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  1. I do wear glasses with a strong Px so that is my biggest concern. Another reason I'm waiting to see how they evolve the tech to make it better. I race with guys that have it and they rave about it every race. I can't wait to be able to use it as well. Then flight sim ... That is also going to be one Hell of an experience.
  2. Thank you all ! once Arma goes on sale again I believe that is what I will be going with. I dont have a Tracker yet. I am waiting to invest in VR. for racing.
  3. Im looking for quality not something that just looks good. Same as PR.
  4. So upon me return here I heavily considered getting Arma III, Always wanted to get into it but never had anyone to play with. But a friend as pointed me to Squad, a kinda new great looking game simular to Arma in many ways. I have been looking in the forums and not alot of recent posts about arma so has everyone moved on from it ? Anyone have any thoughts or advise ? Then lastly which will be a better choice for a more quality experience with other players. Arma or Squad
  5. Thank you and same to you sir o7
  6. Any flight sim can turn into a huge investment quick. Because of where I am at currently, it not hard to get some good hours I'm the logbooks. As long as these guys keep the lights on. That seems to be an issue lately. I'm also worried about the pings I'll get flying online. PR and other games done seem so bad but there is some serious lag spikes often. I don't know much about Falcon BMS. Today I have to look more closely at it and see if my laptop can handle it.
  7. Thank you !
  8. I'm sorry I miss understood what you ment thank you for your help I regards to this issues.
  9. Did they provide an explanation? I was just looking for help ?
  10. Sounds good. But for some reason I was just banned in TS. I made a post about it under TS. Maybe you can look into this for me.
  11. While trying to ask for help in TS. I had switched channels to a public channel " Good Hello Lounge " I was then banned with the following message : You are banned permanently. Reason: "420 blazeitfgt". This happened with out any warnings what so ever. I was trying to get help with mumble settings because I am having a hard time hearing in game. There were two VG members in the channel at the time =VG= Loz and =VG= OniBlood1486. Can anyone explain this to me ?
  12. For IRacing or FSX ?
  13. That's a beautiful aircraft. I recommend A2A Simulations there are by far one of the best in the industry in making realistic quality aircraft. I have the B17 and absolutely love it. I hope to get the Constellation next ! I also have Capt Sim C130 which is stunning. Lastly my All time favorite US Military Fighter the F14 Tomcat by Aerosoft
  14. Thank you all ! I'm really excited to be back. I can't wait to get back on the servers. I am going to do the best I can to get back to were I was here. I am an active sim pilot have logged 100s of hours on FSX. As far as racing. I race on IRACING. I am a member and team co owner I'm a league. Real prizes, real sponsors , Broadcasted races in YouTube and twitch, cold hard cash gents. It's As close to real life racing as you can get. Maybe we can get that going here. I would love to talk about it. I should have teamspeak up and running soon. Looking forward to speaking to you guys. Thank you again for the warm welcome !
  15. 10-4 Thank you !