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  1. Pre-Plan CAS mission with SoBad today - it was night in Korea. We took out the 225th AAA Battalion, just wiped it off the map with Mk-20D Rockeyes - an anti-armor cluster bomb. They're small bombs, we carried 12 each under the wings of our F-16's. SoBad had a fault and couldn't extend his landing gear, so he performed a belly landing and I watched the sparks fly down the runway as I was on my final approach. Any landing you can walk away from is a good one! Here's a pic that shows my Target Pod looking at a Mk-20D exploding over the target:
  2. Flying on the VG BMS Server with CobaltUK, landed heavy in CatIII with a crosswind A-OK (click photo for HD Res) More training, night landing while heavy: Looks like I need to straighten out, right? BUT - the pic can't show I am heading straight down runway 02 Right - this is me forgetting to turn off Drift C/O and trimmed to counter the crosswind with full aircraft weight (CatIII) with 2 600lb Fuel Drop Tanks on the wings, and 6 500lb bombs. I continue to touchdown in this angle, only turning straight at touchdown... (click photo for HD Res) Watching Cowboy 6-1 land just before I takeoff on a night time Strike Mission: (click photo for HD Res) Missile Threat Reaction Re-Training for this (v)Pilot; caught a beautiful sunset on the Yellow Sea over Seosan, and the clouds were near true to life in their beauty! (click photo for HD Res)
  3. How to connect to the VG Falcon BMS 4.33.3 Server Campaign with IVC Enabled NOTE: Our IP Address has changed! As of September 2017, the new VG BMS Server IP is: ALSO NOTE: The server will now be 64-bit Version -- All players must launch with 64-bit BMS! IVC is the amazing comms system used by Falcon BMS. It functions in game very similar to the UHF and VHF Radios onboard many modern aircraft, has preset channels covering specific frequencies, and allows for custom channels to be set for private communications. The COMMS Hat on the Throttle Quadrant of the F-16 has a UHF and VHF Transmit button, altogether working in a familiar way like Push to Talk on a VOIP Server like TeamSpeak 3. It has been around for awhile, and many players have gotten used to it - so much so that TS3 isn't even needed (being mostly modeled with the in-game comms system). Things have changed slightly for IVC use in Falcon BMS 4.33.3, for complete options IVC should be launched prior to launching the game, and the IP must be entered in-game under the Comms tab for the Server IVC prior to joining the Campaign Server as shown below. Here are the steps, with pictures to help bridge the language barrier. Step 1: Launch the 4.33.3 IVC Client Software via the BMS 4.33.3 Main Launcher or the application found in the folder shown -You do not need to enter the IP here, or your Nickname -Ensure your Audio Devices are properly set as desired -DO NOT CLICK CONNECT on the IVC Window!! You can just minimize the IVC window *images shown may be from 4.33 and not 4.33.3 - use the proper file paths for your PC Step 2: Ensure 64-bit is selected in the BMS 4.33.3 Main Launcher, and click Launch at the top: *images shown may be from 4.33 and not 4.33.3 - use the proper file paths for your PC Step 3: Click on COMMS along the top, and create an entry for VETERANS-GAMING just like the image below. -Enter IP into 'Connect to IP Address': -Connection Bandwidth must be 1024 -IVC Enable and IVC Automatic Gain Control must be green (active) -Dedicated IVC Server IP must be entered here -Click SAVE to add the entry to your COMMS Book. -Click CONNECT when finished Step 4: Once connection is established, click on CAMPAIGN along the top -Click ONLINE -Click on VETERANS-GAMING Step 5: Select the Airbase on the map on the right - click the one circled, Seosan Airbase. -Ensure 120th Squadron is highlighted in green -Click COMMIT ONLINE on the bottom right Step 6: Do not change anything on the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Window, just click OK at the bottom right Step 7: You are now in the server, your physical location is Seosan, South Korea and you are required to assign yourself your own mission(s). You can even task AI Flights to support you, or attach yourself to an AI Flight or Human Flight somewhere in the world. At the top of the screen, the COMMS Tab will show you any other pilots on the server - you can text message here or once in game you can press Shift + T to text chat (useful for IVC setup and troubleshooting). As the Fragging of Flights is a subject all it's own, you will need to watch tutorial(s) on YouTube for instructions if you do not know how. Special Note: You can see now that Falcon flight packages can be assigned to do most anything in the digital war, but remember: This is NOT Command & Conquer or Wargame! DO NOT frag AI flights to accomplish player goals! You may frag AI flights to support you on your specific mission, within reason (do not assign 12 AI aircraft to protect you on a deep strike just for extra cover, for example). The complex way that the AI frags it's own flights to support the proper flow of the online campaign depends on us not messing with it too much. The VG BMS Campaign is an attempt to balance the AI war with needed Human interaction, we have specifically grounded certain AI squadrons to allow players to take on a more active role in certain parts of the war. Please respect these rules on our server and thank you for flying with us! Either of these tutorials will give you the skills you need; watching both may benefit you by covering bits here and there that the other one may have missed or glossed over, and may give you a better understanding of the entire concept. How to Add a Package and Frag Flights from the Mission Schedule Screen of a Campaign: (by BloodBane611) (by Krause)
  4. Awesome! Almost looks more "Empyrion" than ED. Sound very cool, gonna have to check it out sometime.
  5. VG Falcon BMS Public Server It's time for a new beginning... VETERANS-GAMING is proud to announce that our new upgraded server is now live! The VG BMS Multiplayer Campaign will now run on a dedicated server box powered by a Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor, 12GB of ECC (Error Correcting Code) 1333MHz RAM, a Samsung EVO SSD, and an ATI R7-240 with 2GB of DDR3 VRAM, all on a dedicated 1Gbps network. The server will remain in Kansas, USA and is open to the public! We will be launching this server in the 64-bit version on the default Korean Theater of Operations. All players will need to launch BMS in the 64-bit mode in order to connect to the new VG BMS Server. Helpful instructions here: How to Connect We will be hosting a public 24/7 Korean War Campaign that will span for several weeks until the DPRK is so overrun by BLUFOR that missions are all extremely far flights or no worthwhile targets remain. The old VG BMS Server will remain online for the next few weeks while we try to get this notice to everyone. Find connection instructions at the VETERANS-GAMING website if needed. New VG BMS Server IP Address:
  6. I'm happy to announce that the VG BMS Server is getting a hardware upgrade! I've been working this week to install and configure Windows and Falcon BMS on the new hardware and can report that it is very, very fast! It should be at it's final home NOC after a few days more. Huge thanks goes out to our friend Belgriffen for his help and support of the VG BMS Server! Next week, we are moving our BMS Server over to a Quad-Core Xeon CPU, 12GB of ECC RAM (6x2GB), a Samsung EVO SSD, and a new dedicated 1Gbps internet connection. We will not be able to keep our old IP Address for the new server, so our current server will remain online for a few weeks or so to help smooth the transition and get the word around that the VG BMS IP Address has changed. We are expecting the new server to be available to the public starting next week if all goes well. This is a major upgrade for us, we've been a bit hobbled as BMS continued to grow over the years and our hardware did not keep up with that pace. Our current server is an aged Intel Core 2 6400 CPU with 4GB RAM and a 30Mbps connection (shared net AFAIK). We've had some in-game issues lately with frequent "gear-up crashes" after successful landings and subsequent taxi, and we suffer from an occasional blue flashing "pause" message at times. These problems are rare, but we are unsure if they occur due to the 24/7 nature of our aging server and random bugs, or in-game engine issues we can't control. Desync between multiplayer flights is luckily not an issue, and many of us fly in rather close formations despite our many thousands of miles of real world separation, with the server being in Kansas USA. I will post further updates as we get the new server finalized. Once again, the old VG BMS Server will remain online after the new server launches and we'll try to get the word out to everyone we can. Here's hoping our server issues will minimize after this massive upgrade! Thanks to all our regulars for flying with us, and we hope you will help spread the word about our new IP Address! New IP (not yet active!): Updates coming soon!
  7. The Bradley works very well in a proper mil-sim like Arma 2/3, and very deadly with the TOW's when you need to say something mean to the enemy. I always preferred the Stryker platform though, with slat armor for a little survivability in the land of RPG's. Or is the 30mm cannon on the Stryker a different weapon? The sound of that cannon popping off slow and methodical, HE rounds tearing up the AO and slaughtering any bot that gets within a meter of the shot is engraved in my memory. And of course in Arma, it doesn't "overheat" like a video game. Still a very cool post here and neat info about the cannon!
  8. Easier to answer this recent question in a post: It took me quite awhile to get up to my Type 7 transport, and almost as long to find my "perfect run" - and I pull in half a million per 2-system 14ly jump running Palladium and Bioreducing Lichens. I'm in enemy space, a ways outside the borders of Federation Territory and I get attacked sometimes just pulling into the space stations, but because I've basically put the current controlling faction in power with my trading, I'm allied with both stations and they love me (regardless of my Federation status) so all I have to do is get close to the station and it's defenses protect me. Out in space, I have every weapon station on the Type 7 outfitted with mine deploying units and an evasive maneuvers macro setup so I can "go defensive" and just toss out mines while being chased, spiraling and yawing in a hard to hit pattern and while awaiting my engine cooldown so I can jump back to warp and escape. I collect on average 30,000-60,000 credits in bounties this way every several hours of play (I don't always get attacked, and I don't always kill them with mines, but it happens). This is all on Solo-Play or Private W/Friends (like any sane person plays GTA: V online) as online ED is a world of DPS (damage per second) and you'll die before you realize you're under attack, after hours of no contact with any human players lulled into a false sense of security. Even at my level - military grade alloy armor and all! Thank goodness ships have insurance (never spend all of your cash!!!). This technique I refined for myself isn't for everyone, not everyone will find a 14 light year round trip cargo run like I did, often they have several legs and yield far less cash per run. Mining is less boring, but you'd want to have similar strategies ready for escape and survival while you tool around asteroid belts blasting rocks. Bounty hunting can be done pretty soon, the Cobra's and Viper's are plenty capable once properly outfitted with a setup you can get results with. Again, the insurance is key - you can get killed and save your ship with a good lesson learned, and you will - just keep a reserve amount of money equal to the insurance cost of your current ship and you can learn "what" you need to do a thing for yourself. Some weapons use physical ammo you purchase to restock, some use energy from the ship - some are fixed and some have turrets where you just need to have the enemy in their arc of fire, all you do is maneuver your ship; others are rapid fire, others are single shot, high damage, long reload cannons - it's best to try a few out, and see what style fits you and your ship best. Personally, I use turrets and turn off my flight assist mid flight often, it's a space ship and it can turn around while still traveling in one direction so you can turn on someone chasing you while still flying away from them (if you toggle the flight assist off). All of these things will make similar cash per hour if done properly, my friend Raven prefers bounty hunting as it's the most active and action packed and he's quite good at it; he's now afforded a top tier ship just a few months ago. Exploring can also bring in good cash when done properly, but you don't get the payoff until the end, and if you die AFAIK you lose your exploration computer data hence all the potential money for selling system data is gone, even if your ship is replaced via insurance. For starting out, there are missions that space stations and bases have from various factions from running supplies to hunting down ships. I'd stay away from hunting to start and run cargo or go on mining missions. You should be more concerned with the damage you can take versus the damage you can deal if you go this route to start - put a little of the money you make into your Sidewinder, they can be sold back for equal money (you don't lose money buying and selling back ship parts) but you do lose money if you don't sell off all the non-stock parts you buy for a ship before you sell the ship itself. Make your first money on faction missions, put it into your shields or hull, extra cargo containers and your engines if you're running cargo/mining, or into your guns & Warrant Scanner & FSD Interdictor and shields or hull if you're taking bounty missions. Remember, with a Warrant Scanner, you can just fly around and scan ships, and even if you don't have a specific mission to collect that bounty, you can take them out of "warp" with a Frame Shift Drive Interdictor, kill them if you can and collect the bounty yourself. Raven used to sit in jump zones scanning the ships that came along, and made a fair bit of money because he could choose his targets and wasn't bound by any specific mission. Same with cargo runs you make up yourself, or mining, or whatever. You can do the same things missions send you on, or you can take missions from factions and get auxiliary rewards like reputation and rank. Faction missions are fruitful but you must beware - missions now branch by default, instead of once in awhile or not at all. This means, "run this cargo to this system" will be followed by an "UPDATE" when you get to "this system" that says, "plans changed, now you must deliver it to THAT system". Total bullshit when it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME! I basically closed down my "SemlerUPS" company sending an imaginary letter to the shipping factions telling them "THAT'S NOT HOW CARGO AND SHIPPING WORKS!! AND IF IT DID, I'D HAVE A RIGHT TO CHARGE YOU EXTRA FOR DESTINATION CHANGES, ASSHOLE!" -- but really, this sort of update mid-mission can happen as appropriate for any faction mission you take, so it must be known before hand. Those hunting missions send you up against ships far out of your class with NO indication of what type of ship they are sending you to find, so beware the early bounty missions when you're still rocking a Sidewinder. For actually holding enough cargo to make a mining or cargo mission pay well, you'll want to ditch your Sidewinder asap and move up to the Hauler or better yet, the Adder. A fighter might want to make for the Viper(s) then the Asp Scout or Vulture, a pirate would prefer the Asp Scout for it's cargo capacity. You're gonna want to use the Wiki's to get a feel for the ships and what they can be outfitted to do - this is the one I'm looking at as I write this: http://elite-dangerous.wikia.com/wiki/Ships Click the different tabs under Ship Stats to get a feel for a ship outfitted with appropriate gear for the various roles, ship parts are everything and all have classes up to A Class (most expensive/efficient) I went from Sidewinder to Adder to Dimondback Explorer in a multirole config (I did some fighting, some exploring, and some cargo - little ED sampler). I've got her parked at some station, and I mostly use my Type 7 these days, saving for a Python (probably, either that or Anaconda). If you go white hat and play good, you avoid carrying elicit cargo such as drugs, human slaves, or banned materials to stations - I didn't exactly play black hat, but more Han Solo grey... I used my Adder to run every smuggling mission the Factions offered on the missions screens at space stations, I got very good at not getting caught by avoiding missions to bases and preferring Outposts - these are like floating oil rigs with landing pads, no security, seldom get scanned if you land swiftly. Any smuggling mission that didn't have a destination on an Outpost style base, I'd ignore. I'd make a quarter to half a million in one run, once I did enough runs to get better missions on offer, so you can choose this if you want to get a quick load of cash for your first new ship. If you get busted, they just slap you with a fine anyway, and it's like 30,000 to your 300,000 run, so I didn't care and I paid them off before they turned into bounties against me (Han Solo's biggest mistake) When you get allied to a minor Faction you complete missions for, higher reward/risk missions from them open up to you. There's power play with the major factions as well, and by involving yourself, you can gain rank and get a weekly cash income eventually making it very worth it (5,000,000 per week is nothing to scoff at, but it is mid/late game before you'd get to that level), it's a thing to be doing over the long course of your game. I'd not choose a major faction first off, but make it a priority once you've play a little bit, and found a sector of space you enjoy. If you have plans to explore our star system and see Earth in the game, called the Sol System, you'll need a permit, and you must be allied to the Federation to be eligible for the permit (guides online for how to). You can leave a faction, but it will cause them to agro you for a week of real world time, but you don't have to be playing for the timer to keep counting down. They send ships to kill you, but you can just escape as able. The Federation and the Empire both have a top tier ship on offer if you level up with them, only available to purchase if you're allied with them of course. The Federation actually has 2 sub factions, a sort of "civil war" over who is the rightful governing body (not fully sure, I don't keep up with the story line if you can call it that). Best to choose your way of getting money, stick with it for awhile and gain rank with a faction, unlocking better missions, setting bookmarks in your galaxy map for future reference, and getting to know what you like to do in the game. When you're ready to buy your first or second better ship, you'll know what direction you want to take from your research on the Wiki Ships. On that note, for trading, most people use Thrudd's Elite Trading Tool which can find all sorts of cargo runs from one-way to round trip, and anytime you need to move from one system to the next, you should check to see what you can fill your hold with to make the jump worth while - just note that what is a 2 jump trip with NO cargo can be a 5-7 jump trip fully laden and you must budget gas so you do not run out (or get a fuel scoop to harvest from a star, but again, not all stars yield fuel so know your runs). There will always be a grind eventually - I just run cargo while watching reruns on Netflix on the other monitor, puts me to sleep after a few hours, but by then I'm 2-3 million credits richer and closer to my end goal of a Python or Anaconda. Raven prefers to stay active in his time online and hunts other ships. My favorite Twitch'er prefers the mining and it seems like a good middle ground between the two styles. One of the guys in TS3 went on an exploration mission in one direction for a very long time, more than a week of game play I think - of course, it takes just as long to get back to civilized space, but the cash rewards he got I'm sure more than compensated in the form of millions and millions of credits for pages and pages of discovery data to sell. And these days, there is the Horizons content with planetary landings where you can mine specific materials to micro-enhance your ship in various ways like temporary boosts to different systems. Plenty to do to find what you want and like most and that will determine your direction past early game to mid and late game goals. Happy to answer any questions if you have them, or just chat about Elite here - anyone should feel free to toss up some screenshots if they want. I know there are several people here who've played Elite Dangerous and likely have different experiences and tips to share. This game got me into VoiceAttack voice control software for my games, and these days I use it for damn near every game I own now, and many other functions as well. Not that I ran out of buttons for Elite Dangerous - it's so well controlled, it uses only the buttons on the X52 flight stick/throttle that it was designed for and truly needs nothing else, not even the mouse if you didn't want to use it. It's just cool to tell my ship to "Request Docking" and have it reply like some Star Trek ship; that, and the evasive maneuvers macro I have set to voice control... something so geeky cool about yelling, "EVASIVE MANEUVERS" and "DEPLOY HARDPOINTS" to my ship's "computer" while I prepare to launch a steady volley of mines for my pursuer to chew on.
  9. Yes, I have a private group, but I don't know how to change the name of it (never looked it up) so it's just the SemlerPDX group. When I want a truly populated group, I just use Mobius PvE. There is a handful or few here that play ED, regulars and =VG= clan members. PBAsydney showed me a passenger loop that makes serious bank, and I showed a few more people here that route, and they've spread it around a bit. In my Python with 112 Passenger Capacity (all Coach) I make over 10 million credits in one full loop on this short back and forth, easily less than 30 minutes. Requires that you have Horizons DLC (route requires planetary landing) and also ship cannot be too large (route requires outpost docking). I'd be happy to show you around, we could get a group together sometime I'm sure. I also enjoy the Bounty Hunting as well, and can help support less armored ships if needed so we can take on more variants of enemies. Most of us who play squat in the VG TS3 Elite Dangerous channel when we fly so others can see and join if they want. Seeing someone in that channel usually triggers me to want to fly, that's for sure!
  10. Thanks for the intro and glad you appreciate the server! We have another former tanker here as well (=VG= Renainn) so you are in good company. If you ever have a problem with a player in game, just call out for an admin or make a report for our logs with !r (name of player) (reason) without the parenthesis. We try to keep the server clean and functional for everyone. See you around, man!
  11. lol at the neg rep - you'll walk it off, Jersans. But seriously Jersans, you're an admin and "role model" for the public players here - you shouldn't need to be told to RTFM, you're supposed to be telling others to!!
  12. lol - same here! Apaches on Ghazala FTW! Started with mouse, and was a great day when I got my first joystick with analog throttle lever so I could "hover".
  13. know me better

    Welcome! See you around!
  14. removed ban from banlist per admin report /locked
  15. So.. it's a stabbin cabin?
  16. project reality

    Very cool info! I never read about that cannon before, but I've fired it plenty out of the Bradley in PR and Arma. If anyone wants a funny history of the Bradley, check out the movie "The Pentagon Wars" with Kelsey Grammer and Cary Elwes. Thanks for the post, Inch!
  17. No worries. When that happened, PR Mumble was not configured and was causing problems resulting in lag. Since then, Mumble has been properly configured and all PR Servers have been adjusted so they do not share any logical CPU cores with any other servers or each other. Another test would not give the same results because so many things have changed. This is why I can say confidently that each server has nothing to do with any other server and they can all be running at the same time without any servers load effecting any other servers performance. We should because it is. You guys don't have to leave either of the DEV servers running 24/7, and you can feel free to shut them down unless they are in use or for testing. The only reason I can think of to keep them online is that they show up in the in-game PR COOP Servers list, and their name(s) could intrigue regulars of VG PR COOP, leading them here to find out more about INS COOP and that "red server with the VG name on the list". *Yes, I know in the pic I shared it's red cuz I did not have the maps installed at that time. What I'm saying is it's kinda like free advertising leaving them up so they appear on the list. I agree with Double about making more test events during the week. Sometimes on weekends, players just want to play their favorite game, so it's good to stagger these events and conduct them during the week as well as weekends.
  18. The servers do not effect each other in this manner. A map switch on one server will not cause huge lag spikes on another server. There is no threat of "super lag". Remember, this is an 8 core Intel skylake processor with 32 GB of RAM and an SSD with ridiculous read speeds. Any lag experienced in-game is due to the game and it's limitations, not the server or other servers running on that same physical server box.
  19. I think the pic below proves this point - they did just that. I see where you are coming from with this statement. But, in practice, they ended up joining another PR COOP Server altogether. You all have been running this so far today with less than a dozen players. Normally, there are about 40 people on the VG PR COOP at this time (according to records). It seems today they are joining other COOP Servers instead of coming to these forums and downloading the necessary maps to test INS COOP. I'm not convinced that you got any more players due to you shutting down the Main VG PR COOP. You might have gotten one or two, but mostly you are testing with VG Regulars who would join you either way if you asked. This pic was taken just now, showing what I mean: I'm thinking that it would be a good idea to turn the VG PR COOP back on, even during your Insurgency testing. 24 Hours Notice for a test is always gonna bring low numbers. TEDF's Events are posted and advertised for a week or two, and struggle for numbers that match peak PR COOP player counts. Let's be wise about this stuff as we continue testing in the near future.
  20. Welcome! Thanks for the intro! I'm a big flight enthusiast myself. Going to reinstall FSX and thinking about trying out VATSIM for some realistic flights. Best of luck with the career! See you around!
  21. Welcome! I can remember when I was new to Project Reality. In a nutshell, it's a game about Squads - and each squad is named for what it will do or what vehicle(s) it will use for that match. The Tanks Squad will have claiming rights to all the tanks, and players who wish to use a tank must be in that Squad (and follow rules for Vehicle Squads). Players don't jump between squads in a given map, so it plays out until the match is over (though you can join another squad if you wish, it's not against the rules). When a Tanker's vehicle is destroyed, it will take 5+ minutes to respawn and that player will wait at the respawn point to re-claim his tank when it respawns. Same with all the various vehicles. Many vehicle squads are there to support other squads, for example an Infantry Squad will request transportation from a Transport Helicopter Squad, or request that they drop off a crate of supplies at a location in the field. A Tank Squad may ask for Close Air Support from the CAS Squad flying Attack Helicopters, or an infantry squad may call for CAS, etc. We're not a training server, but knowing these rules, our Server Rules, and the way the game works (found in the PR Manual) you can play here and learn more about the game in a multiplayer environment. We only ask that you learn how to drive/fly/shoot before you come onto our server. You don't need to teach yourself to fly if you're not gonna fly choppers, etc. But you must learn before hand if you wish to fly here. Best of luck! It's a very teamwork oriented mod of Battlefield 2 here - I'm sure you'll get the concept sooner than later. *(and we have no problem unbanning and giving a second chance to new players, we do it all the time!) Cheers!
  22. A crash can do that, so can a server reset. If it was exactly at the top of the hour, it was likely the automatic reset which does a number of things and takes about a minute (60 seconds) to come back. That's when the fewest players are online, and so that's why it's set to that time. It's gotta happen at some time, and it's gonna break up a match once in awhile. I'm not fond of that sort of stuff either, bro. Trust me.
  23. Since the beginning of VG and the early days of VG PR COOP, we have enforced the Squad-Asset rule by specifically named Squads. Back in those days, I played during the "off hours" mostly along with RobotFungus and LittleTortiaBoy, etc. We found it necessary still to ensure assets that were claimed were not taken by someone else. BUT - seeing as how someone who loses their asset will then wait for it to respawn, therefore taking care of their own claimed asset, I could see how mixed squads could exists during low player count times. If this were to move forward in discussions, I'd like to hear how other servers operate during low population times. If we ever approved mixed asset squads against the Squad-Asset Naming rule, there would need to be some designation that tells people that the Squad Leader knows they are operating mixed assets such as an "LP" designation in the Squad Name (or something equivalent). Also, if approved, we would need to adjust the master VG PR Rules and possibly add notes in the MOTD's on the server(s) - and some public announcement here on the site as well as you Admins spreading the word to the peoples. Until this IS approved by the majority of the VG Administration, let's stick with the rules and discuss the matter here. Still wondering if anyone here is going to create a list of maps that would be more preferable during low population times. It's literally all I need to make this system complete and to give it some testing...