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  1. Work photo...I'm a building MACHINE
  2. Whats up all. New player to BF2 and the mods. Ive seen some battle, (coop) with a few members, so I figured it was time to intro myself. I'm a heavy FPS player on pc BF and on some PS4 COD shit <<older than dirt ... Carpenter by profession....BF killer by choice I was in the Army for 12 years...six active and six reserves....19K and 92Y (that's M1A1 tanker and supply, mostly arms room stuff) I mostly played BFP4F...and First Assault on Nexon ...member of L3 ,SAS, and IM clans ...not that it means anything. Currently enjoy playing in the VG servers...Really appreciate the efforts of the group trying to keep it fresh..Thanks Guys!! There u have it boys....cya out there.
  3. Deadman triggering the ASS Hatters was my crowning achievement (or the 3 claymores around the Luved the power plant at Dalian and Sharqi rush map with that VSS. I was 2 years into the game before I turned up the graphics and realized that there was grass and blacktop, so don't trust my map judgement!! I still enjoy playing BF2 for the team tactics but miss the individuality and weapons mods in P4F. Even with no map support it was still fun Found a mod for BF2 that allows u to play those old maps P4F style....BF2 layout and only AI though. Kinda cool. I was in L3, SAS, and IM clans as GRNANDGLD PS: Thanks for the added support that you all provide to us for nothing more than the love of the game. TRUE CHAMPS!!
  4. I loved that 50 on P4F...long range at 351 at Oman
  5. Had a blast...THANKS GUYS!! Luved that night Muttrah map