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  1. Got Middle Earth: Shadow of War last night for $17 -- it's on sale right now until Oct. 1st, I think... From what I hear, the game is now balanced to require no micro-transactions just for enjoying the main game, though the post-game or "end game" content is grindy as hell and is played to unlock a second shitty ending to the storyline, so that's where they "get you".  Personally, I'm not much interested in this weak fan-fic storyline anyway, it's the combat and Nemesis system that makes this thing so cool.

    If you've been thinking of getting the game, now's about as low cost as it's gonna get.  DLC is still full price, but I'm sure that will also see sales before the end of the year.  Regardless, IMHO it's pretty weak DLC, short like all DLC and completely different "flavor" than the main game, so it probably doesn't feel like content that was gated off just to have DLC to charge for.

    1. .Blizzard.


      I tried the game... well i didn t feel anything different from the first game. The shadow strike at long range is op af... I finished everything and deleted the game, there s not too many things to do after the story.... except some other super op orcs or "forts".  Don t listen to me, have fun. I personally love the story!!!