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  1. Crab People are REAL!

    1. WCCBadploy


      Genetically modified sea food.... I worry about you Yanks... Sure there is no micro plastic in that item? LOL!!



      Yer thats wild meat : ) i know, 100 year old teeth on the claw, owwww hahah..... they sneak up on you, underwater if you have been eating them.  

      Im sooo hungry now, and i have a hard on as well ,, blush ...


  2. GOG has a decent sale going on right now; picked up a pair of classics for less than a fiver -- Sid Meier's Pirates (the 2004 remake) and Railroad Tycoon 3
    Always nice to put a few more cheap titles in the rainy-day games bin :dirol:

  3. Terrible storm is shaping up to be rather.... shapely
    polar vortex news if you do not have cable tv.jpg

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    2. Vanillapop


      Already snowing up here in Edmonton, cake walk for us tho lol.

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      hehe... byoubes

    4. =VG= Jaki

      =VG= Jaki

      its so cold, even storms nipples got hard :boast:


  4. Working on a DIY project right now between other things; "wireless TrackIR TrackClip Pro"

    I have an old TrackClip Pro with several broken plastic pieces, so I'm using it for all sorts of testing and feasibility checks before cutting up my new working TrackClip Pro.  I want to use a small modern Lithium Ion battery and have the ability to charge it through USB micro-A connection, with a charging circuit, and a power on/off switch, but a few of the batteries I've tested so far have me scratching my head.

    If this simple 3x LED device normally operates on a USB 5V 1A connection, I really only need to replicate that.  But I've already had little success with the batteries I have around my house.  I may have to purchase a battery specifically for the project, as well as the charging circuit.  It all needs to be very small and lightweight.

    I've read several DIY forums where people already did this exact thing, so I have plenty of ideas for products and procedures.  I'm very patient and I'd rather spend a few extra dollars if it can be a little more sturdy or look a little better, so time will tell how this turns out.  Will take pictures once there's something worth taking a picture of.

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    2. WCCBadploy


      Well done. Great to see folks making the future just that little bit better.

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Yea, Kav - I have seen that.  I'm hoping to avoid anything that looks that janky.  In that image they're using a battery pack that is zip-tied to the headset, with the wire going across to the other side for weight balance.  Those are a few of the things I want to improve upon with my build, as I've seen many of these DIY projects and have a few goals of my own to improve them:

      Goal 1:  That battery has enough power and the LED's draw so little that this pictured setup would be able to stay on for a few weeks continuously (I assume).  This means the battery could be smaller, lighter, able to be placed elsewhere. (edit:  the CR123A 3V Lithium battery that my NVG's use seems small enough and powerful enough that it could sit inside or alongside the body of the unit, and is the next thing I'll be testing)

      Goal 2:  The TrackClip Pro does not weigh so much that offset weight would be needed, so the appropriate placement for anything heavy would be top center.  But I wish to avoid wires to a battery pack if possible, and have gutted out a fair bit of foam in the base that could house a charging circuit, a on/off switch, and a very small battery.  Thinner, more firm foam would take it's place.

      Goal 3:  A lot of this is affixed with zip ties, and I do not intend to keep my TrackClip Pro attached to my headset at all times.  This is how the last one broke -- and I'd like to minimize the time it is on my head and therefore vulnerable to getting whacked.  Mine will be easily removable for storage when not in use.

    4. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Yeah that implementation does look a bit dodgy I agree but I was thinking along the lines of not having to do too much damage to the TrackIR or its wiring, I would not have cut mine. Also that clip of the TrackIR is as crappy as hell, you'd think they would have done a better job for the price they charge.

      Anyway keep it up buddy, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  5. I'll be back... just not yet.... (server maintenance *burp* postponed) 
    drunk hungover santa.jpeg

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Good Job, now 364 days off. Time to relax.


  6. Screenshot by ChrisBV:
    "Goofing around with some editing..."

  7. Oooh - time to grab soda and popcorn! It's a history of Punch-Out episode!



    1. .Blizzard.


      Loved it, the wii version even more ! :P

  8. If anyone is looking to buy the Oculus Rift before January 31st 2019, or if you know anyone who is, I have 2x 10% off Coupons available from their holiday referral program: 

    When you buy an Oculus Rift with coupon code (contact me for code) , you'll receive 10% off your purchase.*

    *Valid only at Oculus.com. Expires January 31, 2019. One time use only. Cannot be combined with any other discount code or coupon. May not be redeemed for cash. Discount not valid on prior purchases and cannot be applied towards taxes or shipping charges.

  9. That's not how you mount an SSD.... :tatice_03: (j/k, cool art - very "Tron")

    samsung SSD.jpg

  10. Today I learned that in Falcon BMS, there is a volume knob in the cockpit for AI Comms only, will be helpful when you want IVC Comms to be louder than AI comms traffic.  Dash-1 BMS Manual, page 24
    check it out:

  11. POLL Falcon BMS - Do you extract MFD's?

    Falcon BMS Poll - Do you use external MFD's? (or any extraction of MFD's) vote here:
    poll bms mfd.PNG

  12. The Different between Soccer and American Football :tatice_03:

    1. .Blizzard.


      Damn it that s exactly why i don t watch football (soccer) TOOO MUCH DRAMA FOR NOTHING :huh:

    2. Sausag3


      And that's why I love American Football...

      Man up and take a hit... Love it unlike them clapped soccer twats :D

    3. WCCBadploy


      Takes a lot of mental acuity to fake those dives. Probably the concusussive head trauma slows down thinking in a similar fashion.

  13. Got Middle Earth: Shadow of War last night for $17 -- it's on sale right now until Oct. 1st, I think... From what I hear, the game is now balanced to require no micro-transactions just for enjoying the main game, though the post-game or "end game" content is grindy as hell and is played to unlock a second shitty ending to the storyline, so that's where they "get you".  Personally, I'm not much interested in this weak fan-fic storyline anyway, it's the combat and Nemesis system that makes this thing so cool.

    If you've been thinking of getting the game, now's about as low cost as it's gonna get.  DLC is still full price, but I'm sure that will also see sales before the end of the year.  Regardless, IMHO it's pretty weak DLC, short like all DLC and completely different "flavor" than the main game, so it probably doesn't feel like content that was gated off just to have DLC to charge for.

    1. .Blizzard.


      I tried the game... well i didn t feel anything different from the first game. The shadow strike at long range is op af... I finished everything and deleted the game, there s not too many things to do after the story.... except some other super op orcs or "forts".  Don t listen to me, have fun. I personally love the story!!! 

  14. (I can't remember if I already posted this, was sitting in the reply box when I was going to make a post - looks promising:)

    So, I was reading some forum on a totally different topic, one guy suggested this CompactGUI as a tool for the Windows 10 "Compact" function.  It seems this is no new feature, but the version in Win10 is much more powerful and more optimized.

    TLDNR; You can take a program, for example my ARK installation folder (>100GB) and compress the contents with little to no performance loss when running the application.  Doesn't turn it into a ZIP or RAR achive, either - we'd not notice the change as users.  It is a disk space saver, and it's very good at it.  According to the reports, my ARK could potentially turn into a ~50GB folder instead of twice that!!
    Check it out, I'm gonna:

  15. When I first got here to my Pop's house in Wisconsin back in July, they had DSL internet through AT&T (coming in though a tiny old school phone line) and were paying $46.99 a month for internet speeds equivalent to circa 2004 internets.  I have just upgraded them to Spectrum (Time Warner) high speed broadband internet via cable, with a top-in-class consumer modem (Arris) with dual band WiFi, 16 channels, and speeds of up to 250Mb/s Down and 20Mb/s Up (for a monthly cost of $47.99)

    .... yea.  ... yea.

    I feel bad for the parentals that they've been wasting money on terribly frustrating slow speeds for years, but glad I was able to get them up to 2018 USA standards for nearly no change in price.

    What a world!  Gonna pop onto the ARK Server (finally) and feed my dinos before the rest of them starve to death like the little ones did a week or few ago.  Don't want to start over with my breeding program, put a fair bit of time into that.

    Might even get onto the Falcon server for a multiplayer flight to show my Pops what it's like.  NASCAR next weekend at Road America, the "clowns" of the road course - will be fun to see those 2 ton monsters try to navigate that classic road course.  We'll take plenty of pictures.


  16.  :sarcastic:   Cuz ya gotta have fun with people once in awhile:
    BMS vs DCS will chaffer facebook lols.PNG

    1. .Blizzard.


      LEL... I still find DCS quite shitty :mellow:

  17. Road America IMSA Super Car Championship races


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    2. InchPincherToo


      Hardest track (possibly), when reaching turn 12 and 13 ( Known as Canada Corner ), but here you are. :)

      It always been amazing to see some GT1, GT3 or even with Le Mans Prototypes ( LMP ) racing together like this. Awesome-! :biggrin:

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Many people wonder what happened to turn 4.  The insiders will tell you the truth: it went into the FBI witness protection program in the 1980's after it testified to terrible things.  But it can be found if you know where to look, these days it lives over by turn 12 and it's changed it's name to 11a.

      ^In the picture above, later that day, there was a terrible wreck before Kettle Bottoms, the first car hit the wall and tumbled about six times, but then another one slid into him on the outside skirt and it exploded in a ball of fire.  Both drivers walked away.


    4. .Blizzard.


      That touch in the corner... RIP Aston Martin Vantage GT4 :P...

  18. Slowly helping my Pop get his PC gaming setup(s) working, and I find out new things everyday.

    Today I learned why all my attempts to get online (ARK, PR, etc.) fail from this house:  Pop has DSL... 1Mb/s Up...16Mb/s Down ugh!!!  Like stepping back in time!  

    Soooooo..... I would be rather grateful if someone in ARK already in the VG Tribe could pop by my castle and fill up the feeding trough with raw meat and a few berries in a week or so.

    They can all last about 3 weeks with server settings as is, and I'll be back home in September, but at least once would do them well so I don't lose any of my breeders, etc.

    No biggie if I lose everything, tho - can always get new animals,  I have a few eggs in the fridge that I can hatch to start up again, slowly, but.... I have already lost the otters and a few dimorphodons, tribe log showed the loss.


  19. So, I was reading some forum on a totally different topic, one guy suggested this CompactGUI as a tool for the Windows 10 "Compact" function.  It seems this is no new feature, but the version in Win10 is much more powerful and more optimized.

    TLDNR; You can take a program, for example my ARK installation folder (>100GB) and compress the contents with little to no performance loss when running the application.  Doesn't turn it into a ZIP or RAR achive, either - we'd not notice the change as users.  It is a disk space saver, and it's very good at it.  According to the reports, my ARK could potentially turn into a ~50GB folder instead of twice that!!
    Check it out, I'm gonna:

    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      ***Requires Windows 10 (in case I wasn't clear) 

    2. WCCBadploy


      Thanks for the info and update. Well worth looking into.

    3. .Blizzard.


      That sounds good ! I ll check it in the near future.

  20. We'll always remember you fondly, brother.  RIP

  21. Holy crap .. I won something!  WOOT!

    oculus prize won.PNG

  22. Just got hit with a ton of heavy wet snow.  While it's melting quickly, some cool shapes are forming:


    1. =VG= Fastjack

      =VG= Fastjack

      Next week a coldwave will hit germany. Night - 10 till -15 degree and at day -5. Tbh. I hate cold weather.

    2. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Sunshine the last two week here near Rostock. I don't wanna call it warm, but this is a year I don't need to heat my house very much. Lucky I am, no work for me in Winter Nights.

    3. .Blizzard.


      Well not to much snow in my zone... And even if it s snowing, after 10 min it will start to rain :mellow:. Nice pic btw.

  23. I am unable to properly function, so I'm copying a note I sent to a few of my oldest friends here at VG:
    I can't login, I can't think. I can't even process life right now.  I've been in a stunned shock since Sunday (Dec 31st) evening.  In moments of clarity, I am reaching out to those I can think of - I consider many of you real friends, and I just want you all to know what has happened and why I'll be absent.

    On New Years Eve morning, my brother took his life.  We were extremely close our entire lives almost like twins, but he had cut off contact with us all and moved far away for over a year.  He had been struggling with mental health issues including audible hallucinations (hearing voices) that berated him and tortured him "verbally", as well as addiction problems, and we all have to just accept that he felt there was no other way to stop it all and escape.  He was a talented musician and a knowledgeable composer.  If any of you have watched some of my old gaming videos on YouTube, you've heard my brother's music in the background.

    He will be cremated and released to us around the 12th, and I will be spreading his ashes at Wahclella Falls near or around then, presuming it is accessible this time of year, and we will hold a private Celebration of Life rememberance in our home somewhere around the 17th.

    I may not come around for the next couple weeks, or until these matters have concluded, as I do not feel sociable at this time.  Certain individuals can reach me when I am offline if there is a technical emergency, so contact =VG= m823us if there is a matter that requires my attention, and I will resolve it if/when I am able, and if not, it will go on the top of the "to do" list for when I am feeling better.  I've already noted that I will be helping Oniblood work with the ARK Survival server as he expressed interest in that, and those who knew I was developing weekly PR event "team workshops" with custom maps should know I will continue with that project before too long.

    I feel like I'm walking around in a daze, like a bad dream, and my time is filled with moments of painfully deafening silence and extreme grief, and the rest of it spent with family and friends, as people I've not talked to in years come over to express condolences.  Hearing others talk about this all sounds like I'm listening to a commentary of my own life and it is too surreal to tolerate, so much so that my family now hushes up if I'm walking by when re-telling someone who has not yet heard, out of respect for my feelings.

    I will eventually return because hanging out with friends online will help me to move forward and be strong, but I am having a hard time using the phone at this time and it's most comfortable for me to text for now - messages through this website or facebook are just fine if friends need to contact me.

    Thank you all for understanding, and for being my friend.

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    2. SiXie


      Condolence. :/

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Thank you all for the kind words

    4. =VG= BrakeGamer

      =VG= BrakeGamer

      My condolences for Your and Your family's loss Sem. Stay strong as you always are no matter how hard it may be...