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  1. Oh boy...
  2. I'm still trying to get the grenadier kit to work for me. But big improvement. I can hit the targets after they died.
  3. On the upside. IF the water stays you can grow olive-trees there.... I like olives.
  4. Climate, weather. It's complicated shit.
  5. Double. I think that's also a mental state as into how you want to play. Me. But I'm kinda crazy, I like to take a team and do everything possible to win but also make it feel like it's unexpected I hit the flags work with what I got and absolutely don't want to know each bot spawn point or do a clean flow. I hate those guys on Muttrah that steal a TOW just to get some kills from the docks. I like taking risks and I like it when it gets hard and we have to all work together to solve - probably an easy trick - and then feel we won. It's a game right? The main point is making it fun. To me fun doesn't mean walking around knowing what will happen at each point. Does any of this make sense?
  6. So... I think the changes are working well. I remember tanks getting wrecked and using AA more effectively. From my simpleton point of view it's an improvement. Does anyone else have comments?
  7. So as someone who doesn't understand any of these technical details may I ask when exactly the changes will take effect? Now or tomorrow? Either way it sounds pretty darn interesting to me.
  8. Love it but it looks so complicated... Also aren't F16's from the seventies? I guess I don't really know the premise.
  9. I'm just going to be a grunt and follow orders. This all seems pretty complicated. Very awesome and cool but darn complicated. I will be available to lead squads and or be that annoying 2IC that questions every order and tries to better our overall performance. So effectively what I always endeavor to do. Go point. Hold the line. And push push push to win the game.
  10. Oh that's rough brother. Sorry to hear that. Be strong and as m8 said if you need a listening ear we're here. Been through the same so I think I know how you feel. Take care brother.
  11. Why hasn't anyone gone for Farty McShittypants is beyond me.
  12. Yeah but seriously cool. When will this be launched.?
  13. Hmmmmmmmm. Vodka....
  14. Best hangover cure is 2-3 Bloody Mary's and a hearty breakfast English or Irish is highly recommended, crash on the couch turn on Netflix select the Die Hard trilogy and pass out. You're welcome!
  15. I stand corrected.
  16. I am loving this post! But isn’t it two decades?
  17. Yeah that is shocking. I still don’t understand how that is possible. I’m not complaining. Thank you awesome people in TRANS and CAS. We love you.
  18. Please... Getting shot in the face and being able to fully function 10 seconds later must be the one 'bug' we can argue about.
  19. Pssst be a kick-ass HAT or LAT or MG or AR or Breacher... Either way if you work with the team you're going to be a champ. Or MVP. Etc. Also I am reasonable with Med kit, pretty okay with other kits but as @Double pointed out not so good with the HAT kit.
  20. Now I know I am not able to host or do such a thing but I have heard quite a few voices saying we'd love to do that. So main questions are: 1.) How many will sign up for this alternative play-game? 2.) Are we (Fastjack) ready for it? (PS it doesn't have to be perfect, but we can try) *just throwing it in there*
  21. Yep. Some fictional guy called James Bond seemed to like the Walther. Also the Luger is a piece of work like never seen before. Much like the StG 44 (which the Russians later 'developed' into the AK47 and later Israel and South-Afrika developed into different but similar rifles) it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy ahead of it's time. . I must say I have never fired the StG 44. But the Galil was pretty solid.
  22. Now let's go back to guns. Those are two of the best pistols every made. (in Germany)
  23. This bugs me. But actually why not. We're more than just a gaming community. So I hope I can say this. (if not just delete this) Extremists of any kind are always insane idiots. It doesn't really matter if you're a Nazi, simply racist, 'Antifa', KKK, Jihadist or anything else extreme. You're an extremist idiot and closer to what you're pretending to be against than you realize. No joke. Nazi's and Antifa have more in common than they realize and even funnier KKK and Jihadists have more in common than they realize. I'm sure that in the US there's a nice slant to call some 'left-leaning' people liberals. But this isn't true - the US was founded on the most liberal of ideologies of that time. In fact the birthplace of liberalism (France) gave you the statue of liberty for that very same reason. Per definition the US was founded on Liberal ideology. So factually there's not an argument about liberalism but between traditional (conservative) liberalism (2nd Amd) and progressive liberalism (perhaps we should think about changing a few things, because times have changed). Everything else is extremist either on the left or right or how you want to call it. Calling the so-called 'leftist' extremist and anarchistic idiots like Antifa 'liberals' is like calling the KKK 'Christians' or ISIS 'Muslims'. It's simply not correct and offensive to people that do adhere to the true meaning of that ideology or religion. So pardon my honesty and openness but as a person who believes in individual freedom and according to the great thinkers of yore I think that's simply wrong. I have deep respect for American and European liberals and conservatives but the whole thing goes down the toilet when we start calling each other terrorists just because we may disagree on one or more points. Let's call the Nazi's, Antifa, Jihadi's for what they are. Extremists/Terrorists. Sorry but I had to say this.
  24. Well I am obviously not interested into making this some political thread but I guess I consider myself a liberal because I believe in individual freedoms. Moreover they (my views) do include the right to own guns, in fact I am a big supporter of (sane) people owning guns, but they do NOT include rights for anybody and everybody - especially mentally unstable people or criminals - to legally own or be able to buy guns. I believe owning guns are a fundamental right but with like with all rights there also is duty meaning that ONLY people who pass a vetting process can own a gun. Kinda like a drivers license or in a bigger sense having a license to practice law or medicine. I live in Czechia and basically everyone has the right to own a gun. The process to get and own one isn't really that insane. If you are a citizen you go to the police and apply, they will ask you to proof that you are sane and have no criminal convictions. You take a bunch of shooting lessons and after that you have to stick to the law. Those laws include that you cannot drink and carry a gun, you have to get regular training and that's about it. More details here: A nice side-effect of this gun-culture is that there are very little issues with guns. Gun-murder is rare and there are no such things as mass-shootings. It's really a cultural thing. I take my dogs for a walk. Meet up with a few friends. We let our dogs play and then decide to go for a beer. Two of them carry guns. They simply say 'let me put my gun home first and I will see you in twenty minutes'. It makes sense to me. But those are my personal views. We can argue about them some other time. Or now. I don't really mind. Then when it comes to guns. I highly recommend the CZ75 ( it's an amazing piece of work. Sure like the SIG Sauer it's pretty heavy but it aims and shoots perfectly. Let's talk more guns!
  25. Really? I’ve always been a big fan of Sig Sauer and CZ pistols. Never cared much for the Glock. Your opinions about these guns? Also - being liberal has nothing to do with NOT loving guns. I guess I can be considered a liberal (considering my political views) and I still love guns and believe people, responsible people, have the right to own them. I just really support laws that ensure crazy people can’t legally buy guns. If that’s a sin I’ll gladly go to hell for it. Where I live any citizen and even non-citizens can legally own a gun. Just not convicts, crazy people and you can definitely not buy a gun without being extremely vetted. That makes sense to me. Hope that helps.