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  1. Has anyone seen Hater

    your right..im tripin
  2. Has anyone seen Hater

    could b anything
  3. Has anyone seen Hater

    Im gettin worried about Hater ...has anyone heard from him? I havent seen him in quite awhile..I'm kinda trippin
  4. H8CrazyVet67

    Thanks for the update Hater...I wouldn't miss it...nothing like a wake n bake and some NIGHT MUTTRAH!!! PS: I was gonna add a <VJ> tag to my screen name....hope that's not out of line. I would get a real one if i wasn't a giant puss.
  5. H8CrazyVet67

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!... no way dude...no way..im speechleSs...RIP My Brother....Condolences to everyone..just sad Sorry Hater Please guys...no shit...NEVER LOSE HOPE!! <<<Hes one of guys on that end screen shot
  6. nuts?

    about 6,000 kills and a sore throat!!
  7. Random PR screenshots

    and a new heli drive through bird bath
  8. Random PR screenshots

    I've caught a glimpse of the new Tesla HMMV. 0-60 in 2.2!!
  9. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    pencil me in for 2nd medic...if i can get off work My night Muttrah dream has come true!!
  10. Cant connect or retrieve account

    I lost my old account when I reinstalled...but whatever..not like I lost xp
  11. PR Updates -

    yep same here...thought it was me
  12. PR Updates -

    interesting battle in all green?
  13. PR Updates -

    my green screen glitch
  14. STRONTIUM_DOG is back on land :)

    welcome back my friend!!!!..Late for work ...no BS about the updates LOL...Cant wait to bust out the old CLAW!!..Good to hear from you DOG stay safe. BTW nice pics man....Why are you coming back to civilization again???
  15. Hello everyone...

    They R what u think they R..welcome man<<Army vet...see u out there