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  1. New Member Saying "Hello Guys!"

    welcome,you're going to love this site losts of great guys and great gaming see you in the air soon, fridays and saturdays are usually the best flying nights see you then
  2. babe of the day

    hey Blud, It would be cool if you created a babe of the day photo album so we can enjoy all the babes of everyday,make errr happen bud something i think a few of us wouldn't mind seeing here
  3. CF-18 Hornet in a high alpha pass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BScl4pdV1vE&feature=related
  4. Heya

    hey welcome have fun
  5. F-16C

    pit pictures of f-16c should work
  6. netherlands F-16A

    netherlands F-16A in burn on take off
  7. Babe of the day

    just thinking, a history for the (babe of the day) may be something to consider on here.Therefore we can compare and choose favorites ....I'm just sayin lol food for thought
  8. F-16 cockpit pics

    i know for some reason they wouldn't upload and i don't know how to delete my post if i mess up sorry
  9. Better Late than never....

    Hey Thumper1 here, been around here for awhile just seemed to have missed the introduction phase sorry.I only have interest in two sims and that would be Free Falcon 5 and Falcon 4.0 Allied force so ,some of you i'll see around and others probably never, but none the less ,have fun and keep on keepin on ....sup blud lol. Fly with you this weekend
  10. lets say 8 mountain time,just posting this in hopes that a few more pilots will be around to fly this friday night, more for the better experience
  11. F-16 cockpit pics

    few more for reference i took
  12. Israeli F-16's

    couple israeli f-16's i shot here in Cold Lake a few years ago
  13. some more f-5a pit shots the second shot is the right side all the way back,the first shot is one step towards the front console,next hud shot,then left shoulder check and finally control stick and throttles
  14. here are some more shots front console working back on the right side of pit
  15. here are some shots i took today if they might help making a cockpit for allied force or ff5 the first 4 photos are coming back on the left side and the last 2 are of the centre console