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  1. Thanks for the tips guyss
  2. Hey this is Aori the noob again I recently have some strange crash on the game. First the game turn off and said the game is closed cleaning up resources. I try to turn the game on again and then it do the same stuff. This was on the heli. The last time I was on the Apc and the game stun I have to turn it of with the Task Manager
  3. I flight once when I was a kid I dont remember much. I go with bike and coach since then
  4. Btw I sorry for those asset waste with those crash I really sorry
  5. That really confuse to be honest
  6. I hold W and it work littlebit rough but ok
  7. Hiiiiiiiii
  8. Hello everyone
  9. Hi everyone this is Aori. I have been in Pr and VG for a while but it my first time make a topic and i'm new on the website too. I mostly do the infantry, spotter work but I do some flying recently. That the end thanks VG that make such a great sever great job. Thanks for reading. Have a good day everybody.
  10. an Hey it Aori the noobb pilot. The heli have a crate
  11. Thanks for the tip meoww meoww :3
  12. It just me or the bolt action rifles are really tricky to land the shot I always aim down sight and wait the arrow to be one but the shot still miss at 100m++ any tips for me??
  14. I usually try it with medic ins kit
  15. I believe that because the sit time I usually shot right after the arrow body touch.... I have this problem at <200m btw
  16. For those who 100-150 m I usually crouch and wait about 3-4 s and than shot, shot again after 1-2 s
  17. Im ok with grenadier kit because I know the range and bullet fly time and stuff also with sniper and marksman
  18. Hi i have been in your sq before you are a good leader
  19. Cheers
  20. Hi Double i was a little bit hype that day you know.... It really fun to play with you see you on the battlefield
  21. Hi Inch i remember that too. Thanks for your welcome
  22. I really love the Glock especially Glock 17. But I really like the look of the 1911 and the TT just my personal opinion though.
  23. Roger that
  24. Woww