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  1. H8CrazyVet67

    Thanks for the update Hater...I wouldn't miss it...nothing like a wake n bake and some NIGHT MUTTRAH!!! PS: I was gonna add a <VJ> tag to my screen name....hope that's not out of line. I would get a real one if i wasn't a giant puss.
  2. H8CrazyVet67

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!... no way dude...no way..im speechleSs...RIP My Brother....Condolences to everyone..just sad Sorry Hater Please guys...no shit...NEVER LOSE HOPE!! <<<Hes one of guys on that end screen shot
  3. nuts?

    about 6,000 kills and a sore throat!!
  4. Random PR screenshots

    and a new heli drive through bird bath
  5. Random PR screenshots

    I've caught a glimpse of the new Tesla HMMV. 0-60 in 2.2!!
  6. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    pencil me in for 2nd medic...if i can get off work My night Muttrah dream has come true!!
  7. Cant connect or retrieve account

    I lost my old account when I reinstalled...but whatever..not like I lost xp
  8. PR Updates -

    yep same here...thought it was me
  9. PR Updates -

    interesting battle in all green?
  10. PR Updates -

    my green screen glitch
  11. STRONTIUM_DOG is back on land :)

    welcome back my friend!!!!..Late for work ...no BS about the updates LOL...Cant wait to bust out the old CLAW!!..Good to hear from you DOG stay safe. BTW nice pics man....Why are you coming back to civilization again???
  12. Hello everyone...

    They R what u think they R..welcome man<<Army vet...see u out there
  13. Mumble Problemo

    I have been having some issues with mumble not working in game. I can run the configure option in mumble when PR isnt running, but when I'm ingame and ALT tab out to run the configure option in PR mumble ....it crashes. Maybe i will see if Death is on TS.. Any thoughts...i mean nothing has changed except for the update.
  14. Guys... i dont soap box much, but this is an interesting topic, that as a veteran, I believe needs some attention. This kid was killed with his ROTC attire on and was helping people get out of the area during the shooting at the school in Florida last week. There is an ongoing petition for his voice to be heard at the White House so that this young man can receive a full military burial ..u can check it out here https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/allow-cadet-peter-wang-receive-full-honors-military-burial. I'm all for spending my tax dollars and that!!..Anyway check it out guys..Thanks for reading.
  15. Update is that all 3 ROTC members will be honored!!!..WELL DONE
  16. I wanna come back!!:((

    I vote NO....j/k...we need more people to balance out the drunk Russians.
  17. 81,000 in 2 days...nice
  18. Truly a troubling time that we live in my friends...just sad for everyone affected.
  19. Start of the COOP Campaign

    I'm down for medic
  20. rope up

    oooo the good old days....just hanging around
  21. Suggestion for event

    I agree that it could be hectic for admins for sure...voting for anything teamwork based though!! NIGHT MUTTRAH FOREVER
  22. Round length and challenge

    Jesus Christ....are people still crying about PR not conforming to their idea of " what it could be"?....Just play the game and be thankful we got moderators that give a damn. Seek therapy for all other personal issues...
  23. Be Back Soon

    Im heading to Wisconsin today to see my Dad ...isn't supposed to make it through the night. No computer there so ...See ya soon.
  24. Be Back Soon

    Thanks for all the kind words guys...what an amazing group of true MEN. My Fathers journey ended at 1:42 AM on Friday..no Bullshit its been a rough week, but Thanks to God and everyones support.... my family and I can make it through this difficult time. He was my friend and MY HERO...I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DAD!! JAMES F. KING , MSG USAF

    I wanna see him base jump a wing suit in that chit...would look like Iron man on crack!