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  1. Server Down

    I just asked because you once said that server os is windows. If there had been problems, I might have been able to help locate the error because we use various server on different windows versions at work... but with TCA I have only a very few experiences and these are years ago so I will not be able to help you there. thanks for the info or answer.
  2. Server Down

    the problem that the server no longer restarts by itself seems relatively new, do you know what it is?
  3. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    Server is down again at the moment...
  4. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    if you cant find the server in the list have a look under deployment-->favorites. if the server is shown up in green you can join...or try to join via IP....
  5. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    ...stucked...;) may I ask what the problem is? before that, the server has apparently restarted without a problem ... why does it not do that anymore and can you see why it crashes?
  6. =VG= PR Event

    I agree. Thanks for the effort. was fun. It was also nice that so many players were there.
  7. Beirut event in a nutshell

    it's back...
  8. =VG= PR Event

    I tested two maps. at ramiel i had 2 times ctd in totally different situations. once in a vehicle and once as inf. just for info ...
  9. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    ok, then have a look at \Windows\System32\moricons.dll. you will love it ;p
  10. =VG= PR Event

    As a British colony you have to use Greenwich Mean Time! (summertime + 1h) god s(h)ave the queen! “Gentlemen you had my curiosity ... but now you have my attention.”
  11. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    PRBF2.dll that's the icon as an dll-file. i think that should solve the icon-problem. Let's take the first "farcry" game as an exemple: The first version was working fine on winXP and 7 but not on win8 or 10, then they released an update and the game is now working fine in all Windows versions. And the answer is people are upgrading their OS and i think PR DEVs should add a touch about this. PR BF2 1.6 is on its way to us, hope they did something about it. programs constantly change their functions or are changed by code. great example is 32/64 bit versions of exe-files. the compilers are constantly renewed and backward compatibility is no longer possible... "compatibility mode" exists for such reasons. but I think they can not compile everthing back ... they do not have the source code of pr but still use the mod feature of bf2. and I think in this case the problem is not the exe-file but some resource-error in windows. windows chached the icon somewhere ... and if there is a dead link or just a wrong image signed, that gives you a placeholder.... Similarly, you know these thumbs.db-files, often it makes sense to delete these because the wrong images or nothing shows up. EDIT//: ok, i should read the whole thread ^^. Sorry, had not seen that it is already solved. well, then you have an icon on top ;p
  12. =VG= PR Event

    There is a special in Germany with timezones you called Summer-/Wintertime. GMT=UTC=ZULU + 1h (Winterzeit) + 2h (Sommerzeit) atm we have 22.52, so we are +2.h. which was not a criticism,... just to avoid confusion.
  13. =VG= PR Event

    I'll try to be there. so if someone needs an AR or medic ...
  14. Radio =VG=

    i love them too. they are all good. but life of brain and jabbawocky are my favorits.
  15. Radio =VG=

    monsieur 100.000 volt: charles aznavour: Hildegard Knef: same in german: Peter Thomas Feat. Senta Berger: ok, is a fake but i love basseys voice and it fits the style and the content;) : Andy williams: "more" is actually the title song from mondo cane 1 and has no text. who knows the movie wonders how this could happen ^^ very disturbing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=equs_4O_C-U Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood: riz ortolani feat. katyna ranieri- oh my love: from one of the hardest films i have ever seen. was also used in "drive" but it is from "Goodbye uncle tom / Addio zio tom". a film that stands against racism and slavery but unfortunately was completely misunderstood. The pictures are so hard and the music is so beautiful that you could puke in between. in the uncut version, you see black slaves tortured by the white decadence for 2 hours. every racist should watch this movie, then you can not be a racist anymore ...