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  1. TF2

    any TF2 player around here we should get together and play some
  2. [moved] Member pic thread

    i did a search and could not find one so i guess ill start one up and before you ask yes my friend in the spartan hat is very drunk lol

    What a great start with that huge upset by the seahawks now its time form the eagles to take down the packers
  4. Deal you cant pass up

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/42120/ its an awesome game and you cant beat that price
  5. MikeD

    Whats up fellas I've watched some of your youtube videos and it looks like you guys have a real fun time id love to be apart of it my name is mike I'm 23 and I'm from Philly Pa i play BF2,COD BLACK OPS and Bad Company and a lot of others I'm looking forward to playing with you all
  6. MikeD

    haha no thats a friend of mine we were at a NFL draft party and he drank a bit to much i have a marker over me
  7. [moved] Member pic thread

    i still have no idea what kind of head gear he used to make that
  8. TF2

    cool well i just got my steam account back it was hijacked. The hacker took all of my weapons and items and left my name as SorryKid. i got it back though steam but im still working on getting them to replace the items. But anyway it would be cool to play sometime i have 2 servers Payload and CTF im working on getting the new portal modded maps in now
  9. MikeD

    i did not see a member pic thread so ill add mine here
  10. Can anyone tell me if...

    Can anyone tell me if this game is worth the money?
  11. Hockey fans come in

    lets talk some hockey guys ill start here is my all time favorite player!
  12. Natural Selection

    i feel like downloading this game again anyone ever play http://store.steampowered.com/app/90002/
  13. First time

    i played PR with in coop tonight with Orion , Jarema and Kirkland it was really fun i kinda just followed them around and tried to not get in the way it being my first time and all i had a lot of fun i only got to play one map cause i had to go shovel but i had a good time playing with you fellas
  14. Cell Phone cam

    hey guys i dont have a web cam or digital cam i use my Cell but every time i send my pic it fails any advice or should i get some kind of USB connecter for the phone
  15. Cell Phone cam

    im gonna send them to RAM22 with the GFX card hes gonna scan some photos for me

    for some reason i have a craving for eggnog mmmm
  17. Cell Phone cam

    well i guess ill head to radio shack
  18. First time

    G.Kirkland LAN_WROTE ... damn straight it is! nothing more win then have the 19th Forklift brigade ruining the enemys day when you become the famous US cavalry coming at the end of the day :D (guy who has been fighting 38 hours): Where the fuck have you been!? (19thForklift brigade): having breakfast. BLuDKLoT please start a 19thForklift brigade squad lol http://www.xfire.com/video/33500/
  19. [poll] Friendly Match

    How about a friendly little match between the Members, Friends and Supporters group vs current clan members in bf2 just for some good old fun and a little banter !eatmyuzi

    the pats are gonna win it though
  21. Near or in Beta phase.

    but i want it now!
  22. First time

    G.Kirkland LAN_WROTE ... i love the forklifts :D epic road kills!! and i tiped a btr with one :3 forklift HAT kit/Saw coming around the cornor against the enemy ftw and same to you mikeda :D good game lol its funny rollin down a war zone in a forklift !cp
  23. Hockey fans come in

    G.Kirkland LAN_WROTE ... goaly destroying his image? haha its hockey you dont have a image you hit the guy on the other team plain and simple ;P 2 words HEXTALL SLASH!!!!!!
  24. [poll] Friendly Match

    BLuDKLoT LAN_WROTE ... I'd try it but people will ruin it faster than diarrhea at a picnic fixed it myself Dman yeah i never thought of it that way it might turn into sniper city