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  1. Hello All. BTW Happy Birthday Veteran's Gaming Clan. Here's to another year of shit talking on TS, staying up drinking and driving tanks and parking them on the runways as if they go there. But now to the REAL purpose im here. I just wanted you all to know that it will be a while until i can get onto the game or TS because I've been "On Line" for the past month and a half also my "Ready Reserve" which is basically being on call begins in 2 months so during this time i will be able to actually get on the game as i will have certain times that "dispatch" can actually call me to come into work. These are normally the times i work the most because I will be able to apply for vacations during the July-August which is perfect for me and my family. I have been popping in TS from time to time but either your'll are sleeping or off drinking away. TBH Can't blame you tho since ive been coming in at early times of the morning. I can't wait to talk to all of your'll and join in the fun in PR. -CNJ
  2. Well as a co-pilot you do actually get to fly. The roles break up like for eg. The captain could handle comms radios and you can do the flying
  3. You gotta love the aaaaaaaaaa stupidity.
  4. Probably the funniest video I've seen about airlines. If you find more on the internet leave them hear so i can share them with the crews to have a laugh.
  5. Hello Everyone, Its your friendly PR Player CodeName here. Im writing this letter to let everyone know im still alive and not Missing In Action. These days are normally the peak in Air Traffic and due to this I have minimum 2-3 work assignments a week both Internationally and Domestically. The times i am actually home is to spend time with my son and girlfriend so coming on PR or Teamspeak has been quite difficult for me. Ill try to pop in-game/TS from time to time but no promises. I HOPE YOUR'LL DON'T MISS ME TOO MUCH @Deathdealer, Sausage,M8, Double,Hater,Vincent,ComradDog,Inch,Blazer,Jersans,Kavelenko,HoneyBadger,Strontium,Semler,Xenalite,Blizzard,Rotblut,SledgeHammer, Stark. If i missed anyone, deadly sorry but "you know i LOVE yuh anyways. DON'T MISS ME TOOOO MUCH. Regards, CNJ CodeNameJonathan P.S Ill try to post some pics of some of the cities i visit and for those of you who wanna hang on when i come to your city HitMeUp
  6. Havent seen it but ill be looking and might d some test later and post some pics.
  7. LOL BOB
  8. I played with you in Double squad yesterday. It was lots of fun and many laughs' were shared. I hope to see you on the battlefield later my friend (Hopefully next time with a better Squad Leader) XD.
  9. Welcome to the server buddy!! I hope to see you on the battlefield. -CNJ
  10. I've seen you in PR many times. Nice to see you in the forums. Catch yuh later!!!
  11. Great pics guys. Damn @=VG= Melon Muncher your a wild one.
  12. Who does that refer to @Xenalite