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  1. I gonna try it... I gonna be nice if it work smoother
  2. My device work fine on high, not get any hotter but thanks for the tip it not crash any more meoww
  3. Thanks for the tips guyss
  4. I flight once when I was a kid I dont remember much. I go with bike and coach since then
  5. Btw I sorry for those asset waste with those crash I really sorry
  6. Hey this is Aori the noob again I recently have some strange crash on the game. First the game turn off and said the game is closed cleaning up resources. I try to turn the game on again and then it do the same stuff. This was on the heli. The last time I was on the Apc and the game stun I have to turn it of with the Task Manager
  7. That really confuse to be honest
  8. I hold W and it work littlebit rough but ok
  9. Hiiiiiiiii
  10. Hello everyone
  11. an Hey it Aori the noobb pilot. The heli have a crate
  12. Thanks for the tip meoww meoww :3
  14. I usually try it with medic ins kit
  15. I believe that because the sit time I usually shot right after the arrow body touch.... I have this problem at <200m btw