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  1. This vote will be hacked by "you know who" and Trump will win. Good idea, I'll vote yes. At least give me 5 rounds of mosin rifle and squad of baldhead conscripts, I'll do the rest, haha
  2. Hello, folks! My name is Vasa, I am 26years old, my ingame nick is (RUS) lowmo1991 and my English is intermediate. I love to drink vodka and play balalaika. That's all, thanks! Joke I am playing bf2 since it's release and PR since it's beta, on VG server I am from this July so count me as a server noob. I never played Coop before, and I opened the whole new world of PR by joining the server. Ingame I prefer SL or armor crew role, but always ready and willing to play in squad with funny and adequate sl and members. I really like everybody on the server, especially it's admins - you guys making fun in serious game and doing serious job in funny situations! As you can see from prefix my nationality and native language is Russian - so don't be afraid if in the middle of the fight I'll scream syka blyad ebany pidoras! (which will mean sorry sir deeply apologize for misunderstanding but you should attack) I live in Moscow and earn my penny by running survey company. If would like to come in Russia I'll gladly join and do some excursion in Moscow!