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  1. 1 hour ago, Vanillapop said:

    Can we do this on an event sometime in the future lol, perfect on a map like soul rebel, where it would be China vs us marines

    If I am correct @=VG= Double_13 said he recently wouldn't mind building an event-map and organize something like this. I myself would really like to add in some OPFOR maps with MEC focusing on assets we typically don't use i.e. the Frogfoot, Eurocopter, various BMP's etc.

  2. Another suggestion would be to reactivate the bots their bombing abilities. I'd be for it. It makes run through maps such as Kashan a lot more interesting if you need to use AA to ensure the frogfoots don't destroy your tanks etc. Currently the tanks just drive through maps like this and destroy everything in sight supported by CAS effectively raping them. Infantry merely drives from flag to flag to drop bodies on the ground for capture. I certainly wouldn't mind taking an avenger needed to protect our armor.

  3. I think it mostly depends on the player-base. Let's face it we have some veterans that know exactly where to blow up the bots, deliver crates etc. and make a map easy as a hot knife through butter. If you play so-called "off-hours" with mostly newbies things get a lot harder. We got stuck on Muttrah a few times during those hours and simply didn't have the "power" to make it past south city. We did have 20+ people though. 

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  4. Hi all,

    Didn't know we could share music. Gave me an idea. So although Punk is good, metal is better. Especially unknown or little know bands are far better than many know. Below is a small selection of my favourite bands. 

    So have your say here I'd be curious to know what else is out there...

    As promised I'll start with Woods of Ypres, Canada; Pestilence, the Netherlands; Gorefest, the Netherlands; Mork Gryning, Sweden. Full on Albums (playlists) if I didn't make any mistakes and well worth listening all the way through. 



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  5. 11 hours ago, =VG= Kavelenko said:

    I don't agree entirely Double but I do understand the player's frustration. But where do you draw the line?

    I simply consider such set-backs as part of the game. 

    It's not like in real life there's no fuck-ups or even intentional drama. There are also idiots in real life. When faced with any type of set-backs I typically try to resolve or salvage what I can at that point in time and then try to get all noses pointed in the right direction and find another way to complete the mission. 

    Yes I acknowledge that it can be extremely frustrating and sometimes even devastating for my squad or the entire team but it is what it is and there typically are alternatives.

    Like with real life situations wrongs typically don't get righted in the field but afterwards. Let's just promote the !r [name] kit-stealing solution calm everyone down and then focus on being creative to accomplish the mission ahead. 

    My two cents.

  6. 1 hour ago, 0100011000101 said:

    I agree with that. but if someone steals my kit and I tk him. then other players see a int teamkill and will report that.

    that would only work with players that are known and which is clearly they do not int tks ... and that is difficult.

    On the other hand, well-known players could write something like:
    "for the logs: or !r player xxx give me back my kit NOW or i tk you to get it back !!!"
    of course not via mumble but in the gamechat, so it is also get logged.

    I'm more in favor of report it and let the admins deal with it. It's our job. We can easily kill someone who stole your kit. I am not in favor of wild west shows. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, =VG= Double_13 said:

    I have a huge suspicion that someone is deliberately teamkilling volod and or stealing his kits. 

    I and others noticed that when he gets Tked 2/10 times the player leaves. And if this happens it is like 8 times in 1 night. 

    I have yet been able to confirm this. 

    Easy. Check the logs if someone or even multiple people account for a suspicious amount of teamkilling him and then we can dig deeper. @=VG= SemlerPDX can you have a look if there's a conspicuous pattern? 

    I doubt it but he sometimes appears to be a target. I certainly have noticed that. Envy?