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  1. I've seen you in PR many times. Nice to see you in the forums. Catch yuh later!!!
  2. Great pics guys. Damn @=VG= Melon Muncher your a wild one.
  3. Who does that refer to @Xenalite
  4. Lol yes double im the one on the right.
  5. Here's my crazy mug shot with my no.1 cellmate always on my side
  6. Nice pictures man. I've always wondered about the harrier. Keep it up my friend, Jon
  7. Why am i always away when during the best funny times of PR. Keep up the funny post, i like to share it with my colleagues for a laugh and show them what im up to while im home. Nice one 8-bits Jon.
  8. introduction

    Welcome Daniel, see ya on the field soldier!!
  9. This is evidence that even though we dont know each other face to face we are just like 1 big PR VG family :))
  10. Welcome Mel. Don't worry about the ban. All wounds heal!! Saw you a few times in PR and hope you can get unbanned. Remember practise don't make perfect. Perfect practise makes perfect, so you keep trying out there and ill soon see you on the battlefield my friend CodeName
  11. Thanks Brother !!!
  12. Hey !! Welcome and ill see you on the Battlefield!!
  13. Got it !! @ragnarok. Flying is a beautiful thing and i wish you all the best in your future pilot carrer!! Thank you @Schmidtrock
  14. Np Blazer anytime and if you have anymore questions about flying, you know you can always contact me in Teamspeak or PR and that goes for any one who wants to inquire about aviation stuff. I actually have FSX on my desktop and a flight sounds great one day. But just for me (I'M A BOEING KINDA GUY) AIRBUS SUCKSS @WCCBadPloy I think it was Jobs who said it and i fully agree to it.
  15. Thanks Ragnarok!!!! I fly because the sky is my home not the money lol. Good luck with your Private Pilot license!!