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  1. =VG= PR Event

    So does that mean we can play as insurgent or MEC or Hamas on any map? 🤔 I mean it's cool to play with the fire power of the west but could be cool to be pathetic guys with just guns and rocks.
  2. =VG= PR Event

    No!!! This made me laugh.
  3. Radio =VG=

    And they can rock!
  4. Radio =VG=

    Of course I lied. Here is X-Japan.
  5. Radio =VG=

    So I will finish with my hero. Zohar. Thank you for taking the time to actually listen to all the songs. Haperach begani - it means flowers in my garden.
  6. Radio =VG=

    But I will give you Elvis anytime.
  7. Radio =VG=

    But the queen of "chansons" is still La Vie En Rose. Edith Piaff. A Whore and a Prostitute.
  8. Radio =VG=

    But in case you have paid attention. You will have noticed that "Johnny Halliday" is actually Jean-Philippe Léo Smet. Smet. Yes that is a Dutch name. Or Belgium name. Which brings me to the best of the best of men! Drama.
  9. Radio =VG=

    But it is always drama. He doesn't dream. He doesn't smoke. He drinks every night, only whiskey. Because he is sick. Or broken.
  10. Radio =VG=

    But it doesn't stop there. The impact. These are just the Arabs. Let me introduce you to Armenians (you know the Kardashians before they went all fucked up) Pay attention. This man is not just a good singer.
  11. Radio =VG=

    He also wrote and sang the this song.
  12. Radio =VG=

    But because France was an Empire it is not just rock stars from France. There is more. From Algeria for example (no not just Picon). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raï Side note. I challenge everyone to figure out what "DIDI" means. Good luck! Yes I know what it means.
  13. Radio =VG=

    La douche France.
  14. Radio =VG=

  15. Cool. Well I don't really venture in them neck of the woods. So I am safe.
  16. Why would you use a wireless keyboard or mouse? Are there any real benefits? Just I'm saying. I mean you are in the middle of a fierce match. Suddenly Billy Ocean steps in and starts singing. No what I really mean is SUDDENLY your batteries die and there you are. Crawling on the floor trying find spare batteries. Now you remember the Chinese shop five minutes away and you have to walk there. Brrrr.. Outside where real humans live. And ... THERE... Might ... Be women there. No no no no no... I like the cables keep me connected.
  17. Radio =VG=

    Just bread and cheese man. Reblochon though. Look it up 🤔 Edits. Okay I lied. Two bottles of wine. A wolf and the chick from the bar that wants to fuck me.
  18. Radio =VG=

    Guess who's back. Calling live from France!
  19. Meh.

    Teamwork points bro.
  20. In memory of H8CrazyVet67

    That's awesome Keed. I think I am the guy on the left. We played a bunch of awesome matches.
  21. In memory of H8CrazyVet67

    This made me tear up a little. 😔
  22. Hell of a night with a bunch old dudes.

    I missed it *goes to a corner to cry*