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  1. Welcome to the SixDice Group of Arma3

    Arma 3 Epoch is a open world survival game, more info: Epoch

    We from SixDice are using this mod for the Triffitt project, more info: The Day of the Triffids

    Tanoa Epoch will be a testing ground for new things to come...

    We running the EpochExperimental mod version..

    You are welcome to play, you stuff whill be save but the game can change from time to time.

    Added some stuff to the game, no spoiler see for youself..

    Missions are active, a great start to collect your stuff is to do a traders mission..

    Epoch is still bean update on a regular base..

    SixDice Team members:
    SiXie: Admin = design and modeling
    SirDice: Admin = scripting and coding
    Cosh = design and modeling
    -VG- = scripting and coding

    We are very excited to start this journey with you
    Follow us! personal Triffit diary and share your ideas with use to make this happen.

    Iit's project, There's no hurry...

    Server name: [NL] SixDice A3 Epoch Tanoa
    Map: Tanoa
    Mission: Epoch Mod
    Players: 50


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  2. Hey!

    No  Rappelling, no Sling Loading, no Towing for now but we working on it.

    Missions, Zombies, Cars and planes..

    Tanoa is a ferry nice map and its not smal.  ;)

    Remember you need the Epoch experimental mod!

    Come and visit you can always switch back, ferry nice Admin people ;)




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  3. Hello Arma Lovers!

    SixDice Server is up and running again..
    After every Server update der is work to be done..
    Arma3 Epoch Tanoa..

    Up building limit extended
    Building lifetime extended
    Vehicle lock extended

    Server name: [NL] SixDice Arma 3 Epoch Experimental Tanoa (0.5.0|1.68)

    Required game version: 1.68.141205

    Map: Tanoa
    Mission: Epoch Mod

    We love the new Jets! :)

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  4. Hey!

    No its stil works, we run the experimental version of Epoch Tanoa..

    The Frankies server  is a custom mod server i believe.

    Your welcome to visit..

    Server name: [NL] SixDice Arma 3 Epoch Experimental Tanoa (0.5.0|1.68)
    Map: Tanoa
    Mission: Epoch Experimental Mod



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