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  1. War of Rights

    I've seen reviews of it and I feel you would get hooked just like how you got hooked on pr, if only my PC could upgrade from a potato to a sweet potato
  2. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    I loved this game, it's honestly what got me into battlefield in the first play, too bad it's gone tho, I was like 12 when I used to play it so don't really remember alot anymore.
  3. Server Connection Issues

    It's normal that our server crashes ever 5 or 6 hours, and im pretty sure once a day the server resets for a new map rotation.
  4. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Stargate sg-1 for me.
  5. Mouse and Keys

    You could use software that helps recognize your mouse as a joystick and run it that way, although probably might not work
  6. Away time

    I had something similar, I downgraded from windows10 to 7 and got a new hard drive, haven't had a problem since.
  7. Heyy all

    Welcome back!
  8. PR Editing

    I'm interested I know nothing about coding, but as long its just right clicking.
  9. Should we invest?

    Sounds like a solution for every gamer £30 a month and you get to play high end games,edit videos, us 3D modelling programs etc, of course you would have to test if you get and stutters,lag spikes, how good your ping is and if it's good to play games,if not it's good for graphic and cpu intensive programs, and you would not have to worry about upgrading ever again. https://youtu.be/zLDWNBAUnPo https://shadow.tech/gben/
  10. Should we invest?

    I will give it a go next month and see what happens.
  11. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Can we start playing outpost right away, or does the server need some changes to accommodate it. It would be a good map for small pop.
  12. Future of VG Coop events

    Youd have my donation support if it was made in a different server that ran every weekend.
  13. Future of VG Coop events

    You could tie in extraction and vehicle warefare together into an operation, on ramiel the vehicles can clear prop roadblocks and heavy fighter resistence and checkpoints then in the second part the infantry can come in for an extraction, thought this would be a cool idea got the insiration from a syrian operation that took place on April 19 2018- liberating yarmouk of isis etc. Ps shahada or sbneh might be a better map for this.
  14. VG Elite server

    Its a great idea but semler summed it up pretty good why it couldnt work, but over the past couples days ive really gotten into a coop modded server on insurgency its exactly as what you described GRN just a more moddern shooter. The bots there are set to like brutal and even worse then what we have at pr with the insta headshots lol, you can check it out the groups name is WE THE THREE, and id love the company of pr friends.
  15. Newbie

    I would play project reality, i dont know alot about ptsd but it is a pretty realistic combat simulator when it wants to be, come play on the coop server where its a bit more chill and less people yelling at you then try out deployment.
  16. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Poor necro lol, and that was your smoke huh kav lol.
  17. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Count me in as ar hater
  18. H8CrazyVet67

    He was the funniest guy to play with on the server, didnt know him much but he brought alot of joy into this game. Condolences to his family and his closest friends.
  19. PR school

    You know for me games have always been something you learn your self, weather its an arcade shooter, modern fps, or flying games like ace combat ive always learned how to do things my self, a big example is all the puzzles in resident evil, my first game on pr was me jumping in on deployment in karbala joining a squad, and instead of pulling a medic bag out i blew my self up with a grenade and ever since then ive been learning, even now just three months ago i learned how to fly helicopters after repeat crashes and messing with sensitivity. so in my no one cares opinion i dont think classes would fun at all its learn as you go just like any other game.
  20. This is America (Map Bug)

    Its in one of the buildings that surrounded by trenches right after gas station
  21. This is America (Map Bug)

    This is actually in alot of the other maps, ive seen it in 3 dont reember which tho.
  22. Pr easter eggs

    You guys have probably seen this but im going to leave it here anyways.https://youtu.be/rXL-HYKs4zw
  23. Where did vg go?

    I played yeterday all day with 15 to25 fluctuating every hour, now its the weekend so it should pick up.
  24. Nightvision

    I have become the predator😂
  25. PR Updates -

    Nice i see that night vision actually works everyrging is green