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  1. I have a stupid question: is there a way to accompany the battles as a spectator? Maybe I have to work at this time, but would still like to take a look in the fights...
  2. jap, nearly every round of kashan crashed...but its cool, so we have muttrah 24/7.;)
  3. bah, is old... now we are at^^ In this particular case, I'm not sure, but theoretically that would have to work. At least I was able to play on servers before there were not updated if I had not installed any update.
  4. Jap, you have to watch this one... i think this is a criminal-mindet swindler...
  5. Hi, if you are new, do not be afraid to ask ... we are a christian-social commuity, so please pay attention to what you give of yourself. you will not find whores and vodka here. but if you are good you can take part in a Bible lesson. have a good war here.
  6. in the other threat you have been against inefficiency and weak players and a strongly defamated a top player due to a disagreement. you can not stand on the side of the people you judge. Do not take this as an attack, but just as you are against others. they will treat you too if you show a weakness. hats off to m823us, that he took this seriously and has reacted professionally. If you are serious you have chosen a bad time to post this. If this is a fake or test, I would even ban you here if I were admin ... If you are serious, I wish you all the best. And remember, if you fuck weaker people, you always get a gangbang at the end.
  7. As far as I understand I do not have to register as a squadmember but can I come and leave as I want? or is there a regulation? "Führer" always with capital letter in the beginning.^^
  8. I'm excited. Bush 1 did it already...but of course we can raid poland anyway...^^
  9. than i work with the half of your family...^^
  10. its a little bit offtopic, but is this familiy of yours?
  11. cool, so i can rename me into 8-Bit?^^
  12. Selamat Hari Natal !
  13. deactivate your firewall and your antivirus software and try if it works. if it works, you have to create a rule for pr and or mumble in both of them or update an existing one to the new file versions. maybe it also helps to delete your profile folder ... but in this case, your profile setting will be lost..
  14. that tells me that you have understood what i was trying to say. but that tells me the opposite. i understand the whole thread but at this part im unsure if you are using me as a good example of misunderstanding thats sounds rasitic or do u really dont know what i wanted to say?^^