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  1. So was he unbanned?
  2. @=VG= Double_13
  3. I see the humor. But I didn't participate in previous tests. This is why I asked. Also it was only Kubra Dam so I am more wondering why it was there.
  4. I had a duplication for Kubra dam. Is that a problem?
  5. Yeah Double that's exactly what I meant. I'm not sure if this is possible though.
  6. I second that! You should really have your blog roll so we can read up on this stuff! Thank you for sharing this information.
  7. Well after reading this thread I tried to have an impromptu party to give the maps a go. There were, I think, 8 people that came to give it a go and (of course) then my Internet broke But as soon as UPC gets their shit sorted I'd be very keen to give it another go!
  8. Well it looks like my home internet gave out. Fuck you UPC!!! I'm gonna try again in one hour. But I believe we had a few people give it a go and test the maps. I'm (pretty mad at my internet provider) a little sad I'm not there now. GODVERDOMME!!!
  9. Okay dumb question from me. How and when can (some of us) we get access to this server? I missed all testing events but I'd like to try these maps on the server.
  10. Hello mate! We've been talking loads already so not much to add but welcome to our little community and hope you get your mic fixed soon!
  11. I am not sure if I'm getting this 3 server thing. Do I understand correctly that technically it's possible to run like the event maps from TED and Melon on a 'event' server for people that want to play something else than Muttrah? AND that it's also possible to run these map pack maps on a 'special' server? One part excites me with this idea and the other makes me worried we'll lose too many people at our main server. I'm not sure how many regular players we have but it can't be more than 100-150 during a week. So it would really thin our server-population wouldn't it?
  12. Hahaha I like you! Welcome.
  13. Isn't it tonight? Or am I lost in the twilight zone again?
  14. Oh wow!!! And this: Road to Jalalalalalalalalabad - NL vs Taliban just awesome!
  15. LOL. Hi Binary. Look forward to playing with you soon!
  16. It's called paranoia. There is help for that. A good beginning for the cure is always to 'fact-check' the weather and if you feel that MSM is lying and conspiring with the illuminati and Bilderberg and Soros there's always good old psychiatric help. It's available through your GP.
  17. I should be in. My wife has a 'visitor' so she'll be going out in the town and probably end up in some gay bar and dance the night away to the soothing tunes of ABBA or Gloria Gaynor. BTW. Should I tell her she can't dance? Or sing?
  18. Lazing works quite well if you communicate with CAS in a clever way. Just recently I was holding out at Dam on Jabal with a small squad and was in constant contact with CAS to let them know where the targets were. Once they were close to the target I lazed them and BAM another APC bit the dust. So it works quite well as long as you communicate properly .
  19. Oh darn. For some stupid unknown reason I thought the event was today... Well I hope you all had fun. I guess I can try out the maps on the local server.
  20. I should be in. How long will the event run approximately?
  21. I have a funny yet good feeling about this. Get yo HAT kit on!!!
  22. So this means British assets like Challengers. Am I right?
  23. Okay dumb question. "USMC + GB" This means two factions? That's possible?
  24. Oh sweet!!!
  25. Also - I just have to rant. Because it irritates me. Firstly you don't come from a 'post-socialist' country. You come from a former Stalinist insane oppressed country, and my friend that is not socialism but more Stalinist communism which is NOT quite different from oligarchy and autocracy.. Those are simply not the same. NOT AT all. Sweden and Norway are socialist countries. They're fucking rich and considered some of the best places to live in. Iceland is socialist. You poor Polish guys were fucked by Stalin after WW2 and we fought hard to bring you into our prosperity. Don't you ever forget that and don't believe what you read on extreme right-wing bullshit Russian sponsored fake-news. Is it perfect? NO. Is it better? YES. Are you better off then ever? FUCKING HELL YEAH! Secondly. You don't live in the 'disaster' that is the EU. You (Poland) as a country have benefited THE most from all the free market investments WE (western Europeans) have done in your country both via EU and via business. Poland is fucking booming and has never been richer. There are Polish districts in Dublin right now. Never have Polish people had it better. Not under the Lithuanians, not under the Russians, not on your own and not under the Germans! It's honestly sad to see someone bite the hand that feeds/invests in you because my country for example pays shit-loads of money so your country can profit and later we can profit too (we're business people). It's called investments. I like you, you're a great buddy but please invest some time into what is real and what is not. Is the EU shit? Yes on various levels it sucks because it's fucking limited. It's limited because of freedom and democracy. Is it better than pretty much everywhere else. Yes it fucking is. So get on board and make it better or shut your mouth and enjoy a better life that your grandparents wished for. I prefer the former. Please work hard to make it better.