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  1. Hello

    Welcome aboard mate...CU on the VG server!!
  2. Smoke for bots

    Great work double...We are truly blessed... but maybe the problems is the kits being limited at spawn...first 2...medics and no faking shovel ,but smoke like Mickey Rourke. Then the poor bastards got to cover the rest of you bullet magnets while you dig stuff. If everyone gets to smoke then eveyone gets to DIG damit!! Shovels for the medics, I say. Problem solved.? <<<<smoker....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. Smoke for bots

    I wouldnt worry about spamming smoke, u can do that now!! Lets start talking about the AI already scoring head shots at range. The upgrade, for the AI , gives THEM the advantage. WTF is that. Now we gotta bring shovels AND start smoking? This is headed in the way wrong direction boyzzz. I'm worried
  4. Hi everyone

    Welcome....what no ..favorite color?
  5. A bit late

    Welcome buddy!
  6. Heyy all

    welcome dude...played with ya earlier some...saw the flying AAV..that was funny..nice to meet ya
  7. Introduction

    Whats up...welcome to PR !...Be sure to keep your hands and feet INSIDE the ride at ALL TIMES..............ENJOY YOUR RIDE!!!!
  8. So many changes...

    Ya, missed ya bud...rub some icy-hot on that bitch and lets play!!!
  9. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    mustve been something D/L in the background...seems normal after restart
  10. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    my problem is on loading...it takes me about 9 minutes to load into the servers now...not just VG...like 2 flags are capped by the time I load in...I stay on 15% for literally 5 minutes. Maybe the graphic settings changed on update...I will start there
  11. Now I am officially a bot.

    ^^^^^^Thats funny.....I told you to stop using aimbot...ur already in the Matrix
  12. Future of VG Coop events

    Any change of pace will be great..Thanks guys
  13. Future of VG Coop events

    I'm not risking my neck for one of those fly boys....better make it something we can plant c4 on.
  14. VG Elite server

    Lets just crawl...I like the idea of Super Salty Sunday...You all do so much to keep it interesting with the events..Special shout out to Double...Thanks brother!! Maybe if we throw this idea against the wall it will stick...then we wont have to run.... Kinda like a server honeypot, but SALTY
  15. VG Elite server

    Wouldnt 2 half glasses be the same as one empty and one full..if anything it would be an overflow at busy points...What are your options when the VG server gets full??? See ya at the cannned catfood server? YUMMY 40 people in a server=no challenge on any level (usually ending in 9 squads of varying size but lacking in C+C on a mission level)...unless we had 80 bots..FACE IT ....WE R JUST TOO DAMN GOOD!! Im not lobbying for another server guys, (maybe I am), just putting the idea in play...lets tweak it