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  1. A bit late

    You're a good guy. Good soldier. Welcome to the site. Enjoy the site as well and feel free to post. So I can read it when I have time to care for your opinions. On the battlefield we just work to do what we're told to do. And no. I never ever get annoyed with you to the point of rage. A mere "shut up Hoops" suffices.
  2. Guys, Just want to give some attention to this. Because well. I got some news I didn't like very much. Anyway. A lot of our veterans no matter where they're from are struggling and we should make sure they are okay. Agree or disagree they're people and some need help I could only find these for US, Dutch and Israeli charities but I'm sure you can do better and donate a few coins for people in Russia, Canada or elsewhere and give a hand those who sacrificed all. https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ https://fidv.org/ https://www.veteranendag.nl/
  3. Veterans. They still need you.

    You may not agree my Brother. But yes. There are many Israeli soldiers. Many of them are also Muslim (like Bedoine, Druze etc) like you as well and yes many also fight against the greater evil and try to do the right thing. A guy I used to know (an Arab Jew) was blown up while (trying to) providing help and aid as a medic to people who were simply caught in the middle of a fireline. Because it was his duty as a doctor and soldier. Unfortunately he died and so did his patients. Never stopped him from trying to be being a good person. And yes this was in northern Israel. You may not agree with everything or the politics but many are good people. IDF is well known for supporting Muslims against Daesh and Al Qaida. They too are good people.
  4. I must learn how to fly one day... Welcome Steve.
  5. I think we need to buy one of those for Volod...

    My God... Volod is a one man killing machine.
  6. Introduction

    Yay! More Dutch! One day we can make a Dutch only squad! And welkom.
  7. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Is there any timeline on the hot-fix or does next update mean 1.6?
  8. So many changes...

    Jesus. That looks rough. Hope you're healing quickly.
  9. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

  10. Future of VG Coop events

    I'd like to see that happen 5 sqds communicating using smart 'push-defend-push' tactics. In my experience it's usually 1 or 2 'elite' teams and the rest that go about their plans of pushing as hard as they can with pretty big and unnecessary losses. I'm definitely up for a "Double's maps Event" in a few months and do real coordination and teamwork.
  11. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Also if there's absolutely no other way. We usually have an admin who can !setnext for a breather.
  12. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    I think we should just "Duke" it out. I remember early morning shit on Muttrah when there's just 3 of us. Shortly after there's fifteen of us. Sure it's hard. But come on!
  13. Future of VG Coop events

    Ehm. I am little lost in this question... It's probably me. What, for us idiots are you talking about?
  14. Newbie

    Can I join?
  15. Has anyone seen Hater

    Yeah this is not a joke. We're there for you even when it doesn't feel like that. You'll find a willing and knowing community of brothers here.
  16. Newbie

    You'll find good company here.
  17. =VG=

    There is? Because when myself and the two English =VG= members were trying to figure out if a guy was legit we had quite the search. Specifically because his in game name had changed. When I click "members" I basically get a list of all members of the website.
  18. Has anyone seen Hater

    People take a long break from the game every now and then. Sometimes even for years. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Speaking of. If I suddenly disappear and anyone actually wonders where I've gone there's one =VG= member who knows me and can answer. Alternatively check game-tracker. https://www.gametracker.com/player/%3DVG%3D HaterOneActual/
  19. =VG=

    Well it does need to be clarified every now and then. I had to ask someone today who's not a VG member to remove his 'tags'. And it's not the first time I had to make that clear. And in fact there was some confusion about a proper VG member like a year ago. Yeah I think it was me and two of the English going - is this guy for real? Maybe pull up a member-list so we can check. If only you guys weren't so exclusive... ... Also I started the =WOLF= clan for us left-overs. But it didn't really pick up. I think Hater also did the =H8= thing... Didn't pick up either. Ah well...
  20. WUT THE ... ?

    Laugh all you want! We'll see who laughs last!
  21. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    I was thinking the same.
  22. WUT THE ... ?

    Ehm isn't that like using a Chinese mobile phone. Not recommended.
  23. Change PC!

    Yeah... Also. Get a stronger processor. I got a coffeelake i5 but that might be too much.
  24. H8CrazyVet67

    Let's make it official then. 4th July 24 hours of Muttrah all 3 official maps including OPFOR and Double's test maps. I'll be there for at least a few hours.
  25. H8CrazyVet67

    @ZZANG1847those are beautiful words. And I can second them. If you feel bad, having problems, dealing with depression or anything you need to discuss feel free to reach out to plenty of us. We've all been there or dealing with it now. You'd be surprised how many of us consider this more than a group of keyboard hammering gamers and will go above and beyond the call of duty to help a fellow friend and comrade in need the best we can.