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      (Incomplete) VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Friday 0300 ZULU (Thursday night for USA)   06/15/2018

      **Too many players online, only did half the work - will complete tomorrow evening, same time**
      All VG Game Servers including TS3 and Falcon BMS will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Friday June 22st at 0300 ZULU (which will be Wednesday evening in the USA).  Downtime is estimated to be 5 hours, but could be shorter (or longer) depending on a number of factors.  TS3 and Falcon BMS may be restored faster, and we may get these servers back online before moving on to other tasks.


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  1. Nibiru is coming ! Planet X

    Right so indeed sunset and sunrise. https://quran.com/86?translations=20
  2. PR school

    Yeah we got to shed some light on the whole. I've never found them, and I can not play them. I'd like to try though.
  3. Spartanish congrats!

    The Lithuanian impaler AKA the Russian death dealer is certainly coming.
  4. Coop Testing Outpost

    Cool, count me in. Do you have a screenshot of the map? Kinda like to see how it looks.
  5. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    So that's demolitions for me then I guess.
  6. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    I'm guessing the aim isn't to engage any enemies but to destroy enemy assets. You know boring spy shit. I'm guessing SL, Medic, Engineer/Breacher and riflemen for supplies. But heck count me in!
  7. New map

    Yeah but it doesn't have to be chaotic. If you create two small recon squads that avoid enemy contacts and take out the Milan's and Quad cannon you're already at the the city entrance. Then if those squads lay mines on the roads the heavy Opfor assets take you'll slow them down at least and open up room for heavy assets to push up together with cleverly and well armed infantry units that have been waiting with a super-FOB in front of entrance. As long as infantry and recon squads push forward with the heavy assets in a support function you'll clear the map towards the objective with massive urban fights but still. However. How to organize that on COOP? If possible I'd like to play this evening with 2 Recon Squads taking point, 1 anti-tank squad including Spandrel (driver, medic, HAT), 1 tank squad for fire support behind INF, 1 APC squad for fire support behind INF, 2 INF fully prepared squads and perhaps an AA squad and a Trans and/or CAS squad. However I have yet to discover how to get the latter to be functional. Ideas?
  8. New map

    The map is cool but a true 'hack and slash' where, I think, basically you need to play either extremely organised and strategical (i.e. 2 small recon squads that take out the Milan's/Quad cannon/AA/Mortars or what not) and lay mines at key points prior to Armor and INF advancing) or just forget about armor and play "hack and slash" with INF with as many Engineers and LAT/HAT kits and riflemen to resupply and medics to revive. Recon: 1.) SL 2.) Engineer/Breacher 3.) Rifleman 4.) Medic 5.) AR OR INF: 1.) SL/Medic 2.) Machine-Gunner 3.) AR 4.) Medic 5.) Engineer 6.) HAT 7.) LAT 8.) Rifleman And everyone that dies spawns as a Rifleman. I'd like to play this map (and perhaps other hard maps) a few times as an event with a proper agreed strategy in place.
  9. ! Requesting Help Troubleshooting Crashes

    I had a similar problem where the game would crash so often to the point I was about to throw my whole rig out the window. Didn't have any other problems with any other program. What I ended up doing is download the latest copy of PR, uninstall PR, delete the remaining PR folders in Windows Explorer and re-install the entire game. Unfortunately that didn't work either. So I went for the most drastic of measures... I backed-up all my files and did an entire fresh install of Windows 7. Re-installed all my 'must have' programs including PR and it worked, flawless. Faster than ever. So yeah... This fixed the problem for me. Bit drastic, I agree. but it worked. I still don't know what the underlying issue was though.
  10. Where did vg go?

    Actually weird question. Is it also possible to host a PvP event on the servers? Like geographically, meaning where you live? So say Eastern versus Western world which would mean I'd play with the East because I live there and play against say, everyone that lives in the western hemisphere? I'm fairly sure we have enough Russian, Polish, Asian players to go against the Americans, Germans and Brits. Perhaps even on a 40-40 type event. Say 4 maps. Something like that and recreating a defensive and later assualt situation? I'm just thinking aloud here.
  11. Where did vg go?

    I'm always game for an Opfor event. It's cool to play with different tactics and weapons.
  12. This is America (Map Bug)

    I would prefer them to be above ground. It's kinda cool.
  13. This is America (Map Bug)

    I can't remember where but there are also a bunch (Grozny?) where if you're in the building you can see the flag rise in the stairways. Pretty cool.
  14. Need help, PC died.

    Hello guys, Well after nearly 8 years of more or less loyal service it finally happened. She died. A beast in her better and younger days she's now kicked the bucket and quit smoking. The question is, now what do I do? She still starts up and purrs like a kitten, but doesn't seem to boot. So what's wrong with her? The motherboard? The processor? The graphics card? Do I order a new motherboard and / or processor and / or graphics card from this website https://www.alza.cz/EN/components/18852654.htm and try to fix her? Do I buy a new one? If so do you guys have any hints or tips on a good configuration for someone that basically only plays Project Reality. And a good price of course. Do I buy a laptop? But if I do what is the minimum I would need to spend to have a decent working machine able to play games but not a gaming monster. All and every advice is kindly appreciated. I'm a little in tears but I saw it coming she was having weird issues lately like stop working with the mouse or keyboard my gut feeling tells me the motherboard is F-ed. What do you guys think?
  15. Need help, PC died.

    I mean I'm not complaining if it works but COME ON! Anyhoo. I've been looking into that. So effectively you need a 'code' so any IT managers with spare codes? I have 3 hard-drives waiting for an install that works.
  16. I had to...

    My eyes are bleeding. My brain is turning to liquid... My ears are exploding... What ever happened to epic sax guy?
  17. Need help, PC died.

    Nope it isn't. I have found 4 DVD's with Win7, XP etc. in my old shoe box and none of them install. I'm going to try to see if I can install Ubuntu next. I mean I have 2 other hard-drives. What can go wrong?
  18. Need help, PC died.

    I mean I'm not complaining if it works but COME ON!
  19. Need help, PC died.

    Thanks, and nope. Not even installing the traditional Skype installation, it's all through the 'App store' apparently. And it's really ticking me off. I can't even launch Ubuntu which I have as a back-up OS. It's irritating. Also - where can you buy Windows 7 nowadays. I mean this whole thing started when I upgraded to 10.
  20. Need help, PC died.

    Mkay... My PC/Heater isn't working according to expectations. Main issue isn't the hardware performance. It's the software, more openly said the Windows 10 software. I'm not sure how but it seems they've created a 'walled garden' in this update which effectively means I cannot install anything outside of the MS Shop (not even the Skype thingy) meaning I can't get UBuntu to launch if I want to or basically anything I want to do with my PC outside the scope of Microsoft, so it's revert to Win7 I guess. But does anyone know how to do that? It basically seems like Microsoft does an Apple 2.0 and effectively controls what I can or cannot use. Not cool.
  21. Need help, PC died.

    You coming online in a bit brother? I'm just updating the bunch so I'll be online in about now...
  22. Need help, PC died.

    W00t! I'm back baby! And she's so silent... It's kinda creepy...
  23. COOP Campaign Battle VI

    Well at least we will have some decent fire power. I call dibs on T-62. If my PC can be picked up today.
  24. Where did vg go?

    Most servers appear to be empty roughly around these hours. The US should wake up in a few hours and Europe and Russia will come back from work/school so then it should fill up for the next 12 hours or so.
  25. go fund me page for headsets for Hater and Jonathan

    I have some spare PC parts that I can donate. Some new, some slightly heavily abused for roughly 8 years.