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  1. This is actually in alot of the other maps, ive seen it in 3 dont reember which tho.
  2. You guys have probably seen this but im going to leave it here anyways.
  3. I played yeterday all day with 15 to25 fluctuating every hour, now its the weekend so it should pick up.
  4. Nightvision

    I have become the predator😂
  5. Nice i see that night vision actually works everyrging is green
  6. Hey if your ram (memory bar) was the problem you can probably get it replaced by the manufacture with the stickers attached shoot them a message.
  7. just get a ryzen 5 cpu and any am4 botherboard, your ram and graphics card should be fine and this build is pretty good for playing modern game too, if you need later on you can upgrade the graphics card and have a killer pc, and looking into a ssd is not a bad idea either. It should only cost you about 3 or 400 if you just get a motherboard and the cpu, id just use the same power supply, ram and graphics card until later when you save up and have money to upgrade those components.
  8. Could be the storage and ram, had something similar you could also just take it to a reapair place depending on where you live, you could save a lot of money instead of getting a new one, and trouble shoot each piece of hardware switch out ram from any old pc u have or borrow start it without the graphics card switch storage etc.
  9. I think doing it suring the holiday times when the player pop peeks is the best time so sighn ups would be a good start.
  10. I just thought it would be fun as a community thing ik almost all the regular people who play on this server and most people know each other so as a gaming community it would be a fun event.
  11. Even better, lets show em nato power lol
  12. Hey so i know there is currently an event going on right now, but this could be an idea for the next one. I was wondering if we have enough people playing from different countries that we could have war against different countries ex russians vs polish or nato in general, it would be a deployment war i guess but i thought it would be something fun to do.
  13. Playing with you is always a blast welcome to the forms.
  14. I like the idea although this does happen when ever i play usual around the 20 player mark there will be people who i have never seen before run armour thus we get experienced hat players in infantry , thats why i was confused about people steam rolling through maps, if its not armour killing armour then its our infantry killing armour, for example last night we were in jabal me crusty and nexwiz, all of the sudden there is a tank on the east of bridge and a tank on the west, cas is doing god knows what then nexwiz just gets a hat kit takes out one tank another player the other and then we cap and move on, so its not really a new concept, its what im used to in low pops, so should work in high pops too.
  15. I love flying trans on muttrah its exhilarating wheather its droping crates on a roof or flying really low and following the streets to dodge the aa, sometimes it does feel like doing the same task over and over again tho, cas has to take the stinger down and then you have 5 or so mins to fly freely until its back up, i have no problem with this but was just wondering if you guys are able to change and place assets elsewhere, maybe it could be randomly generated. one time you kill it here, it pops up somewhere else the next that sort of thing, or maybe if bots can use the handheld stinger those can be utilized. It was just a thought to bring something new to the map .