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  1. Map Testing

    Pr's Angels...
  2. Mass game crash on VG

    which DNS server did you use before?
  3. Mass game crash on VG

    What!!!?? I have to do that? I gonna checkit usually this is done by the setup. but sometimes not or faulty. or it's the firewall of your router ... if you had dns problems, your browser would not find anything either. but you can just take another dns server and try it.
  4. Map Testing

    petition for forklifts on muttrah and those crazy red bikes on khamisiyah!!! Unfortunately, I could not do the whole test, but these bikes are awesome. you can slide with these things incredibly well and they are super easy to drive. ... and why are there no more forklifts on muttrah? ;(
  5. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    you have to google how hot your processor is allowed to be. if the value comes near the upper limit it could be the problem. the next time you have this problem use the touchpad and see if it is really better. if so, I would disable the mouse pad in the device manager and see if it is better. You could also see if you have these problems in a local game. you will have to narrow down the error ...
  6. Mass game crash on VG

    I can not imagine that it is different on other servers ... start Pr in windowed mode and see if there is an error during the crash.
  7. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    if it does not get too hot and stutters even at low resolution you should definitely make a deep virus scan! Use tools like Eset NOD32 Antivirus. do not use suits and do not just do only one scan. use several scanners.
  8. Mass game crash on VG

    what means your games crashes? is the whole game closing and you are landing on the desktop? or do you get connection problems and a disconnecting from the server?
  9. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    this sounds like a heat or graphics card problem for me. take a program (like occt for example) which monitors the temperatures and let it run while playing. if the stuttering begins look if something goes too hot. try if it is better / different if you put the details on low and play with a low resolution.
  10. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    maybe an irq problem? as double said, first try deactivating your touchpad (in the device manager) modern operating systems share the available irq channels and use them several times. if your mouse shares a channel with the sound card or the graphics card, there could be such problems ... try ALL USB ports through. most are housed on one controller (especially with laptops) if the problem occurs with all ports try to uninstall all usb controllers in the device manager. then restart the computer and see if it helped. Alternatively, turn off the sound card and the resolution of the game and see if it will be better or different to narrow down the error .. edit: You should also try another mouse from another manufacturer ... wireless mouse? I have a similar problem when I put my phone between mouse and receiver ... in windows I notice nothing but in pr it stutters ...
  11. Windows 10 users.

    Unfortunately, the vlc-player does not play midi files but if you use the windows media player and everything is on GM it should be playable. castle.mid overworld-2-.mid warning.mid
  12. Windows 10 users.

  13. Away time

    ^^ Chkdsk is not made to save data or disks. it can be used to repair read errors or surface problems. Chkdsk can not do much, but what it's supposed to do, it does. I'm not a big fan of MS, but some tools are not that bad. chkdsk is really useful, but if you have bigger disk problems you should use programs like testdisk. but you can also break a lot. One of the worst programs MS have build is the defragmentation tool... I think again what it can still be ... I still believe in a broken driver ... if other games and programs are running without blue screens the hardware will not be broken. EDIT: what did the windows event viewer say? or what are the last entries before the blue screens? if you have individual components available you could also swap components. you could also turn off every unused system component in the device manager ... So Wlan, bluethoot, cam, cardreader, etc ... this can also be due to eax, wrong bit depth or sample rate, exclusive mode and something like that. maybe even delete the shader settings of pr ... I do not think that it brings anything but it can not hurt synonymous.
  14. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    that is clear. I did not ask that because I like to play AR ( i love it;)) but because with less than 12 players you often do not have a chance against the AI. AR or MG is a simple and good way to balance this out a little. But I understand that you should not change anything easily or make changes to every request ...
  15. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    Actually, I see it similar as you. only at AR is it really a bit easier when only 12 players are online. if you have 30-40 players online you have more than 4 members in a sqd and the lock is canceled anyway. I would not want to change much, just this one point.