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  1. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    This issue should be gone now. The fix is in place and the server has gone for the last 8 hours or so without a crash. Please actively try to crash the server by flying south of the map border, and report if it actually crashes the server. We think it will not. If the server does crash, please note the time (in ZULU/PRT/GMT) and the map (and if known, the next map that was going to be loading). The crash dump system is still running, so I can cross reference any crashes with dump logs and provide them to Alon if needed. As the issue involves memory allocation, it may be difficult to reproduce even if it is not fixed. But we're assuming it is. Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding throughout this whole thing!! Cheers!
  2. COOP PvP ?

    If it's not popular and doesn't work out, it may not be a regular event. But we'll give it a try if someone wants to get the map(s) set up for it, etc. And attendance will be mandatory! (just kidding)
  3. Radio =VG=

  4. COOP PvP ?

    We were talking about this in TS3, this would be cool for events and we're gonna see if we can do this on the weekends, like a regular thing. We have two other servers, and while I'd like to keep offering COOP for those who want to play it on a weekend, we can put a message in game as a MOTD that says an open COOP PvP event is running on the other server as an all day event. We should work out the ways it will work, any necessary rules beyond our standards, and all that stuff. Xenalite said he'd like to shoot for next weekend, but this is pending on having the technical stuff worked out. For Events, we often give a two week notice and spend the time to promote it, and test out the technical stuff. We'll see what we can do moving forward, there would need to be people willing to do a bit of work and have a little knowledge of PR maps and configs, but volunteers are welcome, so long as you're not an asshole (haha!)
  5. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Negativ. its only in our hands i think. I do not think that it really interests someone at deployment (but cant blame anyone for it)... it seems there are not too big problems with the bug, otherwise you would read something in the forum. and JTG has mostly 0-2 players ...nobody cares. we should continue to analyze his behavior and try to find a way to neutralize or move around him. there is different behavour! local crashes a lot less than online. deployment apparently too. maybe we should play a few more rounds bf2 again ... etc. So it can really be that we can never do anything about it, but it can also be that Kavelenko tomorrow by accident finds out that they do not crash if something else cross the border in the south before or whatever... Regarding the first thing you said, while it's true that the focus of PR is Deployment, and it has been expressed that if COOP development was holding that back and no one existed to work on COOP, that the game mode would be dropped - that does NOT mean that the R-Dev's are okay with letting bugs persist, etc. Bugs are reported and eventually fixed all the time for both game modes. This one was unique in that it took a time to even know that it was a real bug, then time and drama happened, and even now I just learned that some miscommunications happened, too. I was under the impression that crash dump reports had been forwarded to the R-Dev's a long time ago. The other evening, I worked with Kavelenko to capture a crash dump report with procdump that was directly related to a Fly South server crash. I forwarded this info to the R-Dev's, and along with the other info in our report, they've identified it and will attempt to work it out before the next major release (don't spread rumors, don't get hopes up, but a fix for this is coming if not in the next update, then soon). TLDNR; This bug has now been officially identified (I asked if I could directly quote the R-Dev from the private forums, will post if able) - and it will be fixed in an upcoming update/patch, hopefully the next one, if not, the one after that.
  6. 2 Weeks in Mt. Hood National Forest + Pics

    The expression on that bat's face is priceless! Like either he's about to sneeze, or he's looking at you like, "Seriously, dude?" (geez, I hope he was alive, now I feel bad - but if you caught a live bat... during the day.... I just gotta say DAYYYYUUMN!) Most I've ever caught and ate up where I go is rainbow trout in the streams, maybe some crayfish. Not a hunting region, they keep those separate from the camping regions by area and time of year. But there are deer, bear, lion, everything up there - I'd never go hungry if the world stopped. I killed a flying squirrel once, though. But not on purpose. Poor little bugger...
  7. Guns and Ammo

    Damn, this is a blast from the past! ZZANG wins the apocalypse - new plan: Rally at his house; kill zombies; live.
  8. Radio =VG=

    I always pictured in my head something more along the lines of Pantera "Walk" from Vulgar Display of Power:
  9. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Yea, it's a good product, I'd pay up to $45 US for something like that. I do outdoors a lot, if you're in my neck of the woods, if you don't know your trees, tossing your towel over a branch to dry can end up sticky with sap, and on the beach you have pretty much just the chair you brought, and maybe a picnic blanket, nothing to hold a towel/hat/etc. On that note - those hooks should have a small clasp, one thing that sucks when hanging things outdoors is that unexpected wind gust that takes your clean, carefully hung items and ruins the whole point of hanging it by getting covered in sand like velcro. Just an idea, any small thing that keeps the hooked item from just flopping right off would be sweet (but I know you already have your design, etc.). +1 for marketing - pics, infographics, a small vid (once you get a working prototype)... This is just the first steps, but like Jersans said, basically if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right! Make the thing out of some recycled plastic that is actually CO2 pulled from the air through sustainable renewable energy made from unicorn farts and vegan dung beetles. You get the idea: buzz words. To quote the great Yogurt, "Moichandising!" now for some comic relief: Great name idea: "Handy Hooker" Because life is always more fun when you have a Hooker Handy!
  10. I'm still alive yaaaaaeeee...

    Welcome back to land, ya salty sea dog! Yarrgh! (Been playing Atlas - my bad) Once you clean all the sand out of your ass crack, and hooked up the tin cans and bit of string to get your internet working, we'll see you on the front! PR got a patch - medics are now able to treat most STD's, so good news
  11. Campaign Challenge Level

    Hey thank you very much for the donation, man! I've been meaning to spend some time re-configuring the base campaign that we run, including improving the weather model and adding a few more aircraft options. I'm going to take advantage of the big server maintenance day coming up at the end of the month to get this done. I'll be restarting it to Day 1 later this afternoon, someone is flying right now. We'll keep closer eye on the campaign day, I just noticed today that it was up to day 20, and we generally notice a need to restart it around day 12 to 14. This is only due to real life projects that have monopolized my time just recently and I've simply forgot to check. As we more forward, a few regulars have stuck around and stepped up over the years, and I've been training them on managing the server so that I'm not the only one with access. A fun project for the future would be a small hook for the server to push some info to a .php table here on the website, but for now I'll just be mindful to keep a closer eye on the server when I go AWOL for a stretch.
  12. Server issues

    What maps? What time was it? Any helpful info would be..... helpful.
  13. There are two settings under Options in the Recognition tab regarding Confidence and you should test and set these as appropriate to help make sure your commands fire the first time, every time. For feedback as to if a command fired or not at all, you might consider using an audio cue. As you've mentioned this as a feature request, it would be no trouble for me to include an optional audio cue to both of these actions. First, (if you don't want to wait for me) get two different distinct sounds. I'll find better ones for a final addition, but for example: For a command that was recognized and executed by VoiceAttack (I'd cut this in half for just one sfx, and give it some filtering, etc.): https://retired.sounddogs.com/sound-effects/walkie-talkie-two-way-323236 For a command that was unrecognized (quick and bad example, but choose something distinct): https://retired.sounddogs.com/sound-effects/walkie-talkie-two-way-323255 So, then under the command in the category DEBUG, open the F_AVCS_VAS_INVALID_COMMAND command, and under Other > Sounds, choose Play a Sound and select the second example .mp3 - these new sound actions should go at the very end of all current actions, make it the last thing to happen. When done, press ok and apply. To handle about every other command, you can add a "Play a Sound" line for the first example .mp3 to all 5 commands in the "AI COMMS - Prefix Words" category, this will cover the first half the commands without going into each one - but for commands in categories "AI COMMS 2 - AWACS - AWACS Page" through "AI COMMS 3 - ATC - Tower Page", all 10 commands would need to be edited and have that same "Play a Sound" line added, all except those commands in the WILDCARD categories (those just call commands directly from the standard set anyway). Again, the place to put this Play a Sound line is the very end of the command actions as the last item. I can see this being helpful, and those example sounds above are terrible, so when I get time in the coming weeks, I'll craft up a pair of good sounds, and wrap a system around it that can be turned on or off. I hate repeating myself to voice control, too, and wondering if my command is going to fire or not, so I'm down for anything that could help on that front. Hope that helps for now! I have some website work to do here with my download section, and once those bugs are squashed, I'm gonna finalize this profile and get it out of beta, and share it around the BMS places. In addition to the feature you just requested, I'll be adding a single adjustable Variable Pause for the time any key is held down during macros, currently at a hard set default of 50ms. Cheers!
  14. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    This is pretty specific to the Project Reality Mod, and they have a troubleshooting section over there that the Devs monitor, where you might get swifter answers direct from the source, though many here are long time regulars of the game, some of the Devs have answered many more issues just like this and might have insights we miss. Just FYI. At least start a post over there, too - see which one of these gets resolved faster. We're all pretty much one giant team in the general sense through our interest of Project Reality, but since they made it, they've surely run through the technical troubleshooting so much that it's second nature. Might wanna provide just a few specific details, too, such as OS, current DirectX version, not sure what they'd want - you can ask tho. Best wishes and good luck!!