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  1. Hi and welcome to =VG=. You're really young sir but is good when you hang around with good older gamers.
  2. You mean on Bamyan? Sound good for a nice scenario. Problem is : CAS going lonewolf / Squadleader rarely laze targets. Sadly, but true.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhff4wplupzisvi/gaza_insurgency.rar?dl=0 That's the dropbox link for Gaza Insurgency. Download the file and unpack it in your levelsfolder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels
  4. Reminds me : AlBasrah, touching with scimitar with the SLAT armor the destructible fence.
  5. I played only the Bamyan and Fallujah ALT layers. Bamyan : I like Bamyan Bradley's to OP - killfarming the bots and infantry can watch it. Map is nice. I like that the grass isn't too high and the bots sticking with half of its body out of it and so visible for players. The few intense firefights i had without IFV support was good. Bots came from 3 different directions, the range of the gunfights wasn't to far or to close for ACOG-Kits. Camping hills with an apc is a problem of many maps like Archer, Lashkar, Kashan, Bijar, Marlin and MORE ... I suggest let one Bradley in and replace the others IFV with Strykers. They have only the 50cal RWS and not a 25mm Bushmaster cannon with a shitload of HE/AP rounds, ATGM Launcher and 7.62 coaxial with tons of rounds as backup. BlackHawk's - SOAR's are OP when you park it for longrange firesupport on a mosque roof but that wouldn't fit in our server rules i believe. This can be done on everymap where a BlackHawk spawns. I love seeing a BlackHawk giving firesupport from air how it is in reality. Using trans as CAS is to 99% not allowed on Deployment servers, the last 4 or 5 good visited ones, but we shouldn't take over this Deployment NO TRANS CAS RULEZ mentality. In COOP we can do thing what never would be tolerated on Deployment servers. Dreams can become true. Fallujah : I like it much. Starting the map from this area is nice. Different gameplay - now its more crossing the long roads and not walking along them with maximum viewdistance. Here you have to keep your eyes open in every direction and spotting a bot is not so easy anymore as on the current layers where you seeing them from far away coming. Now it s more CQB and bots with AK' in CQB is a challenge. I heared already static weapons (bipods) but i suggest to put more in. In COOP AAS4 you can use them better as me in COOP-Insurgency because of the flagcaping/objectspawner system. I will write you a PM how you can let them dissapear. I dont understand why i dont get this idea before. Sadly it works only in AAS-4 and not COOP-INS. Same trick can be done for off-board bot mortars on bamyan to prevent hill camping. Fallujah without navmeshed asylum basement is a NO GO. It's like taking out the static island from falklands map. Also upper floor levels aren't navmeshed. I saw also some spots where the navmesh sux but i cannot understand why it happen? Seems to me that one of the eastern edge muttrah buildings having/causing a strange boundingbox. Your inf layer works also with the old navmesh. I also suggest to keep on with the tests because i (maybe more) wasn't able (latetime) to test all of them. In the moment, i haven't prepared enough for coop insurgency tests so you can use DEV2.
  6. Tbh. i never saw it in a Deployment round, only on local. I will use it for more insurgent factions because other vehicles of that class would be to much for coop-ins gameplay. A retexture with a little bit more rusty and some arabic graffity tags so it looks more, how shall i say ???, CAPTURED and not like an vehicle of an conventional force.
  7. Enemy wheelbarrow spottet !
  8. The inf layer comabtarea will be reduced to a smaller area later. I will not use heavy assets, more light apc's. I already have a clone of the boragh, - 2seater - no ballast infantry -, i'm so proud (cough - cough) worked directly after first try and that years i didn't spent any time on vehicle tweaking.
  9. Melon ihave a question: Didn't downloaded yet but will do. Having the maps their own name and can live together inside of the levelsfolder or i have to remove the originals first to prevent overrided contnent? Yes, they are. DESC-file.
  10. Question : Should i give the botfaction vehicles for the infantry only layer? I mean, no vehicles except M113 Logi for IDF and HAMAS get vehicles. When i make it without vehicles, no one gonna play the LAT kit and for me is it important not to exclude kits because of the layer. COOP i still the training mode to prepare player for deployment.
  11. I have the following excuse. It would be unrealistic !!! I give every bot in the selfcreated botonly faction an AK or a weapon with different ammo types and not 5.56mm what the Galil use, the ammo from hamas wouldn't fit into the Galils. There is also a small difference of the kind of AT ammo (RPG7 PG7V 93 mm warhead vs an 66mm anti tank rocket). Ok - i'm joking but you see how easy the answer is?! I will enforce more teamplay and that people take more care on important assets. Logitruck is not a taxi. With the amount of SPECIAL kits, who want to play the rifleman? The logistic role is an important role in Deployment so let it be in Coop also. There are many tricks i could do but wouldn't make sense on maps like gaza. The bots on skill level 93 is already hard enough. I could do it, that a bot will use his AK on a range of 400m shooting in singlefire and when he walked up to 100 meters he CHANGE to his SECOND AK and use burstfire and when he walked up to 15 meters he use the fire&forget mode but not really needed yet. I will do things on forestmaps (the firing through foliage problem) to nerf the X-RAY vision of the bots but not on open citymaps.
  12. Wait with the Mumble setup for the insurgency server. I heared that a missing COMBATAREA can cause problems with mumble so i have to redo some things but i dont want to update step by step. Give me some time (till tommorrow) and i can make 4 layout for gaza. Layouts - including also combatareas 16 Infantry only layout with SL spawnpoint on Squadleader - 1x M113 Logistic APC 32 Infantry only layout without SL spawnpoint on the Squadleader - 1x M113 Logistic APC 64 Light vehicle layout with SL spawnpoint on the Squadleader - 2x M113 Logistic apc's - 2x M113 50cal apc's - 2x MK19 Boats 128 Light vehicle layout without SL spawnpoint on the Squadleader - 2x M113 Logistic apc's - 2x M113 50cal apc's - 2x MK19 Boats Lets see what is better WITH or WITHOUT SL spawnpoint for insurgency gamemode. I removed all static weapons for the moment. They are nice but it was to much and having less will only create deadpool pits with bot bodies. I also removed sadly wise the IDF commander UAV Trailer Hamas bots will have : 2x Technical2 (3seater) 1x SPG9 technical 2x Boragh apc's (never saw them ingame and i like the idea that all gunners from the IDF/HAMAS can be shoot out of his seat. At the moment i dont know nothing about the boragh and there exist no _bf2 version of it in PR. Maybe i make a clone of it and transform it to an 1 or 2 seater (including ai.templates for it). Those versions are for bots only. I also thinking about to create a pure hamas bot faction with is a secondary lighter AT weapon and a special hamas kit that represents the civie kit. Pure botfactions dont need the objectspawner def for the hideouts etc. because bots never (CANT) use/place them. About Bot kits: Bots never use their shovels or their bandages or ammobags. I will remove them out of the kits. This is an teamwork enforcement to keep human squads closer together because without team medic you have only your bandage and its not possible anymore to loot botkits for bandages. Sofar i know i need only to create a civie kit with an medic kit ai. In deployment the medic kit has an assault.ai template. Be a medic but have the ai brain of an assault doesn't work in coop. It's not so simple and adding the Deployment civie kit to the coop botside cause always problems - mostly servercrashs. There a some RULES behind the botkits, the job of the botkits and the weapon itemindexes of the botkits. This RULES doesn't count for DEPLOYMENT. I also think i have to create a civie_sp kit and add it in the pythonfile. @Melonmuncher - can you get intel about this please. Sofar i can read the python it should be the only thing to get the civie thing part to work by adding the name of the new civie_sp kit into the pythonfile. Also disabling the shotgun counts as arrest feature would be nice. Only zipties and the punch with the weapon will count as arrest.
  13. Why you said that not earlier. Rotterdfam is only 2 hours away from me. Next time make an status update or something else so we have atleast the chance to meet our brothers in reallife
  14. Where are you in Holland?
  15. Than you should never play ARMA 2/3, sir. I'm really a fan of such survival games. DAYZ Standalone was the biggest fail i bought. ARMA2 Dayz mods (Epoch/Overwatch) are much better and when i look direction ARMA 3 Exile mod my eyes and my pants getting wet.
  16. It's nice game. But this is fixed or not?
  17. I think also a player limit of 32. What the others minds on this? Nah, Mumble is a must. You noticed only more communication in TS3 because look at the experience level of the testers. Sounds good in my ears. What the Others minds on this? Keep in mind most of the FOBS was overrunned (disabled spawnpoint). Could force the team to defend a FOB or for what we have the other shit, deployable MG'S, TOWS, sandbagwalls.
  18. Now, after seeing, a dedi server works with the python changes and modified mapfiles, we can look into improvements. That was my biggest concerns. Doing all the work but not knowing if all the crap works on a dedi server ........ but now we know. More Intel on this please. What kind of ai you used from SF Behaviour.ai or any strategy files? Upload it please. Maybe we require the SL spawnpoint for it too. Suggestion approved. At the moment, the nature of the spawning system is to chaotic. Sometimes they spawn on an ammocache and sometimes some bots will not spawn at all. Also they rarely use the hideout_sp and sometimes they spawn in packs. When we ever get a Randomcode for the static wepaons - we will implement more of them or getting completly replace by fake PCO's. Suggestion approved. Sadlywise - i hoped we can make the commanderjob in coop more important. I dont know exactly how the Devs handled the UAV. All i know is it is handled by python. It seems like you getting teleported as commander and fly invisible in an dynamic object pco. I know from the old old old Karbalatests (KarbalB, you remember- Osprey), that bots ignore vehicle types they dont know. The VTOL ai wasn't implemented in 0.97 and bots ignored the Osprey till i got out of the vehicle. Maybe we can do later the same trick with the UAV PCO or whatever it is but for now it get removed. Suggestions for a better vehicle layout or would it be enough to increase the spawntimes? Combatarea is a high priority at the moment. Without it, PR mumble will not work and than it wouldn't be PR anymore.
  19. You see, HOW CNJ CodeNameJonathan beating the bots ass with his machinegun out from a boat? Amazing! Want more from this gameplay.
  20. Thanks Double for your effort and also to call the wolfpack to test it. Also my dear russian friends - you followed the CALL and i will thank you with that with a better GROZNY but i have to make the navmesh for it. I will PUTIN more playable areas for the bots. Things we have to talk about: The First server crash - i was shocked the first moments and really close to cry Sofar i understood TEDF, he caused it by trying to remove the hideout. First, i thought he meant removing by blowing it up. Later i catched the point he could mean by removing the mapper placed Insurgent hideout by the commander feature to REMOVE FOBS/HIDEOUTS. When this is FACT, i have to REMOVE the hideouts to prevent any servercrashes for the future. Othe ppl could get the same idea. Good we have people that trying things for the AUDIT. I never would get the idea to test Remove an mapper placed fob/hideout. BIPODS, 50cal Tripods and Milan AT-Launchers - my good why we cannot have in Deployment Insurgency such a situation I know that i placed to much of them on the roofs and balconies. When i get once a RANDOMCODE for those assets like the RANDOM abilty of the ammocaches, this will be a nice feature. Lets beg the Reality DEVs for it that they could code this. It isn't like they have to complete code everything new. They have the BASICs from the Insurgency Gamemode (Deployment). This would, i'm sure, improve also the normal coop AAS4 gamemode - no questions about that. You can spread 50 bipods across the map but only 5 till 7 are active at same time. When one get destroyed another bipod spawns in different spot of the map. I will look into alternatives ambushspots that spawn on roofs or balconies. It would be enough when the bots using their normal handheld weapon. I also looking foir other solutions to prevent spawnwaves on such defense statics. But to be honest (my opinions) : First time i checked my SPRINT indicator to see if i can cross the street without running out of sprint - doesn't matter, the bipod got me. I started with checking roofs and moved closer to walls and cover, doesn't matter bipod got me. Some kits are really needed now like grenadier or lat to get the bipod gunner. Seriously, i like to dodge Milan missiles - amazing moment when you survive, only to get shot afterwards by an bipod. It felt like TowerDefense gamemode. FOBS are really needed. The way back to city centrum to link up with your mates is a aztec challenge. Mumble Issue - seriously? you need combatarea on a map or Mumble will not work? OK??? Seems like i must add a combatarea to the map to get mumble operational. Whoever told me - thank you. Didn't knew that. Feedback appreciated
  21. Coop Insurgency server is working and people are able to see it in the serverlist and ALSO can join it. Thx to Semler, Melon, TEDF and our tech wizards behind it. Thank you so much.
  22. Sniperskits where hiding in the smoke and was able to fire out of smoke without any handicap.
  23. I think we should make an pure vehicle warfare layer for ........ ...... but for which map? Or we must make deployment event for vehicle warfare. The only formation i always see with tanks is on kadashian desert on the hilltops or on the way to enemy main.
  24. Grenadier is a must on each urban map in deployment. Best Tshape cleaning toolkit you can have. Favorite kit on Muttrah. AR's are better on forestmaps. Machinegunner kit is better in my opinion when you want to lock down (camping) an area for longer time like on top of fallujah's gates, service station or russian appartment buildings. More about squad formations. Look how difficult it is atm. to keep apc's closer to infantry to give them firesupport (its also an formation but rarely seen).
  25. My opinion about squad formation : It doesn't make sense in coop or not at the current stage of coop. I remember the old Karbala 0.9. Bots spawned these times at a medium distance around the flag (carpark) and your squad was forced to cover each direction. Today they coming mostly from direction next flag/mainbase on many maps. Few maps are exceptions like Sbeneh. It makes more sense in deployment. SL shouldn't play the role as the point man. Medics stay behind. The LAT/HAT always move with an rifleman on one flank, with distance to the squad.