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  1. Hey,mate

    1337/10 medic
  2. Patches for my R12

    Update: approximately 20$++ for one patch that 2 time more expensive than a legit 5.11 patch but i think i gonna take it
  3. Patches for my R12

    Hmm im thinking about making some patch for my r12 backpack. Can I make a patch about veterans gaming. It gonna be great.
  4. Patches for my R12

    Hmmm ok thanks
  5. Patches for my R12

    Im thinking of credit mr BluDKlot by put his name on the left corner of the pic what do you guys think
  6. 602353-4201920004528-769535856-n.jpg

    Why there is a heli upside down ?
  7. Patches for my R12

    I find the patch maker. im thinking of using this pic from BluDKLot
  8. Mass game crash on VG

    It and
  9. Mass game crash on VG

    I have this really strange issues on the server that my game crash repeatedly like 5 time in a row in one day sometimes it pump up to 10 time or more. It really strange and frustrating on another server it might crash 1 or 2 but not thing more.... please help thanks
  10. Map Testing

    Hmmm lets do some bike recon, when the map come out
  11. Mass game crash on VG

    I change the dns and it less likely to crash now thanks everyone
  12. Mass game crash on VG

    What!!!?? I have to do that? I gonna checkit
  13. Mass game crash on VG

    I think it an dns thinggy i gonna try to change it to see if anything improve
  14. Mass game crash on VG

    sometime it just disconect but most of the time it completely freeze up or crash to desktop
  15. Patches for my R12

    XD I always want to pull guys in my community to the game and the server but seem like they dont understand the game xD
  16. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    The isuzu is kind of amazing to be honest. Darn that thing soo reliable good mileage and powerful enough
  17. Patches for my R12

    XD Alice backpack
  18. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Wow the isuzu. Im impressed that you guys have 4x4 we have Rwd over here. Pretty bad
  19. Patches for my R12

    Yep 5.11 rush 12
  20. H8CrazyVet67

    Im sorry for the lost.... I sorry that im late too..
  21. A bit late

  22. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Plzzz chamber in. 308
  23. Strange Crash Issues

    Hey this is Aori the noob again I recently have some strange crash on the game. First the game turn off and said the game is closed cleaning up resources. I try to turn the game on again and then it do the same stuff. This was on the heli. The last time I was on the Apc and the game stun I have to turn it of with the Task Manager
  24. Strange Crash Issues

    Wow i though you talk about the reshade by vivid definitely try it out
  25. Strange Crash Issues

    I gonna try it... I gonna be nice if it work smoother