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  1. Muttrah crash

    Taking the V-22 out of bounds still causes the map crash, west side specifically.
  2. Changing maps

    I was just wondering what changes you can make to a map before you have to lock the server to be able to "legally play it" for example the event maps that TEDF and others make are heavily modified and so we have to lock them, would that be true for just changing how many meters a capture radius is, or if we can add different vehicles. A while ago double had asked for some help on changing up maps making them look new or adding NAV meshes that worked, there was a group of us but I don't really think anyone was working on something, at least I don't think so.
  3. Let it happen

    When you see that one squad you don't like and an enemy rpg is aimed at their humvee so you just let it happen.
  4. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    Ya they also fly alot more thus giving you the reigns alot faster.
  5. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    I'm just saving up here to get a license in Canada but I'm trying not to go into passenger airlines I'd much rather get into cargo planes (working for DHL etc) and after that slowly going to get a helicopter license as well.
  6. Hello there

    I've seen you before either on YouTube or deployment anyways enjoy your stay and have a great time
  7. Event suggestion

    Can we do this on an event sometime in the future lol, perfect on a map like soul rebel, where it would be China vs us marines
  8. War of Rights

    I've seen reviews of it and I feel you would get hooked just like how you got hooked on pr, if only my PC could upgrade from a potato to a sweet potato
  9. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    I loved this game, it's honestly what got me into battlefield in the first play, too bad it's gone tho, I was like 12 when I used to play it so don't really remember alot anymore.
  10. Server Connection Issues

    It's normal that our server crashes ever 5 or 6 hours, and im pretty sure once a day the server resets for a new map rotation.
  11. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Stargate sg-1 for me.
  12. Mouse and Keys

    You could use software that helps recognize your mouse as a joystick and run it that way, although probably might not work
  13. Away time

    I had something similar, I downgraded from windows10 to 7 and got a new hard drive, haven't had a problem since.
  14. Heyy all

    Welcome back!
  15. PR Editing

    I'm interested I know nothing about coding, but as long its just right clicking.