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  1. Was playing GTA:V online awhile ago, been saving up trying to get to $1 million for a long time just as a goal.  I don't spend much on cars, already got them, and guns galore...  I walked into AmmuNation to fill up on mags and sticky bombs, and accidentally the cursor moved from the Sticky Bombs to some half a million dollar alien gun on the wall.

    Since I was just jamming the button to rebuy as many sticky bombs as I could hold, I instantly purchased this lame ass gun I didn't want when the cursor moved up.  I've since tried it out, it's pretty meh.  I'd rather have  the mini-gun if I wanted a heavy machine gun style weapon, for sure.

    Luckily for my dumb ass, a new Casino is opening in GTA:V Online and they're having a promotion to launch it, including perks for linking Twitch Prime with your Rockstar Social Club.  I happen to have Amazon Prime, and Twitch, so I jumped through their hoops and BOOM!  EASY MONEY!  Also comes with a penthouse suite (free of charge/rent) at the new Casino when it opens on July 23rd.


    1. =VG= Vanillapop

      =VG= Vanillapop

      I really like how rockstar has incorporated their in game money to the real world

  2. A small bug has been found, the Keyboard Layout is not remembering it's settings when the profile is reloaded because the variable didn't get loaded in the initialization file as intended. This will be fixed for the final version. If you use a different keyboard layout than the default QWERTY, and you don't want to have to set this each time this profile loads until the next update, you can simply add the line to the KEYPRESS_Variables command as shown in the image below. Copy the variable AVCS_BMS_KeyboardLayout and insert a 'Set an Integer Value' found under "Other > Advanced" and paste in the variable name. Below, select the box "Retrieve Saved Value" and nothing else. Again, this will be done for the final version, and only people with non-standard keyboards need to be concerned.
  3. Profile for VoiceAttack v1.7.6 by =VG= SemlerPDX Description: These commands use VoiceAttack to translate the in-game on-screen radio menus from AWACS through Tanker into natural and intelligent voice command phrases that will fire keypress macros to help keep hands on the throttle and stick, and maintain immersion. As an additional option, these commands can be locked behind a push-to-talk mode bound to your UHF/VHF transmit buttons in-game, allowing any other VoiceAttack command unrestricted access if needed, while still restricting these BMS radio command macros. Finally, the profile is extremely easy to edit or integrate into other profiles. At VETERANS-GAMING, we fly with friends or AI Pilots, or a mix of both on our 24/7 Public Korean Campaign in Falcon BMS. We may go out with an AI wingman only to have a friend take their place mid-flight. For this reason and others, I created this VoiceAttack profile based around restricting when the computer can execute keypress macros that match voice phrases, having to first check if that pilot was set to a human pilot and therefore disregard commands for that pilot. Thanks to user requests during the beta, there is now an optional mode to reverse the Human Pilots system, to assume all pilots are humans unless told otherwise, and also a system to choose a different keyboard layout than QWERTY. Features: *Push-To-Talk mode disabled by default. Say, "Turn On Push To Talk Mode" to enable **Follow Instructions inside profile to set Push-To-Talk buttons to match BMS UHF/VHF keys Download: (tbd - after beta - almost there as of mid-July 2019, try out the final beta v0.99 below!) *Looking for some testers who already use VoiceAttack, and who are already familiar with Falcon BMS & flying with AI pilots Beta Test Requirements & Instructions: *Must have Falcon BMS 4.34 installed *Must have registered version of VoiceAttack installed Launch VoiceAttack and open Options (wrench icon in lower right) -Under last tab on top, System/Advance, check box next to "Use Nested Tokens" as in image 1 below -Unless absolutely required, during testing it's recommended to uncheck "Allow command segment info for composite commands" Download and Import the current beta version of this profile here: https://www.dropbox.com/ ... Voice Control Radios 0.99b for Falcon BMS/.. *On first import, you should say, "Initialize Profile" - after first time, this is automatic. Any attempt to use commands before this will trigger auto-initialization. Open the profile - if not already done, group commands by category and consolidate multi-part commands as in image 2 & 3 below Click on the Description tab at the top to help sort commands further (see image 4) Read a semicolon ";" as the word "or" and look at long commands as having many options like saying "2;Two;Too;To;Wingman" (read as "2 -or- Two -or- Too -or- To -or- Wingman") Attempt to follow instructions in Profile Commands and comments to Initialize Profile, Set Push-To-Talk buttons if desired, Set a Human Pilot, Delete Human Pilots, etc. Also, please try the inverse All-Humans mode which assumes all pilots are Humans - Set a Computer Pilot, Delete Computer Pilots, etc. - this is a new system in the July 0.99b Update & should be tested. Launch Falcon BMS 4.34 and fly test flights with AI pilots or mixed with Human pilots and please report any issues when calling commands & any frequently unrecognized words, or any errors/problems Commands Reference: *Replace the word "Human" with "Computer" when All-Humans Mode is ON Normally, this profile assumes all pilots are Computers, use All-Humans Mode to invert this
  4. BETA UPDATED TO v0.99 (final beta!) Please download newest version! Link below and updated in the main post above! You don't have to remove the 0.98 beta profile, but it is recommended to not use both at the same time or variables may get messed up. Thanks to everyone for helping to finish up final testing! SitRep: I've finished integrating the proposed changes I received through the v0.98 beta, and the v0.99 beta is now available for download (click here). There is now an alternate All-Humans Mode that can be turned on, and will assume all pilots are humans unless you individually set Computer Pilots per callsign/flight/wing numbers. All the same "Set a Human Pilot" commands have been copied to make "Set a Computer Pilot" equivalents. You can also change the Keyboard Layout from the default QWERTY by voice command or just executing the "change" command found under initialization. Per request, to speed up the interaction of adding/removing pilots from the exclusion lists, you can now say the entire Callsign + Flight Number + Wing Number when asked for the callsign. Example: "Set a Human Pilot" "say the callsign" "Cowboy 7 3" "Cowboy 7 3 - is this correct?" "Yes" ... (bypassing the need to individually set Flight Number and then Wing Number!) This will jump to the confirmation at the end of the command and greatly reduces the time spent interacting with the voice control system configuration. During my testing, I found there must be a clear separation between the Flight Number and Wing Number when spoken, to avoid "Cowboy 7 3" getting recognized as "Cowboy 73", and your own results may vary. Please test and let me know. The old system is still in place, and you can even just say the Callsign + Flight number, and it will notice and skip to the Set Wing Number segment of the script. The entire idea was to allow a lot of options to recognize how we speak, and the only catch is that we need to enunciate and keep succinct breaks between words for this style of input. Further beta testing in this final 0.99 phase should help judge if this will work or if it needs adjustment. Additionally, there are now VoiceAttack command log notifications whenever the profile loads showing the current profile settings, and also voice notifications if either PTT mode or the new All-Humans mode are On. Here's a copy of the changelog: Beta v0.99 Changelog Jul2019 New Commands: -Change Default Keyboard Layout allows choices between QWERTY, QWERTZ, & AZERTY (per user request) -Turn On/Off All-Humans Mode : Reverse mode assumes all pilots are humans, add Computer Pilots individually as needed (per user request) -Copy of all Add/Remove Human Pilots commands for Computer Pilots & All-Humans Mode Fixes/Improvements: -Can state an entire callsign plus flight & wing numbers when asked for Callsign (per user request to speed up the voice system interaction of adding/removing human pilots) -VoiceAttack log entries displays profile information on startup (current keyboard layout, push-to-talk mode on/off state, All-Humans mode on/off state) (per user request) -Speech notifications on startup for PTT mode and All-Humans mode if they are enabled (see above) -Forced profile initialization if not initialized on any command use (per bug report: on first download/import of profile, trying to use any command fails until voiceattack restarted) *wheelchock2 had asked about a query system. I have not made a system to ask which callsigns have been set/saved to either a Human Pilot or Computer Pilot, as it was always designed to be a throw-away use concept, add a few for the afternoon, adjust for different flights, reset at the end or beginning of a days' use of Falcon BMS. I'd like to know if there is serious interest in a query system before I create one as it will add a bit of size to the profile, increase it's RAM footprint further, and possibly increase profile load time even further. It would not make sense to add this if there is too little use for it. Personally, I remove all human pilot callsigns before every flight, when I'm at the 2D map/mission planning phase. Please let me know how you guys use the profile, and if you'd use something like a query system.
  5. Radio =VG=

    SWEET! Get me a baguette, some wine, and some of that stuff..... What do they call it again? ...used to eat it all the time back in the day.... oh yea, pussy.
  6. AI Wingmen

    It's not on the Server Rules page, I suppose I should put it there, too... I have written about this aspect, like many "rules" for our Falcon BMS Server, they are more of guidelines than actual rules, as there is rarely ever a need to discipline players in a flight sim. I don't specify how many or how often, but basically we expect players to use AI for their own flights only and within reason. On that note, I will put this quote in more prominent locations so it doesn't go unseen:
  7. 28 miles of fireworks for 4th of July - at Long Beach, Washington  :beach: It was a fun vacation, but it's good to be home.


  8. PR VG-COOP attempt to debug the CAS out of map issue

    Noop. Sorry. Please take any further discussion to the relevant bug report thread on the PR Mod website, that is where the love is needed, where multiple groups can contribute to the same discussion. And note the quote, too, please because what's needed to be said has been said. It's a sad situation, would love if it was fixed, and no one here is preventing that.
  9. Loitering

    I'm not exactly sure if it would cause issues, but you could try it out for a while and we could see. If it causes any problems, we can discuss this again at that time. The campaign file could really use some attention and tweaking, so I'll be getting into that, and if you're regularly watching the server, I'll make sure you know when I'm taking it down or restarting to Day 1. I'll also get a more realistic custom weather model as we had before in 4.33 eventually, I've just been spinning plates with too many things to do at VG lately, plus my own projects and goals, and a little free time too. Finally, if it's ever down, you can feel free to post up in the forums here, in the chatbox on the home page, or message me personally. I intend to find other VG members here to learn how to restart it, but for right now, I'm the only active member who has access and can restart it if it crashes. Don't be shy - I don't mind taking a break from whatever to start it back up if it crashes. Cheers!
  10. Avatar

    File format matters, it has to be one of the mainstream formats like png, jpg, haven't tested a .gif (might work, even if it doesn't cycle - might cycle) Size examples from Binary are similar to mine, I'm currently using a .png with transparency and it's 172px x 172px at 58.3kb Limits are in place because previous iterations of the VG website had swollen to over 300 terabytes, nearly completely comprised of unrestricted uploading of images and large file attachments over the course of years. Meant we couldn't move the site to a less expensive host in New York, so we had to change how it's done. When we finally did, a lot of links were broken as we couldn't migrate all those files and images. You can archive and remove leaving blank chunks in posts that may get crawled here and there for years, or you can enforce smaller sizes and encourage the use of imgur links in posts, and dropbox links for files. But for Avatars and profile background images, you're restricted to the 200kb limit if I am not mistaken. If you use Photoshop, select "Save for Web..." to get great looking images at a fraction of the size. TMI, but after finally learning PS some time ago, I started using a tip I got to make all my photoshop images massive, like 4K (3840 x 2660), and then shrink them down for whatever size they'll be used at, like 300 x 300, or 480 x 60 banners, etc. using the Save function options in PS. A great tip.
  11. PR VG-COOP attempt to debug the CAS out of map issue

    Noop. Sorry. This was proven quite some time ago. It's in the code itself. Seems to need a fair number of people over the course of a map or few to make it happen, to get a map running that will have the bug happening. But it requires no editing or changing of any config files (unless adding the name we use and the IP and the number of players for a COOP match, with all COOP map maplist is what you would call customizations). Our clean run tests did knock at least that much out, can't blame freshly downloaded and installed files with no changes except a server license key and a name/MODT & basic COOP setup. That's all you need to reproduce this..... and a server that remains populated throughout the day for days/weeks on end, on a Windows server that rarely goes down. Not that uptime is a factor, just noted it in case trying to duplicate an environment. Again, best wishes and good luck to you - it is not something that anyone wants to persist. But we don't hold the keys to the kingdom, we aren't the cause/reason, and for our COOP team here, we do promote from within. I do hope you don't get discouraged if it's difficult to get working with the PR Dev team on the issue coming in from the outside without PR Mod coding experience already. Keep at it! Cheers!
  12. PR VG-COOP attempt to debug the CAS out of map issue

    Sorry, the answer is no. Apply to the development team, perhaps they will let you be a contributor like Double. AFAIK that is the only way to get access to the source code and server files that are not available to the general public without application. We don't have any say over that here, wrong website. No worries. Best wishes and good luck! That bug is quite the nuisance.
  13. Full =VG= Servers restart

    Mumble is now fixed and Ciro made it into a service so it can have automated restarts or other such things. Thanks, Ciro!!
  14. America explain!!!!

    Hunting, and wives with rules such as no guns in the house.... Or bad writing? 😉