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  1. Hello all!

    Would it be alright if I streamed PR:BF2 on YouTube? How do you guys feel about that? (Of course I read the rules).
  2. Merry Christmas ;)

    Merry christmas and hope to see you guys in PR:BF2 next year, have a good one!
  3. Merry Christmas to all the Vet Gaming guys

    Have a safe and awesome christmas everybody!
  4. Everbody do the flop!

    I got a screenie of the same thing too, what are the odds.
  5. Hello all!

    I like the medic kit, not because I can heal myself primarily, but because I am determined to make sure the squad I am in is still alive. 8 up better than 4 or none up; I do what I can to get them up as quick as I can, paying attention to my surroundings to make sure I am not down with them. I pay attention to my surroundings well and follow behind SL unless otherwise instructed not too. Put me in a squad with another medic, and I've seen that we can both get the squad up reasonably quick under pressure. Some rounds better than others, got a lot of stuff on my list that I don't want to repeat. Talons.
  6. screen002.jpg

    What are the odds lol
  7. Hello all!

    I've installed teamspeak and checked out the server a few days ago. First time I ever needed teamspeak, somehow. See you on there
  8. Hello all!

    I am still far from where I want to be. Decision-making is getting a little bit better, I'll start keeping trigger finger on the side of the mouse to give a delay so that I observe longer to decide better to act better. I seem to preform best in a squad as a medic, so I think that is something I should work more on and perfect. Talons
  9. Hello all!

    Hey there! I started finally playing PR:BF2 online a couple days ago, something I held off too long. I made some mistakes a few of you already know of, I apologized and I am trying my best to improve my decision-making. I have a tremendous respect for veterans out there, and a tremendous respect for this community. I look forward to seeing you guys online From now on I will make sure I go through the OODA loop thoroughly before pressing left mouse key. I will do the best I possibly can to prevent blue on blue.