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  1. 2 hours ago, Xenalite said:

    We should not have excluded all those maps. The ones I underlined are perfectly fine to play on smaller populations.

    In fact, we've been having a lot of fun and good squad cooperation on INF maps, when it's harder and not just shooting fish in a barrel with assets.

    I think it's pretty tedious when we have rounds that finish in 15 minutes. The criteria for starter maps was not that they would be easy, but that they would be finish-able without !runnext.



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  2. 2 hours ago, 0100011000101 said:

    Therefore, many players still have problems with shadhahahahahaha (or something similar ^ ^)  because this map does not work normal and you have to work together, if you do it the map is not difficult. but if you have 5 sqds that do not talk to each other and you deduct your thing, you will not have any anti-tanks after 10 minutes and you will not get your old kits. If you do not hold flags and just run to the next one, you are constantly overrun by the bots and the game lasts 2 hours. if you talk to each other and have teamplay the game take not much more than a half hour.

    I'd like to see that happen 5 sqds communicating using smart 'push-defend-push' tactics. In my experience it's usually 1 or 2 'elite' teams and the rest that go about their plans of pushing as hard as they can with pretty big and unnecessary losses. 

    I'm definitely up for a "Double's maps Event" in a few months and do real coordination and teamwork. 

  3. Ehm. I am little lost in this question... It's probably me. What, for us idiots are you talking about? 



    28 minutes ago, =VG= Orracis said:

    Looks like you beat me to this! I was thinking having mini events embedded into the actual list of maps playable (not sure the feasibility on the technical side). Think it would be cool if we had mini events that we could run with easy rules to change up the daily map cycles. I like the idea of having a smaller map with a "VIP" style mission like rescuing a hostage on Muttrah for example. Either way, all the ideas above are great and will gladly support the production any way I can!

    Dude you VG now? 

  4. 3 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    If whoever is reading this is not feeling well or want to talk about things no matter the topic and no matter when you are always welcome to contact me with whatever method you prefer.


    Yeah this is not a joke. We're there for you even when it doesn't feel like that. You'll find a willing and knowing community of brothers here.

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  5. 7 hours ago, =VG= m823us said:

    We have an active list of =VG= members if you look on our website under "members" section and select "Clan members".  Semler and myself keep this updated with new admin as well as people who "earn the tags".  

    There is? Because when myself and the two English =VG= members were trying to figure out if a guy was legit we had quite the search. Specifically because his in game name had changed. When I click "members" I basically get a list of all members of the website. 

  6. Well it does need to be clarified every now and then. I had to ask someone today who's not a VG member to remove his 'tags'. And it's not the first time I had to make that clear. And in fact there was some confusion about a proper VG member like a year ago. Yeah I think it was me and two of the English going - is this guy for real? 

    Maybe pull up a member-list so we can check. 

    If only you guys weren't so exclusive... :D

    ... Also I started the =WOLF= clan for us left-overs. But it didn't really pick up. I think Hater also did the =H8= thing... Didn't pick up either. Ah well...

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  7. On 7/7/2018 at 12:42 PM, ranger_12 said:

    i use kaspersky anti virus but i checked it its not blocking me. this problem started only 1 month ago. and yes you are very helpful guys thank you very much. and yes i like to ask in here and get some experiences because you are so good guys. thank you again and may Allah (GOD)  guide you to the right path ;) ... 

    Ehm isn't that like using a Chinese mobile phone. Not recommended. 

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  8. 8 hours ago, Xenalite said:

    Sounds good. Learn from Jersans and have it professionally built. :D

    Yeah... Also. Get a stronger processor. I got a coffeelake i5 but that might be too much.

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  9. @ZZANG1847those are beautiful words. And I can second them. If you feel bad, having problems, dealing with depression or anything you need to discuss feel free to reach out to plenty of us. We've all been there or dealing with it now. You'd be surprised how many of us consider this more than a group of keyboard hammering gamers and will go above and beyond the call of duty to help a fellow friend and comrade in need the best we can.

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  10. OMG... Speechless. 

    Goddammit. I'm distraught. 

    What I wanted to say but couldn't because I was unable to comprehend the whole thing. Didn't we all play together Friday? What happened? Either way my condolences to you @=VG= HaterOneActual I know you guys were close and obviously also to his family and friends. I guess we all wish we could have done something to prevent this. 

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  11. Part of me is laughing about it but it is a thing. As many of you know my wife is a psychologist and thus quite a few of our friends are also psychologists and well one specializes in 'addictions' so the usual stuff; drugs, alcohol, gambling and yes gaming. Made me think for a little bit. But I don't have a problem, I can quit any time. 

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  12. Yeah we got to shed some light on the whole. 

    5 hours ago, InchPincherToo said:

    Well, i wonder what Test_Airfield and Test_Bootcamp are exist for... :P

    Are these not necessary for 'testing' things or even training (alone locally) in PR?


    - Inch

    I've never found them, and I can not play them. I'd like to try though.