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  1. Hello, Everyone!

    Hello man. Welcome to VG. See you on the battlefield!!
  2. Hello

    Hey, Welcome to VG. If you ever need help in game, feel free to ask one of your squad mates. Hope you enjoy it. See ya around!!
  3. Away time

    Take it easy man. Good Luck on the new rig!!
  4. I think we need to buy one of those for Volod...

    If we buy VOLOD this, no one would get a kill in PR. End Screen: Volod: 412 Rest of Server: 2
  5. Has anyone seen Hater

    I have also been busy myself so I have not been playing PR as often. I trust that hater is fine and is still getting over vince. Give him some more time. I'm still getting over it. If we don't see him for the next month and someone has his someone contact info. we can see if we can reach him.
  6. Happy Birthday to me

    Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.
  7. H8CrazyVet67

    I'm totally for this idea on July 4th. Long live the CrumpetMan!!!!
  8. H8CrazyVet67

    I don't even know where to begin. Speechless at this point. The right thing to do is too look back and try to remember all the amazing times we had but that seems to be among the impossible as its too difficult to bear the pain. Whether talking about food or staying up all night parting on the server, this had to be one of my best friends on this server. He was there for me all the time through thick and thin, whenever i needed help with something. I'm not gonna say goodbye because you cannot put a jolly enthusiastic soul to rest. You will forever be etched in my memory brother. Now that your playing PR with the Gods above, I know that you will look after each and every of your comrades. May your soul rest in peace.
  9. Random PR screenshots

    LOLL. Lets keep it on the battlefield
  10. Random PR screenshots

    Amazing pictures X. I wonder who was driving that tank at wanda shan.
  11. What happens when night falls in PR.

    This is what happens when darkness fall upon Project reality when the clock strikes 3:00 A.M and all the children are asleep, it comes out to play. We dont know what causes this phenomenon but scientist believe it has something to do with the test happening on the =VG= Test Server that recently went up. How do we beat this! What is going on! Is it happening!!!! WHO CAN EXPLAIN THIS
  12. Map causes crashes to Desktop

    A hard reinstall. It never fails you.
  13. Map causes crashes to Desktop

    Thanks 1001 but i already fixed the problem. Thanks tho!!!
  14. Map causes crashes to Desktop

  15. Map causes crashes to Desktop

    Ok ill run it and get back to you.