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  1. ammo!.jpg

    There is a God.
  2. Radio =VG=

  3. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    It's not a bug it's a feature.
  4. How can I be an effective Squad Leader?

    If you ever felt you are nervous. You have to ALT+F4. You won't be a good squad leader. When things go perfectly. That's not you. It's your team. They did all the work. When everything goes bad. It's time for you to start working. Now you have to be creative. Now you have to yell and scream. Get shit done. There's is no training for leadership. You can or you cannot.
  5. How can I be an effective Squad Leader?

    Oh... Leadership. That's tough. You have to have balls and confidence. Even when shit goes tits up. You have to man up and own it. You need to communicate. Talk to people about what's needed not about what you want. Or they want for that matter. But mostly. It has to be in your nature. Not all of us are born to be leaders. Mostly people prefer to follow. Basically you have to make a plan and own it. It's not Easy. You can't learn it. You are or you are not. Both are fine.
  6. Sometimes PR bugs become weird

    Dude I was drunk. 😂
  7. Radio =VG=

  8. Radio =VG=

  9. Need admin on server ASAP

    I logged in. 1 ban and it's permanent from my point of view. 1 warning too many teamkills. 1 kick for disrespect but the logs need to be checked for the last 5 rounds because I am sure there's more from what I've been hearing. Thank you for reporting it Lowkey.
  10. Sorry I haven't been around (Good bye).

    Sorry to hear that mate. I hope things take a turn for the better. I myself am going through a rough spot. I managed to get a part-time job "out of my range of possibilities" and I am "overqualified" for it. But I can do the job. Doesn't bring in enough cash but it's a start. I wish there was more I could do or say to help.
  11. Hello guys!

  12. Damn! This fucker is bad-ass!

    https://services.brid.tv/previews/index/403030/16169/#cp https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Light_Tactical_Vehicle
  13. Radio =VG=

    Young bucks...
  14. Peanut Gallery!

  15. Peanut Gallery!