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  1. ?

    If you have an AMD CPU, i would advise against purchasing Squad, because at the moment there are frame rate issues. It's possible that will be fixed in the future, but it's also depending on the guys from Epic and their Unreal Engine 4, as far as i understand. If you get Arma 3, be prepared to download a ton of mods.
  2. Where did the Brain go?

    Rush B, Rush B, when the players learn how to game the game, the cognitive effort required to accomplish the task deteriorates. good music
  3. Project Reality COOP Mappack Test

    Dropbox tells me this: Not sure if https://mega.nz/ is still as good as it used to be, but it could be worth a try.
  4. Back in the day...

    Insurgency has good coop potential, but could use more open and larger maps (although not easy on the engine). Day of Infamy is alright, same thing, maps are too small, engagements take 15-20 minutes max. Arma 3 Escape the Island can be fun, if your team mates don't run around like headless chicken. (This has to do in parts with the map missing player locations -> can be easily fixed with a custom script.) Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a meatgrinder and has no proper bot support, but could probably be modded by a few people who know UE3/UDK well. Fog of War could some day become good, but is still in early access. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Island War / This is War modification can be quite fun. No dedicated server support though. And i think a hard coded maximum of 4 coop players. Versus mode has 8, iirc, so maybe it can be circumvented somehow. Then there is Insurgency: Sandstorm on the horizon, but it's going to take a while still. I think i read somewhere closed beta is going to start at the end of the year / december 2017. And, of course there's the old stuff: Rainbow Six / Rogue Spear / Raven Shield, Delta Force 1/2, Ghost Recon, Swat 3/4, Joint Ops, Hidden and Dangerous 1/2.