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  1. Are you certain that pre-load check is not only for the Tommo Inc/Falcon 4 validation check? I could see how a full file verification could take place, it's just that the check is not so long for me (approximately 4 seconds from Launch to Main Menu loaded). I realize I am loading from a secondary Solid State Drive and may be experiencing faster load times myself versus the HDD that the server loads BMS from (approximately 30-40 seconds from Launch to Main Menu loaded) -- but I was unaware that the entire 5.67 GB game folder was searched for the integrity of all game files during this pre-load check. I thought it was just a check for Falcon 4.0 license/installation in it's pre-load verification. Did you read somewhere that BMS gets an entire game files integrity check during each load? That would really help in troubleshooting to know that fact with certainty...
  2. 1. When did this start happening to you? 2. Have you just recently changed anything such as game updates, OS updates, etc. ? 3. Are you running the most recent version of BMS (currently 4.33.3)? 4. Does this problem only happen online on our server, or also when you fly offline on your PC? Post up answers to these questions when you can. You may need to re-download & reinstall BMS to verify that files are not corrupt - but you will want to delete any installers you have on your system first, and start from scratch. *as Brain said, do not reinstall yet - it's a last resort and we aren't there yet. Just know that it "may" be needed later.
  3. 11 members and 23 guests... Geez, I don't know if we should take that as a compliment or sarcasm. But I remember a time when these stats were a "slow day". Mature, cooperative teamplay just doesn't sell itself. Spread the word, spread the love - VG is a pretty cool place to game and to hang out with like minded people. Hoping we can continue to attract honorable and decent gamers who enjoy COOP game styles, and appreciate a community that isn't filled with a bunch of whiny entitled kiddies. OORAH!
  4. VG TS3 is back up. Thanks again, Double_13!
  5. Okay - I've gotten to the bottom of this all. Seems that asshole SemlerPDX made the original account, and paid the original $55 annual license fee (if I am reading this correctly). Sorry, I don't remember such things after a year, and I have no one to blame but myself for not getting the correct login info onto the login sheet we use. Simple solution: pay the fee and reinstate the TS3 server. Eazy peazy. Only problem is I cannot afford this today, or tomorrow, or next week. My daughter turned 18 last weekend, and her Mom and I got her a new laptop and split the cost - on top of that, she graduates High School in a few months, and I've just booked a flight/hotel/car so I can get out there for the weekend and attend the ceremony. Basically, I'm over a thousand dollars in debt in less than a week here, and I can't pull the $55 out even though I very much want to pay my share for VG. UPDATE: Thanks to Double_13 for taking care of this! I've paid the bill and will apply the license now. VG TS3 will be up shortly. Anyone who appreciates the VG TS3 and can afford to chip in a little bit, please use this paypal link to my account and I will use the funds to pay the license fee as soon as it is enough. The total cost for one year is $55. There is no discussion here, we cannot use a non-profit license, and we need at least 64 slots. This is what we need, it's what we've had for years. Paypal funds on the front page have already been spent on the website costs. As we all know the list has not been cleared since the new website went live, possibly an oversight, or possibly to track the generous folks who have helped to pay for this awesome new website, so I must take up a special donation for this fee. Do not donate to the PayPal link on the front page for this TS3 License collections attempt - use the link below, or I will not receive the funds I need to pay it. IF you donate to this link, please also post up below with your name and the amount paid so I we can track the progress in THIS thread. DONATE - (Special - goes directly to TS3 license fee through SemlerPDX) GOAL: $55 (US) Received: $55
  6. Okay. Just checked it and saw you flying... assumed it was okay. BMS Server restarted to last autosave.
  7. I just found out that it's our TS3 annual license that needs to be renewed. Us "Administrators" in VG have access to a page with the login info for all our services, but TS3 VG login info is missing. I've contacted the other VG Heads and we'll get it sorted asap - BUT the TS3 could be down for a day (at least). Feel free to use the VG Refugee Lounge Channel in the TS3 Server run by our Brother Clan, L.A.M.B.s (nopryl). TS3 login info and password can be requested at their site for anyone who is a not currently know to LAMBS. TEMP TS3 VG Refugee Lounge: http://www.nopryl.no/smfprod/index.php (Follow all VG Rules in LAMBS TS3, violations or disruptions to our friends will be dealt with harshly)
  8. Mumble should be fixed now. Report up if it is not (merged the thread, best to just use this if it happens again in the future)
  9. Can't wait till programming wiz's like you and your students can make any old classic game work in that dual-screen VR tech!! One reason I won't drop $600+ now is that only 2 games I own would work halfway decent in VR (DCS and Elite:Dangerous) but both trade their awesome resolution for a blurry "difficult to look at" set of in-game UI's and menus. Unfortunately, I've already heard that they haven't made enough on this first generation of VR to consider designing or improving the system for a second generation of VR devices... but here's hoping!! Hope you and your students have fun with that, Badploy!!
  10. That pic where one jet's nose is literally over the tail of the other one, I had a question: I supposed DCS does not model jet wash, correct? Been years since I flew DCS. That is some pretty fancy flying there!!!
  11. PR SERVER IS UPDATED /locked
  12. Don't worry about it, Poffadder's got it covered, like I said. But on the issue of RDP, you have access to the info page, you can fix that issue with the root login. Just a reminder.
  13. He wrote up in the chatbox, best place to check for current events info when there are no posts on a subject. Also, I only contacted our PR Server Manager (Poffadder) yesterday afternoon, and still waiting for a reply. Was going to make a post regarding this, but seems like you beat me to the announcement so I'll write it here: We are waiting for our PR Server tech Poffadder to update the server. Be patient please - no one expected this update that came out of nowhere, couldn't even find details about it on the PR website (post is virtually hidden in a changelog post deep in their forums). Because of the new client side automatic updates, all clients are already updated but the server requires a manual update of the files. We will get this done asap, and we appreciate your patience during this downtime. We are a small community, and many of us have gotten busy with life or careers and this of course takes priority over our game time. We do share the delegation of duties, but at times, there are certain things that only the person most familiar with a task is the go-to fixit guy for the job. We operate this way because doing something the "right way" is more important than getting something done very fast, and while it's frustrating to have to wait to play a game here, this method ensures we don't run into problems with incorrect methods, overwritten config files, or lost banlists, and other such issues. Again, thank you for your patience - I will post up when I get a reply from Poffadder. Cheers!
  14. Melon's Final Revent

    REVENT DATE : SATURDAY the 11th of MARCH 6pm PRT/GMT So let's get this out of the way, my final event for a while. It's aulmination of all 3 events plus a few extra maps. I have tested all maps ticket counts and bleeds and as far as I can tell non are going to end in 5 minutes. There will be no signups, just typical coop fashion join or create a squad on the day. The rules are the same as the last, if you don't remember, here's a recap: Rules are standard =VG= coop rules but the commander has final say in squad movements and attacks, obstructive squad leaders will be resigned. Expect zero tolerance to rule breakage and bending during the event Entry is simple, download the files (LINK). Check the forums on the day for server password. Join the server. Have fun. The files for event 3 and the revent are both included in the same file, it is a large download for this reason (12 maps) In addition there will be changes to the coop gameplay: FOBs, foxholes and razorwire will need to be shovelled Squad leader spawn-point is removed Ticket count will matter 2 minute wait between each kit request. Squadless kick is in effect +Map specific changes Full Details can be found in the Event Post: Click Here for Complete Details THE MAPS IN ORDER OF ROTATION!!!
  15. Badploy is indeed a great leader, and great team player! As you could see on his profile, he actually IS a VG Member, and is one of the oldest here (predates my own membership by several months). The WCC Clan merged with VG when they lost their friend and leader. They retain their old clan tags in homage. Other noted WCC/VG members include Sparky, StarchyDuke, and BozZz . They are all good friends and good people, and already considered VG Members for nearly as long as VG has been a clan.