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  1. COOP PvP ?

    actually I think that's a good idea to try other game variations. but if i'm honest the coop server with bots on both sides annoys me. somehow the game is not really serious anymore. I do not really know why but it seems like training ... so playing against bots I find better than pvp but with bots on both sides I do not like ... but we can try something like that, of course ... I would also find it interesting to play with the highest difficulty level of bots.
  2. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    WOW. tears of joy. that would greatly enhance the quality of the game and I think our server would be fuller. we lose a lot of players with every crash ...
  3. Server issues

    18.20 Zulu we played fallujah std and the server crashed in the middle of the game. no choppers...muttrah inf was the map before.
  4. Radio =VG=

    lol, jo ... henry rollins I found totally cool in my youth. I've even got liar on record ... great idea, we should post this with each rejected unban request ^^ or this one:
  5. I'm still alive yaaaaaeeee...

    yes, especially the respawn time is better in pr. The only thing that is better in reality: you can fly in the south because you do not come to the end of the map anyway. and I'm already waiting about 20 years that the next map is loaded ... but the enemy seems to have endless tickets.
  6. I'm still alive yaaaaaeeee...

    as long as your food does not talk to you everything is ok ^^ good to see you too. and now back in / on-line soldier! Stop eating brown slime lumps with eyes and fight! we need reinforcement!
  7. 2 Weeks in Mt. Hood National Forest + Pics

    great pictures, but do you find it ok to publish private pictures of volod? ;p
  8. Guns and Ammo

    above all, it hurts much more to be stabbed with a spoon than with a sword ^^ My survival kit : Laptop 2 different wi-fi sticks 2 USB-Recovery sticks with systems and tools some USB 2.0 and 3.0 sticks 2 LAN-Cable 1 USB LAN- Ethernet-Dongle a mobile hotspot Diverent USB-Cables a multifunctional knife a Powerbank or some charger a DVI-HDMI adapter a DVI-Analog adapter a USB-Serial adapter some batteries some SD/SIM-Card adapter a 4TB Harddisc with all the important programs and data a lighter 2 Ibuprophen a second mobile 1TB of music USB soundinterface Headphones Bluethoot adpater ... as you can see ... the third world war can come ;p
  9. Radio =VG=

    ac / dc, metallica, iron maiden ... all kindergarten. here is real, pure, brutal, raw, solid rock. this dude blow my mind: more rock is not possible!
  10. Radio =VG=

  11. Radio =VG=

    nice cover...here is the original:
  12. I'm still alive yaaaaaeeee...

    strontium dog? who is that guy and why is he so slimy? and on whose hand is he sitting? I think the radioactivity makes him mutate ... we have to ban him. playing pr with eight arms is like playing with aimbot ... ;p
  13. Server issues

    2240 Zulu We played Al Basrah and the game crashed without any reason... I just had the map open and cas was at the ground. in the middle of the game came simply "connection problems" and then pavlovsk alt was loaded.
  14. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    try to create an offline accout and see if it works with it. do you have multiple sound or graphics cards? have you ever been able to play pr on this computer? do you start the game in admin mode? firewall and antivirus software you could also switch to off and try if it works. but turn back on afterwards !!! in the launcher there are options to delete the cache and all other settings, which you could also try.
  15. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Negativ. its only in our hands i think. I do not think that it really interests someone at deployment (but cant blame anyone for it)... it seems there are not too big problems with the bug, otherwise you would read something in the forum. and JTG has mostly 0-2 players ...nobody cares. we should continue to analyze his behavior and try to find a way to neutralize or move around him. there is different behavour! local crashes a lot less than online. deployment apparently too. maybe we should play a few more rounds bf2 again ... etc. So it can really be that we can never do anything about it, but it can also be that Kavelenko tomorrow by accident finds out that they do not crash if something else cross the border in the south before or whatever...