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  1. This is what happens when darkness fall upon Project reality when the clock strikes 3:00 A.M and all the children are asleep, it comes out to play. We dont know what causes this phenomenon but scientist believe it has something to do with the test happening on the =VG= Test Server that recently went up. How do we beat this! What is going on! Is it happening!!!! WHO CAN EXPLAIN THIS
  2. A hard reinstall. It never fails you.
  3. Thanks 1001 but i already fixed the problem. Thanks tho!!!
  4. Ok ill run it and get back to you.
  5. I have been having issues with joining PR as every time i hit 62 Percent on the loading screen my game crashes. It seems to be happening on all the Server maps but 2 days ago it was working fine before i went to work. I am puzzled by this. Have anyone else have these issues and if yes, Can you please advise me to solve it. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the Report Ranger. Just wait for a Head admin to review the logs and he will get back to you.
  7. This also happened to me today (This morning) but after retrying many many times it finally worked. Don't know what the issue is tho. P.S When i was in TS a few other people were talking about having the same error but i didn't bother to open ts and actually look at there names,
  8. LOL Binary. You calling me old then. Everyone between 30-50 Is still young in my shoes. EXCEPT VINCENT!!!!!!!
  9. There ya go. Welcome back brother!!
  10. Vincent James, You were being serious LOL. Shake my Head
  11. Hey Double, In the last video at 1:29 No he didn't say "Hou je kop" He said "Hull yuh cunt" which basically in English terms means " Shut your Cunt".
  12. @Xenalite LOL. Still love my people tho despite their 0 effort for movemments. @=VG= Double_13 LOL. Why are you like that. Only my parents still live there and microphones are still sold there.
  13. So as all of you who know me should know, I was born in the beautiful twin tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago. So me being the nice person that i am, below you will find a few videos that i find entertaining of people arguing in front and inside of KFC. (THATS RIGHT KFC) I hope yourll can understand the accent because its very strong and somewhat difficult to comprehend because we speak sooo fast. P.S i can talk like them too but i had to change my accent and try to talk like an American because no one understood me at University. So if you want to hear me speak like this (when i get my mic back) just ask!! *DON'T GET ME WRONG THO I LOVE MY PEOPLE, THEY JUST DO STUPID SHIT* Disclaimer: *The Following contains STRONG grammar from people with a limited vocabulary, Parent Supervision is Required* So Enjoy....... This one is my personal favorite BTW. So enjoy and leave your comments!!!
  14. So for me growing up in the Caribbean and living in the U.S now, there is a big transition from the Captain Jack Sparrow type weapons to these Jagged metal means of destroyers. But basically in a nutshell i have no experience with these type of weapons because even back home growing up i was a very sheltered child but now being more open to these things I will give myself that little extra edge an look more into these munitions. I will also read up on more these articles Jersans but what i realized from what i read (my opinion) I go with the M27 because it can seen as a designated Marksman rifle while being fired in semi auto. I dont know if what i just said made any sense but feel free to comment on my mistakes below. This topic is quite interesting and will also like to hear everyone else views!!!!! -CNJ