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  1. Again, just let me know if you don't want to continue this overly challenging campaign and want me to restart it from Day 1 with some sort of modifications. Those notes that on Day 7 is when it gets rough makes me think on how there is a trigger to bring Carrier Vinson into the campaign on Day 7 (but in our file, we've modified it so it's present on Day 1). I wonder if this could be the issue, but it hasn't been one for the many months we've been doing it this way. Just more speculation and theory.
  2. I'm inclined to extend the recommended ban four times as long for the sheer lack of respect with which you treated your fellow gamers, and the premeditated disdain you acted out on our game server. You need to check that attitude at the door; you are not the first person to rage out on a video game, and you won't be the last... but this will be the last time you behave this way on our server. You will not berate fellow players due to ignorance, mistakes, or any other reason. It's just a fucking game! Take the week to find your chill, and to decide if playing games against AI Bots is too much stress for you to handle in your gametime, and if more benign games might be more appropriate for you. Big surprise: the other people you were extremely unpleasant to are people just like you, trying to play a game (not all of them Pro's) -- treat others how you'd have them treat you. You should be embarrassed that another adult is having to reminding you of this. If you act like this again, you will not be welcome here, and further unban appeals will fall on deaf ears. Ban stays for one week /locked
  3. Yea, that's whats weird -- I didn't change anything and all of a sudden, OPFOR is OP. Maybe someone messed with the frag-o near day 1 after I launched it. I'm not sure what to change, as I had a look over the Day 1 save, and things actually look normal. Squadrons we grounded to add to the challenge are still grounded, and unless the campaign itself changed with the last update, I am at a loss for what to change to fix this. Maybe I should activate the A-10's and a few of the F-18 squadrons we grounded on the next Campaign restart... Just let me know if it becomes uplayable before that time, and I'll start it over on Day 1 with a few extra BLUFOR Squadrons active. If you want me to do this now, just tell me.
  4. Done. Callsigns cleared and campaign restarted from last autosave.
  5. I was wondering as much. I think the base mission save needs to be modified a bit, I'll have a look at things later today and will let you all know when I have something to swap out.
  6. Welcome to the site! Hey, thank you for your service! No, it's not for Veterans only - it was founded by a Veteran, BLuDKLoT. We do have a number of Veterans from militaries around the world here, though. But a lot of us are merely wargame fans who like a mature gaming environment with good admins and few disruptive players. Not that some of us are beyond a fair level of precision military silliness, mind you (insert Monty Python/Graham Chapman military sketch here). We have fun. Hoping we can revitalize some of our other servers, but lately the Project Reality is still the most popular game here, and it's based on a 12 year old engine now, so there's many of us hanger's on who hang out and play plenty of things together that we don't even have servers for. Stroll around, meet the folks - have fun! See ya!
  7. Restarted (sorry for the delay, I've been away )
  8. The banning admin has been informed of this post. Please wait for him to reply. As a courtesy we look into all unban requests. The nature of the offense and the information you provide in your personal statement will determine the final outcome of your Appeal. (the admin who banned you must also agree to the terms) We try to resolve all bans within 72 hours of the Appeal.
  9. banned
  10. Welcome! Yea, a mic is pretty much essential for really getting into the games. Plus the social aspect is the best part about online gaming; I've made so many friends over the years, the sort of friends you'd hang out with and just chat sometimes. Good people here, glad to have another cool dude. See you around!
  11. ^ Not sure where you got email addresses from as I have those hidden from the public, or who is on the "admin team" as you figure, perhaps you misunderstood the section of our rules which states that you can send a private message to TEDF, Melon, BLuDKLoT or myself (this is for making private report of a player or admin) -- but this post is the only way to address an unban request. Just for future reference, and for those reading this who do not know. Your post seems to have all the information we require - Please wait for the banning admin to reply. Thank you.
  12. LMAO!
  13. But that does not explain why you were on our server during the 30 Day Period in which you were banned -- only because of a server error were you able to rejoin VG PR COOP due to technical difficulties we were having with our banlist, but you did not rejoin the server using the name we had banned you with, you used subversive means to sneak back onto our server via the use of an alternate name in an obvious attempt to go unnoticed and bypass the ruling of the Administration here. How are you going to explain that? You cannot. ^ I fully agree and support this decision, as I'm sure all Admins here will once they read the facts presented by TEDF. We do not need players who do not respect the rules, and we certainly do not need players who intentionally bypass the judgement of the Admins by attempting to rejoin the server during a ban period with a different name -- be sure you understand: taking advantage of a technical error with our banlist is no excuse and you knew full well that you were not welcome here for 30 days from December 18th, which is why you used an alternate name to hide.
  14. If we're gonna compare Apples to Oranges here, the only point I want to make is that we'd like to offer Apples AND Oranges. Some people really like Liberation -- and Insurgency is a great game mode as well. Public servers are always going to have the element of Blueberries running amok and doing things at times that have to be undone. My solution to that was always scripting. If a mission has elements that need adjustment, it should be scripted into the mission the way PITN added SOAR elements on a menu for select individuals in A2 Insurgency because Blueberries would not do good things with access to the special heavy aircraft he added to his SOAR menu. AI Squads could have a script that allows them to be dissolved if their "master" has disconnected for longer than 10 minutes, for example. Perhaps there can be another script to deactivate AO's that have been activated but are not actively being attacked by a human player for a set period of time. This is the power of Arma scripting - it's not hard to do most anything, and for the harder tasks, there are resources and communities devoted to making things like this. I'd prefer this route to shutting down a popular server and using it to clone one of our other servers. If Insurgency Tanoa is getting old, we could swap it out for the Insurgency Altis, but I'm not prepared to shut down the Liberation server because it has a few dedicated regulars as well as a small public crowd that enjoys it. Just look at the GT list of players, I recognize several names on that list. I don't want to shut down their game to duplicate one of our others. In all reality, if Savage and Poff weren't so busy lately, they'd set aside a week to upgrade this VG Master Server running everything - it's still on an Intel Haswell setup, and the latest chipset servers are the same cost per month - meaning that we could nearly double the number of servers we are currently running negating the need to remove a server such as Liberation in order to add an Insurgency Altis server - eventually, we'll be able to add another Arma 3 server if we want. But for now, I think we should continue to offer the variety that we do.
  15. Server is back up, I modified the current save file so no progress was lost. I was able to use Mission Commander to find the problem - you were correct about the callsigns, many had been used Max number of times (255). They're reset now, should be good to go. Please report if any other issues are still present.