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  1. i am a medic, so what?^^ is it dangerous for you or your girlfriend? from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defective_pixel
  2. if its every time the same pixel which is dead, it can not be the cable. but a try still does not hurt. ok, thanks... I have not looked at the rest. @FatAlbert If your Pixel is dead, you cant revive it. but if its a stucked pixel you can try to stimulate it. Stucked pixels are pixels whose inputlines are interrupted or clogged. with a bit of luck you can change that but mostly you can do nothing against it. one path would be the stimulus with colour, the other and much more dangerous path would be a circular massage around the pixel... but you can quickly destroy even more and I would advise against it if it is only a single pixel which is dead.
  3. which two things do you mean? the framerate and the rate of the electricity net have very little to do with each other...thats clear to me but I understand the approach of the video. what has a pixel on your monitor (which works on dc after his power supply) to do with your ac 60hz powernet?
  4. Try to stimulate the dead Pixel with moving colours over hours... If your monitor can handle it, try colourstimulations at other frequenzrates... but i dont get the point of stimulations with audio... it is true that in europe there is a frequency of AC 50hz and in the usa of AC 60hz. but after the power supply of the monitor you have DC. then it should make more sense to trigger in frame rate than in the power-net-rate because the rate of DC is 0 (or 1). or am I totally wrong?
  5. me too. according to the medic-kit, ar and mg is what I like most. and for some reason I like the combat-engineer. maybe because I was a pretty good engineer at bf2 and with c4, he is very powerful angainst armour...
  6. I've always liked shooter with tactics but I've never really found anything. I think swat and bf2 represent exceptions. but also swat and bf2 are limited in the teamplay and needs really good players to build a tactical game. that's it why PR impressed me so. the raw and untiring feeling you have at the beginning is what makes the teamplay possible. but it is also clear that such games will never interest the broad mass because they are simply too complex. that is the reason why the whole bf-series turned in something like COD. if you can not find the way to work without a navigation system, anti-lock braking system, active lane assist, power steering and bluetooth-connetion to your sunglases, than you never find your way to a medic via map and compass in vietnam. but this has nothing to do with past and present. in music, film, literature and games you have to search for good things or you have to give yourself cheap pop which is made for you to consume it and which is sold to you dearly. pr is only so good because it is not a consum intem but a very lovingly maintained project of a bunch of freaks who love what they are doing. that's what you notice and feels when playing. squad and pr shows me that there are still such games today.
  7. it is funny to give you welcome-greetings if we played together some hours ago...;) i dont played swat often online but i liked the communication with my bot-team...are there still some swat 3 or 4 -server alive? Welcome and have fun.
  8. thanks man, but you are a good medic too...always nice to have you in a squad.
  9. But i think this is a "newer" version of this game. The graphics are way too good. Should rather look like this: but thanks anyway. your game guid me throu my work today...;)
  10. That sounds pretty good. I also think that a second coop-server just halved the player. The peak times aren't a problem. I have never waited longer than 5 minutes to be able to join because at this times there are many trolls and noobs on coop-server and the admins kicking fast... But a semi-public server for events, clantraining, maptest and an alternative rotation that dont affect the coop-server would be cool.
  11. works without combatility-mode but it dont like 2 monitors... many thanks. The only true flight-simulator. this is much better than Falcon BMS;) ....but for god sake dont forget to push "e" first!!!!!
  12. Muttrah at night is relly creapy...i would love to play both sides. Once inf only and once with armor. Thank you for making such events.
  13. uhh, wings of fury... thats a reason to set up my old amiga "CDTV". How about a special edition of pr on 5500 diskettes? virtually protable ...
  14. true words but "Barbarian - the ultimate worrior" and "G.I. Joe" have also robbed my youth.
  15. "shortly" doesnt work as password;)