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  1. This is because GBU's can still be released in a non-Guided manner -- but those are actually Laser Guided Bomb Units (GBU's) and like Jeffu said, I was referring to GP Bombs (General Purpose) such as the Mk-82 or Mk-84. "Dumb" bombs. I tried to take you on a training mission last week where we would have covered the basics of the A/A (Air-to-Air) FCR (Fire Control Radar), basic maneuvering and max G's in CAT III (Category 3 - means G force turns are limited to 4.5 G's due to the stores configuration) -- and we would have made it to our target to learn a little about the A-G (Air-to-Ground) FCR and TGP (Target Pod) -- and then we would have released our 4 GBU-32(v)1/B's (1000lb JDAM's) at those targets we locked up in the Recon screen on Steerpoints 15-18 for a little confidence building exercise where our 4 big bombs would glide themselves to the targets with little effort on our part. BUT - for basic training and learning the systems, I had recommended you try Training Mission #10 (and read the lesson that goes with it) so you can get the skillz you need for CCRP and CCIP bombing modes with GP Bombs to start with.
  2. Training Mission #10 GP Bombs (TR433_10_GPbombs) for unguided General Purpose bombs -- then maybe move up to the Guided Bomb Units? Please refer to the training manual located in your Docs folder! In CCIP mode, it's really just as simple as putting the circle at the end of the pole over the target, and pressing the Pickle button. It gets more complex from there, up to Dive Tossing GBU's at active SAM's
  3. If you want, you can try out this RAMP Start Trainer designed to familiarize a player with the F-16 Cockpit and view the many overwhelming control panels in sections - it's a short little app that will take you through the steps one-by-one to bring the F-16 to life from a cold slumber. If it's something you are interested in, it might inspire you to save up for a flight stick one day - I've used the Saitek X52 myself for over 5 years - something affordable and durable. Cheers! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ug7rl65nprbbkmh/sp3_ramp_start_trainer-FLASH.exe?dl=0
  4. lmao! One of these days, we'll get to BFM and FCR for A/A -- maybe even launch a weapon (or get some launched at us).
  5. Very cool! Thank you very much, TEDF! I'll be there!
  6. Ready to Rumble

    Our 2 Ship AI (Air Interdiction) got an impromptu escort from MeatServo on our way to pummel the 1st Tank Battalion in North Korea
  7. BMS Data Card and Debrief

    Took a picture of the debrief and Data Card from a flight I led on the Falcon BMS Server. We absolutely destroyed the 1st and 2nd Tank Battalions and the 1st Mech Battalion - they each literally had only one vehicle standing after we swept through. Mk-20D Rockeye cluster bombs for the win! Love this simulator!
  8. Oh yea! There are a few of those around - surprised me when I saw one first through my TGP.
  9. @=VG= Blazer HA! Damn, son! 007 For sure! @=VG= keed lmao!
  10. Those are very helpful! Thanks, Kav!
  11. Maybe try it out on a server you don't mind getting banned from first? We won't unban for hax detection because it cannot be proven to be wrong, so we have to err on the side of caution. Shouldn't be a problem though, no one has ever posted up that it caused that problem.
  12. I'm still pulling my hair out trying to prove to myself that I know the F-16 -- might be a little while before I join you in the Harriers, but damn, you make them look so cool!
  13. Nice job, Kav - you should have photoshopped yourself some beautiful tits like Jersans did!
  14. I am going out of my mind with my current grow!! I like to think I run a tight, clean ship with proper air flow and humidity control, but seeing the dreaded Powdery Mildew on my leaves is just killing me!! I've upped the temps and lowered the humidity, and culled every plant that showed signs, but still I see it appearing on leaves.  Makes me want to burn the whole building down and start from scratch!  So impossible to deal with, and in later stages it is just unfeasible to treat.  I don't have the space for a Mother or to house a cloning machine, so I'm stuck with what the shops will sell, and I swear they just don't care about the quality of what comes in - it's all about quantity.  I thought I'd be good with Mike's Killer Clones way the hell out West, but they're just as janky as any place I've seen that sells clones.  I'm up shit creek without a paddle here, and I don't have the time to devote to daily PM treatment or removal - and I've seen how bad it can get in late stages like someone dusted the plants with a flour sifter.  UGH!!  Pro tips are welcome, but as they're supposed to be transplanted for flower cycle this week, I'm fairly certain I'm screwed and have lost over a month if I decide to Kill 'em All, sterilize, and start from scratch.

    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      So... I just killed 4 of the plants and removed them from the room.  The other 4 never showed signs of powdery mildew.  And the icing on the cake:  as I was doing this, I noticed a number of tiny flies fluttering around = I have fungus gnats!  Never a dull moment, I suppose!!  At least fungus gnats are easy to deal with, and I'll have them eradicated in short order.  I only wish powdery mildew was as easy to deal with, then I would not have had to sacrifice half my crop.  *sigh*

  15. Just seeing this as an excuse to show off the Mossberg Shorty. Not a recent pic, but who cares... @=VG= Blazer lol - that is so weird; I pictured you as a middle-aged white dude with a beard and a giant Jamaican cone smoking out of the corner of your mouth...