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  1. Waiting to fly

    Seems this thread is a bit old, but it seems more proper to post here than to make a new one. Anyways, I would love to fly with some actual humans this weekend, though I've never done so before. There's got to be a first for everything, though.
  2. Introducing Myself

    Good to know about the server issue. Thanks, good to know about the server issue. That would have really got me confused if I had tried to connect. In the meantime I suppose I'll keep doing my homework . Certainly wouldn't want to end up being a liability.
  3. Introducing Myself

    Hello, all. I am a Falcon BMS player with a cumulative 1 (!) day of experience with the game. Obviously pretty new, but I heard from some guy that multi-player is best for learning, so here I am. Still have to get teamspeak set up and get the hang of how multi-player even works in the game, but I figured it would be better to post here now rather than later- I am rather shy, so if I put it off I'd probably never end up doing it at all :/