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  1. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    mustve been something D/L in the background...seems normal after restart
  2. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    my problem is on loading...it takes me about 9 minutes to load into the servers now...not just VG...like 2 flags are capped by the time I load in...I stay on 15% for literally 5 minutes. Maybe the graphic settings changed on update...I will start there
  3. Now I am officially a bot.

    ^^^^^^Thats funny.....I told you to stop using aimbot...ur already in the Matrix
  4. Future of VG Coop events

    Any change of pace will be great..Thanks guys
  5. Future of VG Coop events

    I'm not risking my neck for one of those fly boys....better make it something we can plant c4 on.
  6. VG Elite server

    Lets just crawl...I like the idea of Super Salty Sunday...You all do so much to keep it interesting with the events..Special shout out to Double...Thanks brother!! Maybe if we throw this idea against the wall it will stick...then we wont have to run.... Kinda like a server honeypot, but SALTY
  7. VG Elite server

    Wouldnt 2 half glasses be the same as one empty and one full..if anything it would be an overflow at busy points...What are your options when the VG server gets full??? See ya at the cannned catfood server? YUMMY 40 people in a server=no challenge on any level (usually ending in 9 squads of varying size but lacking in C+C on a mission level)...unless we had 80 bots..FACE IT ....WE R JUST TOO DAMN GOOD!! Im not lobbying for another server guys, (maybe I am), just putting the idea in play...lets tweak it
  8. VG Elite server

    Yes Yes Yes....Well put Double....I love me some SALT...Salty Sunday is hilarious and I would join it. PR events on Saturday...alternate to Salty Sunday the next. Without growth you become stagnant and die! People will join for the challenge and its FRESH!! If VG wants more moderators.... all its needs to do is ask!! You have MOD candidates everywhere....myself included.
  9. VG Elite server

    Ok so here is my thought for a possible second server (only cause im tired of steamrolling maps with 40 guys). Its called the VG Elite Server. A sever for the veteran players on Veterans Gaming...How cool is that!! I could see a server that maybe had a smaller group size of elite forces vs the current bots. Lets say maybe 12 -14-16 slots limit. Infantry layers only (small maps mean less crashing)... with unrespawning assets (1 logi ,1 or 2 hmmv's) no CAS or Trans. Or maybe no assets at all..only respawns. A place reserved for a more challenging game...those of us not afraid to grab a group of troops and attack with communication and speed....ballz out Blitzkrieg shit with men on foot. Mic Required Can the size of the squad maybe limited to 5 possibly (3 squads of 5?) Bottom line..I want harder..("thats what she said"..luv ya Vince).... what ya think guys.. not sure if it cost more money on the back end...im assuming its free for the server...thats probably stupid on my part.
  10. Newbie

    Welcome gents...prior service member here too<<...thank you for your service guys ,hope you can make some Coop appearances...cya out there!!
  11. Has anyone seen Hater

    your right..im tripin
  12. Has anyone seen Hater

    could b anything
  13. Has anyone seen Hater

    Im gettin worried about Hater ...has anyone heard from him? I havent seen him in quite awhile..I'm kinda trippin
  14. H8CrazyVet67

    Thanks for the update Hater...I wouldn't miss it...nothing like a wake n bake and some NIGHT MUTTRAH!!! PS: I was gonna add a <VJ> tag to my screen name....hope that's not out of line. I would get a real one if i wasn't a giant puss.
  15. H8CrazyVet67

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!... no way dude...no way..im speechleSs...RIP My Brother....Condolences to everyone..just sad Sorry Hater Please guys...no shit...NEVER LOSE HOPE!! <<<Hes one of guys on that end screen shot