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  1. Wow!! Nice construction! That's a decent sized smelter, too!
  2. can't..... resist.... python reference.... AAAAHHHH!!
  3. Very impressive! Now I'm gonna feel bad if I make any jokes... It seems that chinstrap is fucking up the one thing that a chinstrap is supposed to do. And I'm surprised that they take personal care of their Q-tips - you'd think given the history of the Soldier and Officer classes in the British Military, they'd have a designated Bearskin waif to clean them all while the men drink bitters and play billiards.. (ba dum - tiss) (I said I'd feel bad, didn't say I wasn't gonna make any jokes!) aw, now I feel bad cuz those guys are really cool
  4. A package, or fragged flight, only exists on the server for the window of it's timeframe. We cannot pre-frag packages for noobs to have just sitting there because when no human player joins them, and their takeoff time is reached, AI pilots holding the package open will takeoff with it and accomplish the mission. There are many offline Tactical Engagements available for you under Saved and Training, not to mention user-made missions available at places like the BMS website. One of the first "multiplayer" things you should learn is how to frag a package on the server, and there are two videos describing this method in the How to Connect thread - I am also happy to take pilots into the server to show them first hand how this is done, and to answer any questions. I'd like to establish a flight school and a curriculum, but it is a very involved activity and is going to require willing instructors other than just myself. Though, like I said, I am willing to help new pilots train online, in between their own offline training and reading. BMS is a simulator with a steep learning curve, and at times, just grasping some of the concepts can be daunting with all we're expected to learn. But I assure you that this server is already set up for noobs, particularly the 120th at Seosan, and the multitude of videos, manuals, and training missions will give you all the skills needed.
  5. I had also spoken with Static in TS3 that evening where I asked for more details. Often, reports from regulars regarding other servers I manage here at VG are fairly accurate, and in those cases we have the luxury of taking actions to "put the ball in their court" by which I mean the player is banned and expected to seek communication with us. I feel now that it was impulsive to apply this same method of server management to our BMS server and it's players. I took an action that I felt was necessary at the time when I foolishly assumed that information was accurate, and that will not happen again - clearly that SOP doesn't fly. I'd also like to publicly apologize to GEEK for acting on my assumptions. 御免なさい! It's a game server (running a simulator) - and we had a report from one of you trusted regulars that someone was messing with our game server. Understand that for the past two weeks, I've been pulling my hair out trying to resolve stability issues with the VG BMS Campaign including the entire reconstruction of our Day 1 Master Campaign Save File. Hearing this report, in my mind assuming it was irrefutable, I felt it was only too obvious that over-fragging may have been the culprit and this may have been the chance to intervene and regain the server stability I've been fighting for. Personally, I would not have been as emotional as Static was with regards to his choice of words his initial report, and I'm happy to see he's edited a few of those choice words, but it wasn't my intention to villify or misjudge GEEK.... I simply want you to understand where I was coming from and why I assumed what I did, and felt the actions I took were necessary. Again, after hearing from GEEK and CobaltUK, I now feel strongly this report was erroneous, and @Static - I hear you bro, but I'd like you to consider that perhaps there was something other than GEEK that caused this issue. While I have no reason to believe anyone would be lying in this case, I do believe there is a misunderstanding or mistake with the cause of this issue. Let's try to look at things from all angles, exert patience in these matters, and extend the benefit of the doubt to our fellow pilots before attaining solid lock and calling FOX 3. I'm gonna have to ask that you go ahead and do that here in a private message. If GEEK was not responsible, we still must resolve the core of this complaint: non-human flights getting fragged. I would merely like to seek communication with that candidate and ask that they refrain from doing so in the future, or find a different server to fly on.
  6. I was able to chat with GEEK - he will not frag flights. I've unbanned him.
  7. *request runway* ^using that as a command for "When I say..." will make it so that any sentence that CONTAINS those words will fire the desired command. Note the asterisks on either side of the entire sentence. Very similar to the example I posted before. It's also worth noting that the developer of Voice Attack states that wildcards using asterisks like I've shown are "somewhat unsupported" and therefore can be problematic - care should be taken whenever using them. The actual quote from the guide:
  8. You'll obviously have no trouble finding the comms hotkeys and/or create simple macros for these commands, so there will be keypresses and you'll need to know those keys. Then there's the actual "call" commands for each action - of course you can make it a full sentence(s) "Request Landing Clearance" and that will work just great. But if you want a wee bit more variety and options to how you say that, you can add a few dynamic choices for VA to recognize, and also a few recognition inclusions for words that "sound like" words in your command so you don't find yourself repeating your command over and over. Here's my request landing command -- the asterisk* at the beginning means that ANYTHING I say that ends with this bit will register like, "Osan Tower this is Cowboy 1-1, requesting landing clearance" **BE SURE TO USE PAUSES BETWEEN KEYPRESSES! At least 0.050 and sometimes as long as 0.50 depending on the game -- some games can run super fast macros, some are old and need longer pauses. Explanation of Symbols and Structure of a Dynamic Command such as the one above: ; <- a semicolon is a separator meaning "or" so that you can have more than one choice for command word(s) or sentence(s). Note that either of those dynamic statements will call the command. ^ABOVE IT IS HIGHLIGHTED IN RED! [word1;word2] <- either word can be used, but at least ONE of them must be spoken [word1;word2;] <- either word can be used, or neither at all *request landing <- any sentence ending with "request landing" will execute this command request landing* <- any sentence beginning with "request landing" will execute this command So, there's much depth in Voice Attack, and I hope this little bit prepares you for the few things you'll like to do for your Falcon BMS voice commands. Any questions, feel free to ask! Good luck!
  9. Yes - you want to use Voice Attack which uses Windows Voice Recognition. Pick up Voice Attack here: https://www.voiceattack.com/
  10. I have sent him a private message on the BMS forums, I'm hoping he will respond. I take it that by this you mean that you believe it was an isolated incident, a one time action. Still, same issue though - we need to communicate to him that it cannot happen again. If you say it's rare, I trust that, and I'm not worried that it will occur again soon so much as I'm using this incident to get definitive communication with him. It's not a matter of us treating a regular pilot badly, it's a matter of forcing communication and I do not believe that we are using a sledgehammer where a scalpel would do as communication attempts have failed - I respect your opinion if you feel otherwise. I very much appreciate your input and your assistance in managing the server.
  11. I has been attempted and failed. When communication has failed, when players take liberties against the SOP of the server to such an extent, a ban can become the only resort - even if only to get the attention of the player in hopes of opening up a dialogue. We have forums, numerous ways to find contact information about we who run the server, and we have the ability to remove the ban pending a request from, and chance for a discussion with, the player. Geek is in Japan, not sure if there is a language barrier, but we need this behavior to stop before he can return to the server. I'd welcome any help in getting proper word to him as this was a manual ban in the most manual sense of the word, and he will receive no message telling him why his attempts to connect will now fail. We should all be dismayed that it has come to this, but if we cannot get this to stop, what alternative is there? We have been having some serious problems with the current campaign with no discernible cause, and there is a reason we ask that players don't play Command & Conquer with the Frag-O -- not to assume that all these flights getting fragged are the culprit, but not being able to communicate with and halt the behavior of a player on our public server is a serious matter.
  12. We redact IP, email and home addresses from forum posts - it is still visible to Admins here in a hidden post for future reference. We simply hide that stuff from public view. I hope you understand why I edited that part out of your report.
  13. I've banned him. Thank you for deleting the flights he fragged
  14. Thank you for hosting the event TEDF! What a great turnout!