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  1. Arma 2 Insurgency Server dead?

    yea kinda bums me out !crying everyone playing that darn clafgan map and i cant get in! I think cause i dont have combined ops. finally just gave up trying...
  2. Guess it's time

    hey' brian sounds like your at the right place !cheers
  3. FNG

    hey ya' sarge
  4. Been MIA

    hope you feel better soon !hi
  5. Christmas cheer

    =VG= SemlerPDX LAN_WROTE ... Indeed! To all peoples over the international community have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Communal Kwanzaa, a Tip-Top Tet, and a Solomn and Dignified Ramadan! !heart AI-EE-YAH
  6. Hero to Zero

    dosent suprise me a bit !memo if its one thing i have learned in my 44 years is freedom is an illusion Well not actually an illusion any more from what i've heard i guess the patriot act puts it in writing ...You LOSE final score: government 1 people 0 nyuk nyuk nyuk
  7. i say Hello to all =VG= members

    hey Ya' geo ' !rockon
  8. Why do you play at VETERANS-GAMING?

    1. well i dont have as much time to game as i would like, So i like to make the best of it when i do...meaning no drama no nade spammers whiners etc etc etc just have some fun. i enjoy the teamwork aspect of it and the more realistic the better im hardly ever on teamspeak 'my wife just hates when i wear the headset. but when i have or in the game voip everyone is friendly and helpful around here treating you like an old friend from way back if you know what i mean.. !cheers its a diffrent "mindset" of individuals that are attracted to the co-op/reality games. More dedicated and mature !rockon Same thing in VG servers..lets face it im old,slow and have thick glasses i'm not too good at these games. numerous times vg members have given me tips etc and helped me along rather than being ignored or shunned cause i suck.. just a good attatude i guess im not much on forums and things,i read posts though heck it must have taken me a half hour just to type this reply lol ..no really. but you have to admit the website is the bomb
  9. Greetings ....

    hey bro' nice to meet cha' I'm a late nighter so hit me up iffin you cant sleep and need a medic !rockon
  10. I'm the n00b here

    Hey ya' Spartacon
  11. Greetings from the FNG

    welcome DevilDude nice ta meet you
  12. Lest We Forget

    AI-EE-YAH !!
  13. Veterans Day 2011

    Right on Raptor couldnt say it better myself good luck and be safe
  14. New shots from the BludCave

    very nice set up.as soon as i pick my jaw off the floor I'm gonna write Santa and tell him I needs me a new chair..and a Glock too ya' know''to keep away the Haters ol' yea and a new coloring book !ok