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  1. Welcome back, I do play PUBG look me up on steam [KDG] Joe A.
  2. I'm sorry if it looked like I implied that I was telling you change something. Just was story telling really. I really wish I remembered who it was that I had worked with doing stuff like this. I still have much to relearn in game to be honest. But it's coming back to me. Mainly just the old maps lol.
  3. When I used to work in formations we kept it to a staggered column and moved to hasty/improvised 360s when stopped. Using these yes it was slow but deliberate movements. Each member had a sector of fire and it was alot of fun to do when everyone got it right. The SL we had then was very strict and did not allow for freelancing while in his squad. Which really made it all work in a fire fight.
  4. Mixed feeling on this lol, Have not used it in ages but it was a good go to when issues did arise.
  5. I would absolutely love to help you do these in PR.
  6. Welcome looking forward to seeing you in the battlefield.
  7. Good news indeed ! F*** Cancer !! Keep up the good fight.
  8. One thing I have found very useful in PR is setting the AR as your point man. Now in real combat situations this is not often used. But in PR given the BOTs tendency to be extremely accurate, the ability for you AR to provide suppression fire is key to survival. Once the squad is in cover the squad leader can direct a tactical engagement if the AR has not eliminated the enemy. This is a tried and true practice used in large urban environments. A little less effective in open areas due to the BOTs ablilty to see threw foliage. But concepts remain the same. There was a member of VG years ago that he would be a squad lead and I was his team lead. We would use the above mentioned tactics and as I said it was very successful. Unfortunately I do not remember that members name. He was extremely fun to play with because we would enforce tactical movements.
  9. I do wear glasses with a strong Px so that is my biggest concern. Another reason I'm waiting to see how they evolve the tech to make it better. I race with guys that have it and they rave about it every race. I can't wait to be able to use it as well. Then flight sim ... That is also going to be one Hell of an experience.
  10. Thank you all ! once Arma goes on sale again I believe that is what I will be going with. I dont have a Tracker yet. I am waiting to invest in VR. for racing.
  11. Im looking for quality not something that just looks good. Same as PR.
  12. So upon me return here I heavily considered getting Arma III, Always wanted to get into it but never had anyone to play with. But a friend as pointed me to Squad, a kinda new great looking game simular to Arma in many ways. I have been looking in the forums and not alot of recent posts about arma so has everyone moved on from it ? Anyone have any thoughts or advise ? Then lastly which will be a better choice for a more quality experience with other players. Arma or Squad
  13. Thank you and same to you sir o7
  14. Any flight sim can turn into a huge investment quick. Because of where I am at currently, it not hard to get some good hours I'm the logbooks. As long as these guys keep the lights on. That seems to be an issue lately. I'm also worried about the pings I'll get flying online. PR and other games done seem so bad but there is some serious lag spikes often. I don't know much about Falcon BMS. Today I have to look more closely at it and see if my laptop can handle it.
  15. Sounds good. But for some reason I was just banned in TS. I made a post about it under TS. Maybe you can look into this for me.