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  1. Volod in his natural habitat

    if you walk outside to the right, you'll find a sea of dead bodies.

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  2. nice

  3. Smoke for bots

    ( Demo link for the lazy ) Finally no more shouting at newbs to stop throwing smoke, also I hope we'll be getting a couple of smokes with medics like in deployment.
  4. A bit late

    Don't worry man we all do something annoying without realizing immediately. the first time I started playing PR I was 15 and I couldn't stop commenting about everything, the thing is I did it during critical moments not those long pauses which is why it was really annoying. i probably still do it also some people tend to be dicks about it and try to personally bully someone because it makes them feel better, always glad to play with you!
  5. is it true ur not a squarrel?/

  6. Microphone Upgrade

    Keep in mind you'll have to buy a compatible adjustable stand ( if it doesn't come with one already, and don't rely on those mini tripods ) as well as a pop filter/windscreen. If you're going to be occasionally recording vocals/instruments then you should go for a condenser mic + mixer/amplifier setup. ( Links is what I use, not the best but comfortable recording pretty much anything ) Also with high quality microphones you'll need a high quality headset if you're going to edit and listen back to the recordings. Still, I use that for recording work clips/demos/ads at the office, if most of the time you're using it for gaming invest in a good over-ear headset+mic!
  7. FatAlbert is still around ;)

    Man I'm glad you got your life back together, nice seeing you doing better than last time. See you next year I guess!