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  1. AI Wingmen

    Hello again, I was wondering if it's ok to have an AI wingman when flying alone on the server ? I looked over the rules but didn't see anything except under any circumstances we aren't allowed to add/remove AI flights. Wasn't sure if that mean't AI wingmen or not.
  2. Loitering

    AWESOME !!!!! Starting tomorrow I'll be going back to work but I won't have it running until I get home. Thank you for your permission to do this, I am grateful.
  3. Avatar

    I see. Thanks for getting back to me regarding this.
  4. Avatar

    Was wondering about the avatar. The files I try to upload are to big and URL files won't work. Does the file size increase at the forum rank goes up as a privilege ? It sound's stupid but I'm confused as to what works.
  5. Loitering

    Greetings to =VG= Staff, I have been wanting to fly Falcon on your servers but I had one small question. If I join the teamspeak server and are on IVC, like the FO server is it ok to join the server and kind of loiter for a little while frag a flight then fly and just kind of hang out in the 2D UI screen while connected ?? That's one thing that's prevented me from joining per say because if the war is in real time, I want to be able to track the war constantly and always be connected in case I want to frag a flight based on the circumstances of the air or ground war. I thank you for having a BMS server for us to fly on in the absence of FO. I hope this is okay and don't want to offend by any means.