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  1. Then again, every system is different, too..... I'm running a terribly optimized OS, the Windows 10, and I've had a Chrome browser open playing a YouTube playlist on a loop for the past 17 days, and I've played a game or two to break the silence and monotony without issue. As I look at my stats now, I'm sitting at a nominal 4.3/15.4 GB RAM (I have many other programs/windows open, just minimized) and CPU usage is sitting at 11%, currently with a 64 day up-time. I've also experienced the Chrome RAM gobbler happen myself, but there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to it going haywire. One tip for Twitch and YouTube in Chrome is to ignore "Auto" for quality, and force it to HD 1080p+ when you want it, and when it's a small window just on the side, manually set it to 360p or 480p - there is very slight audio degradation below HD, but it's barely noticeable. Monitor your temperatures while playing! When I had a laptop that struggled with PC gaming and Project Reality, I created a dual boot with another OS (WinXP) that was dumbed down to only run PC games with all sorts of utilities disabled, no background programs, a single temperature monitor, and a "Free My RAM" utility that could scrape RAM away from temp processes that allocated space but then stopped using it -- the more for available for the game, the better (when running a 4GB RAM lappy c.2007, that is). I never let Windows update that secondary OS partition, it didn't run security software, and I kept a fan blowing on the laptop for cooling. And PR still crashed from time to time... I believe the official PC gaming philosophy applies, by notorious poets The Beastie Boys, "You gotta fight... for your right... to party"
  2. Check out this Communications and Brevity section of the United Operations BMS Codex, and visit this page to see the Brevity List at the bottom: http://www.unitedoperations.net/wiki/Communications_and_brevity
  3. No, not necessarily. Though it may be indicative of an instability on the server (or the client). On December 10th, we changed a particular setting to attempt to increase stability. It is important for players to note times when these "blue pause messages" appear, including any information about the current game that could be relevant such as number of current players and their country of origin when connecting. It is certainly something that can cause a problem, when these messages happen often or in multiplayer flights, and we'd like to stop scratching our head on the matter and have a setup or SOP to deal with it. At this point, all we can do is ask players to note and report. It's okay to concede that BMS is built on a very old game to a point, and we are certainly doing what no other server does (or recommends), which is a free-to-join public campaign running 24/7. But we won't put up walls just to gain a little more stability, so some punches we need to roll with.
  4. On multiple occasions, to multiple people, you expressed that you do not play PR on anything but the very lowest settings, citing many reasons - I actually thought that you were making excuses for a poorly performing laptop, rather than actually believing that a video game like PR was truly "better" when played at the very lowest settings. Glad to hear you've changed that rather odd sounding belief.
  5. Excellent voice profile, Kav!! You've done a great job here, and your category use makes it very easy to navigate. This will really add to the immersion and free up your hands so you can pay attention to flying. Well done! I got some tips, here's one... Example of multipart commands that could be made in your profile: Delete the "Emergency" command. Add "Emergency;" to the "Tower request emergency landing" command. The semicolon ";" means the command on either side is viable, it's a choice seperator. Do the same for the Vectors and Approach commands to turn many into few. Use the Multipart Command Toggle Button (near "Import Commands") to toggle between showing each one seperately or on the same line for readability.
  6. Might be good to also test the FPS of that map with players who do not deliberately play PR in the very lowest graphics settings possible, as Double_13 does, in order to get a good range of experiences across multiple PC setups and graphics settings; laptops and PC's. We'd also be willing to host a dedicated server test with groups of players, we could offer one of our other passworded PR servers for the test. It would provide more realistic data on FPS/playability as opposed to the testers hosting BOT/AI in SP which hits the CPU harder than playing on a dedicated server.
  7. I am unable to properly function, so I'm copying a note I sent to a few of my oldest friends here at VG:
    I can't login, I can't think. I can't even process life right now.  I've been in a stunned shock since Sunday (Dec 31st) evening.  In moments of clarity, I am reaching out to those I can think of - I consider many of you real friends, and I just want you all to know what has happened and why I'll be absent.

    On New Years Eve morning, my brother took his life.  We were extremely close our entire lives almost like twins, but he had cut off contact with us all and moved far away for over a year.  He had been struggling with mental health issues including audible hallucinations (hearing voices) that berated him and tortured him "verbally", as well as addiction problems, and we all have to just accept that he felt there was no other way to stop it all and escape.  He was a talented musician and a knowledgeable composer.  If any of you have watched some of my old gaming videos on YouTube, you've heard my brother's music in the background.

    He will be cremated and released to us around the 12th, and I will be spreading his ashes at Wahclella Falls near or around then, presuming it is accessible this time of year, and we will hold a private Celebration of Life rememberance in our home somewhere around the 17th.

    I may not come around for the next couple weeks, or until these matters have concluded, as I do not feel sociable at this time.  Certain individuals can reach me when I am offline if there is a technical emergency, so contact =VG= m823us if there is a matter that requires my attention, and I will resolve it if/when I am able, and if not, it will go on the top of the "to do" list for when I am feeling better.  I've already noted that I will be helping Oniblood work with the ARK Survival server as he expressed interest in that, and those who knew I was developing weekly PR event "team workshops" with custom maps should know I will continue with that project before too long.

    I feel like I'm walking around in a daze, like a bad dream, and my time is filled with moments of painfully deafening silence and extreme grief, and the rest of it spent with family and friends, as people I've not talked to in years come over to express condolences.  Hearing others talk about this all sounds like I'm listening to a commentary of my own life and it is too surreal to tolerate, so much so that my family now hushes up if I'm walking by when re-telling someone who has not yet heard, out of respect for my feelings.

    I will eventually return because hanging out with friends online will help me to move forward and be strong, but I am having a hard time using the phone at this time and it's most comfortable for me to text for now - messages through this website or facebook are just fine if friends need to contact me.

    Thank you all for understanding, and for being my friend.

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    2. SiXie


      Condolence. :/

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      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Thank you all for the kind words

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      =VG= BrakeGamer

      My condolences for Your and Your family's loss Sem. Stay strong as you always are no matter how hard it may be...

  8. Project Reality COOP Campaign 2018 - Public Event

    Project Reality COOP Campaign 2018 03.02.2018 (click here for mission breifing & details)
  9. This looks like so much fun!! Thank you very much, TEDF!!! I'll be there throughout, and I'd love to lead a team; not sure which group, will decide something and send off the PM soon.
  10. Yea, this is pretty much what is happening already. Everyday, the server stops, performs a health check and backup of key files, swaps out the maplist file, and starts back up, all on a schedule. That's about as smart as it gets without me getting into zones that would not only require me to code additional utilities, but to add layers of security on top of it that increase the work load far into the realm of "why bother". Everything works rather well as it is, many persistent servers have a one to two hour maintenance window daily or weekly; ours is a daily maintenance window of only 2 minutes, and I don't think anyone here views that as unacceptable. If it was easy to improve on that, I would have already considered it - not to say I'm against going back to the drawing board, but the payout has to be worth the cost.
  11. It's not like this is possible, and for some reason, we're just not doing it.... There's no shortage of quality of life codings that I've created on our server, but we have to work within the realm of what is feasible (and which doesn't create a gigantic back door into our server to accomplish a task), and not what merely sounds ideal on paper. PR is an extremely old game.
  12. See those low peaks I've circled? Those are the average "lowest population times" over the past 7 days on the VG PR COOP Server, and they usually correspond to between 0300-0800 GMT. See how the peak is not exactly in the same place each day, how it fluctuates between a larger period and some days is WAY higher than others? This is because even though the server empties for the most part every day, 'when' that happens is an organic factor, so it varies with the day of the week, the season of the year (re. Holidays!), or with the phases of the moon itself (believe it or not). Since I cannot automate my daily restart/map rotation swap system to know how many people are online at a given time and then decide itself that the number is as low as the population is going to get in that 24 hour period, there is no way I can force our server to recognize that the "most off-peak hour possible" has changed for that particular day by, say, 45 minutes or more. Some of my automated systems on the server are able to wait for all players to empty out of the server, but this one needs to be forced to prevent issues where no one empties out and the server runs for 48 hours without it's scheduled reset/map rotation swap. PR is a mod built on a 12 year old game engine, and even some of the most recent, modern games aren't fully capable of such 'average player count rationalization' automation. It is already set up for the average "most off-peak hour possible" for sure, averaged over about a month. I wish it were possible to float it, but at times, we have to accept that what would be ideal is not always as easy to implement as it seems in discussion, if even possible at all. But, hey... better than Mutrah City starting map every single day, and after every single server crash, right? Could be worse.... your story could read, "every night we get into a good map, late when no admins are there to change the map - then it crashes back to Mutrah and the server empties out"
  13. @Echo1 We're not trying to be mean, here, buddy. Seriously. Believe it or not, but I am personally quite sympathetic. When I began playing Project Reality COOP at VG back around 2010, it was during US midnight hours, and there were not only no Admins online, but I didn't see an actual =VG= member until I had been playing here for about a month. They just did not happen to have any clan members who regularly played during those late hours back then, and all of us regulars on the server knew it. It could get unruly at times, for sure. Not everyone who plays video games is a mature, level headed adult (to state the obvious). It's like, welcome to the internets, right? ugh We used the report function in game to make sure players knew we were all united in supporting the server rules even when Admins were not present, and once in awhile, we had to give up on an area, or asset we had rights to claim, or take a break for a few minutes to wait for a griefer/troll to get bored and move on. Yea, it pretty much sucked.. but we knew all the admins were sleeping or away, and our choice was to either not play, or play and just deal with it (without breaking the rules ourselves, or taking matters into our own hands). We didn't cry foul because there was no one to Admin, we just understood that rarely do ANY game servers ANYWHERE have 24/7 admins online, and even still a few of us fell in love with the community and it's values & spirit enough to make friends and eventually join the group, and then subsequently found ourselves as Admins in the game as a bonus. We also did not have non-VG Clan Member in-game PR Admins back then - this evolved over time to enable us to cover even more timezones by allowing players (who may even be in a different clan) to get vetted for integrity, respectfulness, level headedness, and a maturity level consistent with the values and spirit of the VG Clan.
  14. Welcome and thanks for the introduction!! Looking forward to some more flights after my house guests leave on the 28th. I'm West Coast US, and my most frequent flight times are 11am-4pm (1900-0000 ZULU). I see you're East Coast US, and if you're looking for multiplayer flights when no one is on the server, many of us have been starting to hang out in the Pilots Lounge channel of our TeamSpeak3 server, just to show we're looking for a wingman while playing single-player, or whatever ... and then we move down to the VG BMS Public Server channel once we're committed to a multiplayer flight. Campaign was just restarted to Day 1, so there will be plenty of action in the days to come. See you around!
  15. that further makes my point