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  1. Greetings Mortals!

    Welcome and have fun!!
  2. Game Night

    I wouldn't mind this at all, we also have rooms setup on TS for different games already, im up for war games.
  3. Donations

    Just did 5
  4. This is quite a good ammount of kills

    Funny how I had to kick and watn him yesterday lol
  5. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    Yes time travel
  6. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    The thing is this never happened before it's a new issue that started a few weeks ago
  7. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    Sorry I got the maps mixed up its kashan in the bot main when you have to take over it
  8. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    Sorry I ment kashan
  9. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    Seems like anyone who is flying on khami kashan and gets near the enemy airfield starts to rapidly drop frames, I observed it happening 1 week ago and since then it has happened to others.
  10. How can I be an effective Squad Leader?

    Most squad leaders do forget to utilize the assets they have around them, they try to take on enemy armor by them selves or move up to a new flag in dangerous situations, utilize those assets available to you, you don't have to take trans all the time but you can use APCs to help clear an area you need to go too or even take you there. Make decisions that are in the best interest of advancing your team and not ones that will set you back 20 mins EG, sitting on the hilltop of Jabal Al Burj waiting for another squad to cap dam instead help them out . Build fobs that can strategically get you to different flags easily and will be spawnable . Don't build fobs right on top of flags its use less . Communicate with at least one other squad . Take out key enemy positions so that assets like trans and APCs can support you later on in the fight.( Enemy AAs, mortars) report if these assets are active and if you have armor near you. It hurts when a squad is in the shit asks trans for crates or an APC for support but does not notify them that mortars are up or they have a shilka sitting next to them.
  11. Hi, I'm Scott, Falcon BMS flyer, getting back in the saddle!

    Hey welcome to the forms and the group, I wish I had the patience and the hardware to be able to play flacon but my heart's else where, I am going to take a glider pilot license soon in a couple of months tho as well as in the process of joining the reserves in my country. I hope you enjoy playing with the people who do play falcon on this group and you can also join us on the teamspeak server where you will find other pilots too. Address is : Port : 9987
  12. New PR WW2 is out now!

    Nice can't wait to play, trailer is awesome!!!
  13. Let it happen

    When you see that one squad you don't like and an enemy rpg is aimed at their humvee so you just let it happen.
  14. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    Ya they also fly alot more thus giving you the reigns alot faster.
  15. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    I'm just saving up here to get a license in Canada but I'm trying not to go into passenger airlines I'd much rather get into cargo planes (working for DHL etc) and after that slowly going to get a helicopter license as well.