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  1. 57 minutes ago, =VG= BLuDKLoT said:

    Make sure you hit Thailand! See you around man, and thank you! Blud. 

    Thailand is pretty cool for like 1 or 2 days. It's beautiful and the people are (sometimes) nice but it's chaotic, full of people that just want your money (for various reasons). Vietnam and Cambodia are far better places to explore. I am sure our Vietnamese base will concur. Likewise in Indonesia avoid Java, Bali and go to Flores and Komodo (dragon Island) if you do go to Java go to Surabaya and for Bali go to Lovina you'll find less corruption there. Any other hits tips or tricks I can share with you let me know I'm quite the globetrotter. 

  2. Welcome.

    Also - Firstly; a male orgasm isn't really required with modern technology and all... Secondly a female orgasm definitely helps with the whole impregnating stuff. Thirdly as humans we all have become obsolete, it used to be only women that can actually create life, men just typically watch a puddle dry up on their bellybutton 3-4 times a day.  But science caught up with us. 

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  3. 18 minutes ago, David said:

    but im not the one saying the n-word ,the admin was mistaken

    The admin is me and I definitely saw your name pop-up and recognized your voice as well. Mere coincidence? 

    19 minutes ago, David said:

    theres alot of players saying that .every time 

    That doesn't make it acceptable. It's a a violation of our rules that can get you banned instantly (even without warning). 

    Either way, you are claiming that 'the admin' (me) made a mistake - you stand by that? Or perhaps you got carried away and talked stupid shit like 'alot of players saying'? 

    Take the time to think about your answers and give us a reply, after that we will discuss internally what to do with your request.

    We await your reply. 



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  4. Hello David,

    I'm the banning admin, I took special note of why I banned you and that is NOT a good thing for you.

    The reason why you were banned is because you were mic spamming end of round using the n-word and other racial slurs. 

    I was extra careful making sure it was actually you, watching you spam the mic using racist slurs.

    Simply put. It shouldn't  be a surprise for you. We don't tolerate racism on our servers not even as a "joke". 

    Just FYI. You were banned on the round after without warning because your particular violation of our rules is considered far worse than simply misbehaving. 

    What do you have to say for yourself? 

    Any reason why we should unban you?


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  5. 1 hour ago, =VG= Double_13 said:

    After poking around and getting some useful console feedback the issue is resolved. (Some list was corrupted) 

    The opfor event server can be started on request (PM me or ask on TS and I’ll boot it up if I can) 

    Optional one can request some tiny settings changes; currently the following settings are setup:

    No humans in 1 man assets (blocked like jets) 

    Fobs require digging 

    48 bots (max) 


    Owh I like! But I'd say we definitely need 15-25 players to make it who's in for an impromptu OPFOR event? You know a change in scenery and some assets we rarely use?

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  6. 1 hour ago, Vanillapop said:

    Can we do this on an event sometime in the future lol, perfect on a map like soul rebel, where it would be China vs us marines

    If I am correct @=VG= Double_13 said he recently wouldn't mind building an event-map and organize something like this. I myself would really like to add in some OPFOR maps with MEC focusing on assets we typically don't use i.e. the Frogfoot, Eurocopter, various BMP's etc.

  7. Another suggestion would be to reactivate the bots their bombing abilities. I'd be for it. It makes run through maps such as Kashan a lot more interesting if you need to use AA to ensure the frogfoots don't destroy your tanks etc. Currently the tanks just drive through maps like this and destroy everything in sight supported by CAS effectively raping them. Infantry merely drives from flag to flag to drop bodies on the ground for capture. I certainly wouldn't mind taking an avenger needed to protect our armor.

  8. I think it mostly depends on the player-base. Let's face it we have some veterans that know exactly where to blow up the bots, deliver crates etc. and make a map easy as a hot knife through butter. If you play so-called "off-hours" with mostly newbies things get a lot harder. We got stuck on Muttrah a few times during those hours and simply didn't have the "power" to make it past south city. We did have 20+ people though. 

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