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  1. =VG= BLuDKLoT LAN_WROTE ... Hey Bones I met someone that's looking for dude like you...sent him here to post his needs. Don't worry, nothing weird. That's too bad I like "weird"! LOL!
  2. Thanks for the supportive words Gents! I hope you enjoy the series as videos are going to be posted everyday!
  3. Thanks for the understanding. Again if you need/want any help with some VG stuff lemme know.
  4. Blud please see your PMs.
  5. So I have entered the world of videogame commentating. Today marks the first Episode of 'Gunderated" which is basically my jaunts in the world of competitive COD games. I will also continue to film my flight videos as well as dabble in other FPS titles like ARMA, BF3 and such. Please stop by the channel and "Subscribe", also could use some "Like" if you enjoy what you see. I am also interested in maybe doing some "Live Shows" with those of you here in the VG community.
  6. JSRS and BlastCore Visuals for Next Level Gaming!

    =VG= SavageCDN LAN_WROTE ... NO !lolol
  7. JSRS and BlastCore Visuals for Next Level Gaming!

    I think you need to use bigger fonts.........
  8. Battlefield 3 beta 9.29.11

    Was kinda hoping for a different map (its the same one from the Alpha) but I will take what I can get as it is a solid game.
  9. PR: Paperboy

    Spears thanks for the tip!
  10. PR: Paperboy

    Oh man I haven't played either of those in years. BRB gonna go dig out my CDs and see if they work under Win7 64.
  11. Project Reality BF3

    =VG= SolarFlame LAN_WROTE ... Even from a business stand point, not releasing mod tools is a major set back for their game. Bf2 was a good game, but lets be honest... The reason it's still alive today is because of the excellet mod support it had. Had BF2 not had any mod support it would have died years ago. It's a fun game, but theres only so much nade spam you can tollerate... Dice wont release mod tools for bf3? Cool, I'll go play something else when BF3 gets boring then, rather than a mod of BF3 ;) Gotta disagree with you on this Solar, there is still a ton of stock BF2 servers out there that stay packed day in and day out.yes Mods are great but I dont think that is the one thing that has kept BF2 alive all these years. Why is it still around, well because in it's own right it is a fantastic game, sure it has some flaws that players abuse but what game out there doesn't?
  12. PR: Paperboy

    =VG= TortiaBoy LAN_WROTE ... but it had a hell of a lot more strategy then the piles that EA and Dice have been coming out with I would disagree with that, BFBC, BFBC2, and BFBC2: Vietnam were on par with stock BF2 IMO. Sure some changes were made here and there but the core gameplay remained the same. Also EA has released quite a few stellar games in the past few years other than the BF franchise. Dead Space for instance was a great game, it came out of nowhere and I think surprised the entire industry with how good it really was. The SP of the rebooted MOH was a step in the right direction as well, it may not have been an open world FPS but I did think that the story was fairly engaging.
  13. PR: Paperboy

    I dunno Totiaboy, the original BF1942, BF192:Modern Combat, BF: Vietnam and BF2 were still pretty run-n-gun. Sure you could "try" to strategize and plan but deep down it was about booking it and getting those control points.