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  1. Cool!
  2. This is why I'm a GRUNT. This is all waaaaay too complicated for an idiot like me.
  3. Hey those are real tits. Albeit not mine!
  4. Guess which one of them hotties is me!
  5. In older versions of PR there were a few maps that had enemy assets you could seize and use but those got removed due to ‘accidents’. It was fun though!
  6. Hahahaha that’s pretty cool actually.
  7. introduction

    Sup Daniel!
  8. The Fennek, Inch. A vehicle I'd like to use but unfortunately we can very rarely use it.
  9. Awesome post. Although the Dutch don't use the Leopard anymore. We sold them all to the Finnish. I believe there's a plan to lease some from the Germans but that's about it.
  10. So was he unbanned?
  11. @=VG= Double_13
  12. I see the humor. But I didn't participate in previous tests. This is why I asked. Also it was only Kubra Dam so I am more wondering why it was there.
  13. I had a duplication for Kubra dam. Is that a problem?
  14. Yeah Double that's exactly what I meant. I'm not sure if this is possible though.
  15. I second that! You should really have your blog roll so we can read up on this stuff! Thank you for sharing this information.