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  1. AFK for extended period

    Whoa dude that sucks. Hope it all works out. Enjoy the holiday season and see you soon in the battlefield!
  2. Event suggestion

    If I am correct @=VG= Double_13 said he recently wouldn't mind building an event-map and organize something like this. I myself would really like to add in some OPFOR maps with MEC focusing on assets we typically don't use i.e. the Frogfoot, Eurocopter, various BMP's etc.


    1. Aori


      10 years of neck work


    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      So that's what happens when they take those rings off... :tatice_03:



      ITS vodooo Mannn bad MOJO 

  4. BMS Falcon, I have no Harrier or Viggen??

    But what about this Saab Viggen? Can you fly that?
  5. A poem for our unsung heroes in PR

    *You're *Horse with no name.
  6. Are bots too easy?

    Another suggestion would be to reactivate the bots their bombing abilities. I'd be for it. It makes run through maps such as Kashan a lot more interesting if you need to use AA to ensure the frogfoots don't destroy your tanks etc. Currently the tanks just drive through maps like this and destroy everything in sight supported by CAS effectively raping them. Infantry merely drives from flag to flag to drop bodies on the ground for capture. I certainly wouldn't mind taking an avenger needed to protect our armor.
  7. I'll start. Uncle "Bully". I wanted to kill that guy so badly.
  8. Are bots too easy?

    I think it mostly depends on the player-base. Let's face it we have some veterans that know exactly where to blow up the bots, deliver crates etc. and make a map easy as a hot knife through butter. If you play so-called "off-hours" with mostly newbies things get a lot harder. We got stuck on Muttrah a few times during those hours and simply didn't have the "power" to make it past south city. We did have 20+ people though.
  9. Shit in movies that makes you so ANGRY

    I'll raise you with when Optimus Prime died in the cartoon and only good transformer movie.
  10. PRTA Event starts in a couple of hours

    Ah crap my wife!!!
  11. Radio =VG=

  12. The fight club.


    1. CNJ Jonathan

      CNJ Jonathan

      Badass Soldiers!!

  13. Arma Tactical Combat (ATC) Campaign #9 presented

    Does look too cool to be honest. Just have no idea how to play it? Need ArmA version? And use mod?
  14. Cave bunker first time! 

    cave bunker.jpg

    1. .Blizzard.


      Nice, next on the list is last flag on Tad Sae and Ghost Train. ^_^

    2. Jersans


      Already had Tad Sae. Up next Ghost Train. 

    3. .Blizzard.


      It won t be easy but i m sure you can make it !!! :drinks:

  15. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Buck Rogers anyone?
  16. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Firefly was cool. Even my wife likes it.
  17. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Voyager for me.
  18. Hey,mate

    Ah Mr. Redman. Nice to see and to see you nice. Welcome to the website.
  19. Underappreciated Metal!

    And she wouldn't give it to me!!!(one!111!! Or:
  20. Underappreciated Metal!

    Hi all, Didn't know we could share music. Gave me an idea. So although Punk is good, metal is better. Especially unknown or little know bands are far better than many know. Below is a small selection of my favourite bands. So have your say here I'd be curious to know what else is out there... As promised I'll start with Woods of Ypres, Canada; Pestilence, the Netherlands; Gorefest, the Netherlands; Mork Gryning, Sweden. Full on Albums (playlists) if I didn't make any mistakes and well worth listening all the way through. Enjoy! Hopefully...
  21. Underappreciated Metal!

    And this: