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  1. Falcon BMS 4.33 won’t launch in MFD extracted mode.

    Yea, ya gotta do the updates if you reinstall, but you can select them all and install all of them at once.
  2. Coming soon: "PUBG authors are suing criminals for using Fortnite to launder money instead of PUBG; also, a frying pan"
  3. Shijia valley bugged

    I've removed it from the starter maps rotations, and added it to the disabled maps list until it gets fixed or whatever. Thanks for the report!
  4. Working on a DIY project right now between other things; "wireless TrackIR TrackClip Pro"

    I have an old TrackClip Pro with several broken plastic pieces, so I'm using it for all sorts of testing and feasibility checks before cutting up my new working TrackClip Pro.  I want to use a small modern Lithium Ion battery and have the ability to charge it through USB micro-A connection, with a charging circuit, and a power on/off switch, but a few of the batteries I've tested so far have me scratching my head.

    If this simple 3x LED device normally operates on a USB 5V 1A connection, I really only need to replicate that.  But I've already had little success with the batteries I have around my house.  I may have to purchase a battery specifically for the project, as well as the charging circuit.  It all needs to be very small and lightweight.

    I've read several DIY forums where people already did this exact thing, so I have plenty of ideas for products and procedures.  I'm very patient and I'd rather spend a few extra dollars if it can be a little more sturdy or look a little better, so time will tell how this turns out.  Will take pictures once there's something worth taking a picture of.

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    2. WCCBadploy


      Well done. Great to see folks making the future just that little bit better.

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Yea, Kav - I have seen that.  I'm hoping to avoid anything that looks that janky.  In that image they're using a battery pack that is zip-tied to the headset, with the wire going across to the other side for weight balance.  Those are a few of the things I want to improve upon with my build, as I've seen many of these DIY projects and have a few goals of my own to improve them:

      Goal 1:  That battery has enough power and the LED's draw so little that this pictured setup would be able to stay on for a few weeks continuously (I assume).  This means the battery could be smaller, lighter, able to be placed elsewhere. (edit:  the CR123A 3V Lithium battery that my NVG's use seems small enough and powerful enough that it could sit inside or alongside the body of the unit, and is the next thing I'll be testing)

      Goal 2:  The TrackClip Pro does not weigh so much that offset weight would be needed, so the appropriate placement for anything heavy would be top center.  But I wish to avoid wires to a battery pack if possible, and have gutted out a fair bit of foam in the base that could house a charging circuit, a on/off switch, and a very small battery.  Thinner, more firm foam would take it's place.

      Goal 3:  A lot of this is affixed with zip ties, and I do not intend to keep my TrackClip Pro attached to my headset at all times.  This is how the last one broke -- and I'd like to minimize the time it is on my head and therefore vulnerable to getting whacked.  Mine will be easily removable for storage when not in use.

    4. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Yeah that implementation does look a bit dodgy I agree but I was thinking along the lines of not having to do too much damage to the TrackIR or its wiring, I would not have cut mine. Also that clip of the TrackIR is as crappy as hell, you'd think they would have done a better job for the price they charge.

      Anyway keep it up buddy, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  5. Quantum Computer is here

    Why does it look like it's taking a shit?
  6. Quantum Computer is here

    Damn. Skynet IS coming....
  7. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    A private pilot once told me that spending time flying a small engine plane is 90% boredom and 10% sheer terror. From the looks of that full size 757 jet airliner landing at Toncontin, that statement can at times be universal. If you want a good laugh, check out AirForceProud on YouTube - his best vids are him doing VATSIM like ATC in general public FSX (Steam Edition) flight sim servers.
  8. Server Maintenance Downtime


    I have no idea. If you all want to do the research, find out the positives/negatives of that system, we'll weigh them and make a decision on implementation. We have capable hardware and have been doing this for years, I don't want to assume but there may be a reason we do not do this, or have not done this for so many years we've operated. Sounds cool, if it works, but again I have no idea. It's a discussion for a thread all it's own.
  9. Server Maintenance Downtime


    All done. Battlecorder isn't a simple "on" switch. I'd have to set up FTP to handle the files and the traffic. Was not on the list for this round of updates and backups - but the server is back up and running, and everything should be as stable as if it was freshly downloaded and installed because that's what I just spent the last eight hours doing. Cheers!
  10. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    Very cool! I wish I could afford it! My Ma has 100 hours in a Cessna from back in the 1970's when she was a legal secretary for Lockheed, did a little schooling with her employee discount. I've gone through Private Pilot certification in MS Flight Simulator several times over the years, I'd be ecstatic to do it IRL. Totally jealous of you, mate!
  11. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    FTR, Windows 10 crashes or hangs up plenty - you've just been lucky. In Windows 7 (using PC for same shit I do now) I used to have up times of 3+ months. Now I'm lucky to get through a month without something getting porked and having to restart, let alone the Windows crashes making it difficult to test the stability of, say, an overclock. Windows 10 doesn't fight shit regarding issues that want to crash a computer, regardless of whether it was due to hardware, software, firmware, shareware, or binary chlamydia. Also, Windows Restore Point feature is for rolling back recent changes to the operating system environment. It can and should be used before every new program installation and every Windows Update, and make custom names that you can recognize like "before AOMEI installation" or "before Oct2018 WinUpdate". Windows Restore Point is not a backup disk image creator as you suggest, and therefore you are right when you say that your AOMEI Backuper is better than Windows Restore Point at restoring files from a hard drive backup source. Windows Backup and Restore is a built in feature complete suite of functions that can create a system repair disc, create a system image, restore all users' files, select another backup to restore files from, and run tasks on a schedule for maximum protection. In Windows 10, the feature that does what your AOMEI Backuper does is called "Create a system image", and it's found at the link Control Panel\System and Security\Backup and Restore (Windows 7) Using a third party software for file system backup and restoration is a personal preference, but I will say that it is a bit redundant. And the way you say "I don't like doubts" infers that you don't trust Windows to perform these tasks, so you use this third party software AOMEI. Let me ask you this: why do you trust Microsoft to be the backbone of your entire file system, to be your Operating system, yet you don't trust the tools it comes with? Is it just for the user interface that AOMEI provides? Because Windows backup is perfectly fine, works very well, and can be depended upon just as much as any backup. I've never heard of AOMEI myself, I've been around the block a few times, but I had to look it up. I'm familiar with Acronis, NovaBackup, SpiderOak, Carbonite, Dropbox, etc. but I gotta say I was not surprised when I found AOMEI in a Top 10 Free Backup Software advertisement that looked like an actual article about backup softwares. I'm sure they are fine, but all things not being equal, there's no reason to recommend to someone that they backup their computer for peace of mind, and by the way, use this AOMEI software to do it. Windows can do all of this and if you can trust it to manage your files 24/7, you can trust it to create your disc image backup files, too. *Don't be confused by the "(Windows 7)" in the title, it was stupid of them to leave that there and is maybe just to delineate between a replacement system that is perhaps coming in the future, who knows. It works for all systems, and is the best solution for making a Windows OS installation repair disk and a System Image disk, both together being the entirety of your C: drive and OS. Personally, I use 2 separate Class 10 USB flash drives (16GB and 256GB respectively) and while I have copies of these on external hard drives, I trust that these two USB's have everything I need to restore my system. These drives are not in the same building as the PC in case of fire. I use RAID-0 across 2 Samsung EVO 120GB SSD's, the M.2/NVMe drives being brand new and too expensive when I built this, and so I could literally lose everything in the blink of an eye (300ms). I run a backup schedule to internal HDD's that are not the C: drive, and I run the System Image creator monthly. I already paid nearly $300 for Windows 10, I'm certainly not going to pay some other company for a tool that is included in Win10, and DEFINITELY would not install any redundant "freeware" onto my system unless there is no other alternative. But again, third party software tools can be a personal preference, for say, the UI, or other features. Still, Win10 can do it all already, was my point.
  12. Server Maintenance Downtime

    VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Monday January 7th 2019 0000 ZULU All VG Game Servers* and TeamSpeak 3 will be going down for routine maintenance for approximately eight hours on Monday January 7th at 0000 ZULU Normally, we only need an hour but we have budgeted additional time for this task to completely reinstall all three VG PR Servers and recreate VG server settings without importing old files. This is also the reason this task is scheduled for normal operating hours and not non-peak game times. The VG Website and the *Falcon BMS Server will be unaffected by this, and will remain online. Project Reality, Arma 3, and TeamSpeak3 servers will be offline and inaccessible to the public and server admins. The VG Discord will be available to handle VOIP for those who need it, and a permanent invite link will be made available on the front page before this date.
  13. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    Yes, most certainly can be the fans on the graphics card failing. Assuming you've already cleaned off all the dust bunnies, you can go so far (if you want) as to completely remove the fan and heatsink assembly, clean off all the dust and any thermal paste, replace the fans if possible, reapply thermal compound and reassemble the whole lot. Other option is to buy a new card when that one finally overheats. Rattling from fans is a sign of unbalancing due to uneven residue buildup and/or failing brushless motor. Teardown and deep cleaning *may* solve that, otherwise the alternative is throwing money at the problem with a new GFX card and it's not a good time to buy. PC Case fans can always be replaced, but GFX card fans can sometimes be proprietary or molded into fixed positions and therefore irreplaceable (for now). I assume in 15-25 years time, 3D printing at home will allow for a number of plastic proprietary pieces to be remade and replaced when normally this is the death of even fully working devices ... snap off one plastic tab in the wrong spot and things become bricks. Functional bricks, but bricked nonetheless. Also, don't consider the 1060.... 1070FTW all the way. Check the reviews, watch some benchmarks on YT, check the benchmarking websites, etc. Even on a budget, it's better to wait and save up the extra $70-150. Price per Performance is a factor, and it's worth it to consider in this case. It will last for 3 years at least -- consider that price over time and it's a GFX card that costs about $10.14 per month to own, and every month after 3 years lowers that cost. I've had my ~$350 GFX card for over 3 years now, and it's still running strong. A good investment. Expensive, but good. Final note, now that you know, don't get XFX, or rather, get the card brand/version that other enthusiast PC gamers are using based on benchmark tests and demonstrations. Also never buy the reference card (the card built by nVidia, branded nVidia) - third party card makers have much better cooling solutions so they push performance and achieve better clock speeds every time. MSI and EVGA are often the front-runners, with Zotac making some headlines, too. I'll stick with EVGA myself (SC or FTW depending on which tests better) due to their "silent under load" ACX2+ cooling and ability to keep the card at 60 C, and I'll likely buy EVGA for my next GTX/RTX card depending on reviews at the time. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway for the uninitiated readers that happen upon this thread in the future; remember that the best benchmarks are from the game, and games you actually will use the card for. Not gonna find any PR examples, but several racing games make it into many of the benchmark tests on YT and elsewhere.
  14. I'll be back... just not yet.... (server maintenance *burp* postponed) 
    drunk hungover santa.jpeg

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Good Job, now 364 days off. Time to relax.