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  1. Hey everyone

    I'm sure some of you might recognize me from the co-op server. I've been playing there for at least a year and a half, so I figured I should jump on the forums a bit. My name's Dave, and I'm a 27 year old game and film sound designer from Pennsylvania, currently working on sounds for PR and PR: WWII. As a first generation American whose parents were born in Poland and Hungary, with my grandmother on my father's side escaping nazi imprisonment during the holocaust (and my mother and grandmother escaping Hungary during the 1956 revolution), I am EXTREMELY excited for the new Polish faction addition to PR. Not sure we'll get a Hungarian faction at any point, though :P. You'll sometimes see me playing with the other community I am a part of, Delta Frost, under the tags "DF?". We usually are squad led by some of our members who are in the military, and strive to play as a cohesive unit using real formations, tactics, and other military protocol. I also play "normal" style of gameplay with non-military squads when our members are offline. Either way it's always fun playing on the server! I really enjoy playing PR with all of you, and I look forward to playing again soon this week after my testing is done at school (going for my AAS in Sound Recording Technology). See you around!