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  1. Something Special

    "James May on the moon" is the name of this series, if you enjoyed this, there's more, including James in the Famous "Vomit Comet" zero G plane
  2. How do I add images to a forum post?

    Just had the same problem, tried to attach a 64kB jpeg & all i got was the code thing too. here it is. have posted this on other sites without a problem.
  3. If that doesn't work, try running in 32 bit mode (like this machine), found it runs older apps & games much better. I also run win 7 in XP mode.
  4. Something Special

    wimp.com shows the original link comes from BBC America. I wonder if Richard Branson's offering commercial space flights soon has anything to do with it...
  5. Something Special

    Fly to the edge of space in a U2 spy plane Thought this could go in Militaria & Adventure topics too, but posting here to be safe. http://www.wimp.com/breathtakingfootage/
  6. G'day

    Sure, Steve is fine, although most of my on-line buds call me Dingo on vent or chat.
  7. G'day

    2nd time I've tried to post an intro, hope it works. I am 42 yo ex grunt (Royal Australian Regiment) & member of [Team] Nitro clan, a real nice bunch whose focus is on team-play & co-operation (co-op servers) . I have been a regular visitor to the VG co-op servers along with my [RBK] (Ruthless Bot Killers) brothers. I have had a bit of trouble finding this site with all sorts of other 'Veterans' sites popping up when I've searched. Hopefully see you out on the battlefield soon. Steve