our dude Ranger took over the #1 position as MVP and obviously I checked myself and got a humble spot 43 for Jersans and 85 for VODKA Jersans. But who is Thyme14? He kinda highjacked my name I think... Any ideas?
  16. Thanks Kav, although I am not sure who this guy is. Like I said no biggie but I’m pretty curious.
  17. No I don't think it's malicious. Just curious. It's also no biggie.
  18. Teach me Rotblut. Teach me master
  19. Congrats!
  20. *bump* They just updated it again. So we all need to either not update or wait until our servers are updated as well. I updated mine and yep, nothing works for me
  21. Can we do sign-ups for the event so we roughly know how many people intent to join? I should be there for sure.
  22. Hahaha yeah that was so AWESOME
  23. Also I'm in!
  24. It means that he's going to send waves and waves and waves of bots to assault us to make it harder for us. Kinda like Tad Sae is used from time to time.
  25. Fine Ranger. I guess it was wrong timing on your part and I do hope our banter was mutually funny and acceptable. Nevertheless like Kav mentioned your post may be at the wrong time but we do have to accept that some ignorant idiots frequent our servers and we need to fix that. There are way too many bigots and idiots playing on our servers.