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  1. Thanks Semler and Double_13
  2. If I can get PR installed and working by Saturday I'm in... that is if you accept PR noobs
  3. @ Solar - let me know if you need me to reset your RDP account. Sav
  4. Badploy nice to see you active again!

    1. WCCBadploy


      Greetings Matey, I know, I had some pressing commitments that kept me from enjoying the greatest pastime on the planet!! How are you doing, Bro?

    2. =VG= SavageCDN

      =VG= SavageCDN

      Still alive not gaming nearly as much these days...work, etc.  Trying to find the time to join the PR event this weekend.

      Hope to see you on the battlefield soon!



    3. WCCBadploy


      I understand completely. I will be around for tonight's festivities. Hopefully I will see you then. I am downloading the map pack right now.

  5. Welcome to =VG=
  6. Welcome to =VG= and thank you for your service.
  7. Welcome to =VG=
  8. Welcome to =VG=
  9. Welcome to =VG=
  10. Haven't bought it yet.. didn't hear great reviews when it first came out. I'll have to give it another chance.
  11. Better late than never? Welcome to =VG= Brake.
  12. Nice setup this makes me want new monitors. Welcome to =VG=
  13. Welcome to =VG= nice to see another HOI player
  14. Welcome Protech