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  1. Playing with you is always a blast welcome to the forms.
  2. I like the idea although this does happen when ever i play usual around the 20 player mark there will be people who i have never seen before run armour thus we get experienced hat players in infantry , thats why i was confused about people steam rolling through maps, if its not armour killing armour then its our infantry killing armour, for example last night we were in jabal me crusty and nexwiz, all of the sudden there is a tank on the east of bridge and a tank on the west, cas is doing god knows what then nexwiz just gets a hat kit takes out one tank another player the other and then we cap and move on, so its not really a new concept, its what im used to in low pops, so should work in high pops too.
  3. I love flying trans on muttrah its exhilarating wheather its droping crates on a roof or flying really low and following the streets to dodge the aa, sometimes it does feel like doing the same task over and over again tho, cas has to take the stinger down and then you have 5 or so mins to fly freely until its back up, i have no problem with this but was just wondering if you guys are able to change and place assets elsewhere, maybe it could be randomly generated. one time you kill it here, it pops up somewhere else the next that sort of thing, or maybe if bots can use the handheld stinger those can be utilized. It was just a thought to bring something new to the map .
  4. When i was flying trans one time in jabal three AT rockets flew right past my windshield, it was awesome and gave me a adrenalin rush, ive never experienced dying by a rocket the update didnt really affect my flying much.
  5. This is why i want to go fly chartered after getting my commercial license lol, plus id actually get to fly instead of being a co pilot
  6. Im excited for this def being a patriot and going for canada so norad.
  7. I think there is no problem its probably the time when people are playing, i play at night time when the europeans are awake and all of the rest are sleeping, so usually i alway see kav or inch, oh by the way if you need a night admin i can be there
  8. I take the randoms on a barrel roll rides till they get tired of it lol.
  9. Dont you just love it when you're transporting a squad in a heli, and for two minites straight the sdq leader keeps reapeating the same destenation. When all of the sudden your going 500mph and he tells you to land......... like bro this aint no alien space craft that all of the sudden it can just land, and then when you do they tell you it was the wrong spot so what do you do? smile way hover and give their position away and say bye :).
  10. Can an admin come on to pr for a min weve played karbala twice in a row sorry dont have teamspeak.
  11. Fixed it lol.
  12. Hey guys I'm really late at doing this lol, but I started playing pr about a year ago and 4 months in found this coop server which I have not stopped playing ever since. Most of you might know me from doing stuff in armour squads, but I just recently learned how to fly and I'm doing trans now, p. S if I crash it was lag XD. Ty to all the admins who are always there playing and making sure that people are following the rules and playing like how a true milsim should be played, other servers are not like this ty.
  13. Hey sorry for the late reply guys, I've noticed that a lot of people do not like the maps Assad khal and karbal these two maps usually kill the server, and lately the server has been crashing a lot + the rests thus putting it into an infinite loop of muttrah, Beirut, burning sands and karbala.
  14. I was just wondering if admins can do maps that are not played very often into map rotations, or just ad a auto vote for maps in co-op