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  1. deactivate your firewall and your antivirus software and try if it works. if it works, you have to create a rule for pr and or mumble in both of them or update an existing one to the new file versions. maybe it also helps to delete your profile folder ... but in this case, your profile setting will be lost..
  2. that tells me that you have understood what i was trying to say. but that tells me the opposite. i understand the whole thread but at this part im unsure if you are using me as a good example of misunderstanding thats sounds rasitic or do u really dont know what i wanted to say?^^
  3. thats the point. ranger dont wrote this because he dont know how to report somebody. he had tried to set a statemment. PR is a war simulation based on reality. I do not know whether it is good or a mistake to kill existing cultures. Anyone who is a bit longer on the vg-server or in the forum resides that this community is not racist. (just like everyone knows how to make a report) rangers statement should therefore not be suppressed with "just report them" but we should show as a community to the outside that something like racist behavior is not wanted here. if someone in voice-chat says "oh no, im black" makes it more sense to ask him what his problem is than to kick him. it has to be unpleasant for such people and it will be when you talk about it. on the other hand there must also be space for fun in this direction. but of course so that no one feels really attacked. we can make racist jokes or shout out "blitzkrieg" when you win a game in 10 minutes. but as soon as someone feels hurt by something like that, you have to move it straight. so long, Hans;)
  4. If you are reading this topic, you ask yourself first what that should be. but ranger is quite right with it. if you are on a map play against "Jewish bots", then you can often hear "lets kill some jews" or with muslim (bots!) enemies like "lets kill this muslim bastards". just as there are squads like "3rdReich", "ss" or similar. As a German i notices this immediately because in Germany is a very strong awareness for the suffering that we have done to the Jews in the third reich. you can say that is only fun ... but how does a Jewish player feels whose father was killed by the ss in a kz and now suddenly sees in this game a squad called "ss"? how does a Turkish player feel when his teammate shout out "die you fuckin muslim bastard" while he is shooting at the enemy? but we live in a very fascist-like time. Currently, not only in america, but worldwide, a mood against muslims is made which I find very questionable. we had that already 70 years ago and we were wrong. a good friend of mine is indian. I say to him often things like "you're not even really black" just as he calls me potato. but this happens in a field where it is clear that it has no rasistic background. fun because it does not matter where you come from or how you look like. but who in the public is saying something like that wants to make bad mood or has a problem in this direction. I think this is not a big problem in project reality because 90% of the players do not express themselves politically or racist but I am also not affected and therefore i can not say how a Jew or muslim feels when something like that happens. but certainly not good or welcome. I can understand ranger. it is annoying not only when such direct racisms fall but also if it is always about cultural differences and things like that. it was perhaps a bit clumsy just to post this rule here without explaining the background but you can not warn often enough before subliminal racism. as I said, I am not directly affected but it annoys me often to hear this bullshit. what can you do about it? such block this situations and immediately go into the offensive but it annoys anyway. How productive is it to react like this? u are right. there are getting harder... this sounds like "we cant do anything, so shut up" if someone in the game says that he wants to kill muslims, it is ok. if someone warns of racism in the forum he has to explain. something is going wrong, think about it. just because this threat named disrespect, this threat does not have to be full of it ^ ^
  5. it could also be a routerfirewall ... try to temporarily disable both. if you can connect then you have to put in both firewalls rules for mumble. but do not forget to turn BOTH back on when you're done.
  6. sorry, but you have to move the event by one day, abraham inc. have a concert in germany at this time...
  7. we dont need enemies...
  8. a little bit unrealistic, but i like the idea of a party-jet-trans...
  9. i am a medic, so what?^^ is it dangerous for you or your girlfriend? from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defective_pixel
  10. if its every time the same pixel which is dead, it can not be the cable. but a try still does not hurt. ok, thanks... I have not looked at the rest. @FatAlbert If your Pixel is dead, you cant revive it. but if its a stucked pixel you can try to stimulate it. Stucked pixels are pixels whose inputlines are interrupted or clogged. with a bit of luck you can change that but mostly you can do nothing against it. one path would be the stimulus with colour, the other and much more dangerous path would be a circular massage around the pixel... but you can quickly destroy even more and I would advise against it if it is only a single pixel which is dead.
  11. which two things do you mean? the framerate and the rate of the electricity net have very little to do with each other...thats clear to me but I understand the approach of the video. what has a pixel on your monitor (which works on dc after his power supply) to do with your ac 60hz powernet?
  12. Try to stimulate the dead Pixel with moving colours over hours... If your monitor can handle it, try colourstimulations at other frequenzrates... but i dont get the point of stimulations with audio... it is true that in europe there is a frequency of AC 50hz and in the usa of AC 60hz. but after the power supply of the monitor you have DC. then it should make more sense to trigger in frame rate than in the power-net-rate because the rate of DC is 0 (or 1). or am I totally wrong?
  13. me too. according to the medic-kit, ar and mg is what I like most. and for some reason I like the combat-engineer. maybe because I was a pretty good engineer at bf2 and with c4, he is very powerful angainst armour...
  14. I've always liked shooter with tactics but I've never really found anything. I think swat and bf2 represent exceptions. but also swat and bf2 are limited in the teamplay and needs really good players to build a tactical game. that's it why PR impressed me so. the raw and untiring feeling you have at the beginning is what makes the teamplay possible. but it is also clear that such games will never interest the broad mass because they are simply too complex. that is the reason why the whole bf-series turned in something like COD. if you can not find the way to work without a navigation system, anti-lock braking system, active lane assist, power steering and bluetooth-connetion to your sunglases, than you never find your way to a medic via map and compass in vietnam. but this has nothing to do with past and present. in music, film, literature and games you have to search for good things or you have to give yourself cheap pop which is made for you to consume it and which is sold to you dearly. pr is only so good because it is not a consum intem but a very lovingly maintained project of a bunch of freaks who love what they are doing. that's what you notice and feels when playing. squad and pr shows me that there are still such games today.