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  1. Will leave this game for good.



  2. Hi Sausag3, thank you for the fast reply. Thank you. Was really stupid of me i know. Will be -more- carefull from now on with frags. See you ingame! -SirShotalot
  3. Game server: [PR v1.4.17.0] VETERANS-GAMING COOP Nikname: SirShotalot Date: 13.09.2017 Time: around 16:00 middle european time, don't know about the american timecode there Map: Pavlovsk Bay The reason: Accidential Teamkill, well it was almost my entire Team, with a Nade. I am sorry it happened, really should have looked around that corner before throwing that nade. I first screamed "nade out" and then "no,no,no,no.." but it was too late. I get why I was banned and take full responsibility for that. It was against the rules however you turn it. Shit happens. Just tell me how long I will be banned and I accept it. I Cant say accidents will never happen again, but I can assure you I am sorry for that and I will make sure not to throw nades like that again. Over and out.