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  1. Falcon 4 AF

    RAM22 - Thanks man much appreciated. Just what I am looking for. Printing it out now and will be working on this tonight. Again Thanks. =VG- SemlerPDX - THanks for the welcome. Yeah it does take awhile, I know I spent about 4 hours setting this up with the original Falcon 4 so I know it will take about the same, maybe not. By all means I will certainly upload the profile once it is done. I will ask my other fellow pilots that if they use profiles to either send them to me and I will upload them or I will ask them to upload them. It does help out and you guys have helped us tremendously so therefore we will repay the favors. BTW don't know if anyone her flies MSFS 2004 but I am one of the originating founders of Ozark Virtual Airlines (Ron Sprinkel OVA100) stop in and check out our site when you get the time - http://www.ozarkva.net Hope it is ok to post this link, if not please remove it. Again folks thanks for the warm welcome and the help you have given.
  2. Falcon 4 AF

    Hey =VG=BLuDKLot, File shows some resemblance to what I am looking for but it is a .key file so not sure what to do with it. I think the X52 is similar to the X36 but I don't think the profiles are interchangeable. I did download a couple of X45 profiles but to no avail they won't load into my profiler. Thanks much for the help, greatly appreciated. Your welcome on the kudos ;) EagleIII
  3. Falcon 4 AF

    RAM22, Thanks much for the info. Will be passing this along to the other guys who are involved. We didn't know if we should have a dedi or not and since I have one running other game servers I Would make mention of it here. Quick question, does anyone know where I can get a print out of the keyboard commands? I need some kind of guide what each key does so I can set up my X36 profile for sim? I thought I saw one somewhere but cannot find it out. I am guessing the keys used for BMS are the same as Falcon 4.0? Thanks again for the message and =VG=BLuDKLot thanks for the welcome. AWESOME site you have here.
  4. Falcon 4 AF

    Hi =VG=BLuDKLot, Thanks for your reply. Yes we are downloading the BMS 4 now and we will let you know if we have any problems. I loved playing Falcon4 when it came out and just got my game back from my ex son-in-law and now I am ready to get back in it. Again thanks and we will let ya know how it goes.
  5. Falcon 4 AF

    Hello all, I am in a VA for Flight Sim and some of us pilots are branching out to Falcon 4 AF and we are needing some help. We are having difficulty connecting to one another when one creates a server. We have viewed many posts from here and other sights that discuss this Sim and have crossed our T's and dotted our i's and with the port forwarding and everything else and we are still getting the server timed out error message. We were able to connect in Free Falcon but this one we cannot. We both went into the run/cmd/c:\ipconfig and put the proper ip in our router configs and still nothing. Also I have a dedicated windows 2008 server and would like to know if and how we can setup a dedicated server for Falcon4 AF. Thank you for your time and help in advance.