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  1. Admin

    So today i was wondering how can a person get admin and i was curious so i came to ask.
  2. Admin

    ok thanks.
  3. Hi :)

    Daniel i remember you were yesterday in my squad nice!See you on the field!
  4. My Self

    Hello there! I am Mike and i'm 13 years old i've recently played PR CO-OP in the server and i liked it a lot! Its so fun,there's a lot of people,there are friendly people and just its so fun! Sometimes if i crash or do something wrong i'm kinda blushi cause when i was new to PR and i didn't know how to fly or play like the kicked me out of the squad! Anyways i was interested to get in to this group and i'm gonna try to be as active as possible in this community,i'm gonna try my hard to my way up to join =VG= Clan. and yeah i wanted to make a text about to introduce myself to this awesome community! Cya
  5. My Self

  6. My Self

    Thanks all of you!