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    Saudi Arabia
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    In the world of simulation, I play different types of interests. For Cars and Trucks, I play Live For Speed (My all-time main game daily), Euro Truck Simulator, and more (Not active)
    For Airplanes, I simulate BenMarch Sims (BMS), Flight Simulator X (FSX, mostly online on VATSIM network), Also Air Traffic Controller at VATSIM using EuroScope Client, WarThunder, and more.
    First Person Shooter/Roleplaying, I play Project Reality 2:BF2, Counter Strike.
    I play a lot more games but those are the most IMO.
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    Virtual Aviator, High School
  1. Thanks all and yeah it was like fast, quickly downloaded the game and flew then It’s all fun and thanks Veterans for offering this, nice to meet you all
  2. Hello everybody, I guess some of you know me in PR, im "iSky" My name is Yazan, I just love flying