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  1. SixDice Epoch Tanoa

    Maximilian and Kiwirambob
  2. SixDice Epoch Tanoa

    Maximilian and Kiwirambob
  3. SixDice Epoch Tanoa

    Maximilian and Kiwirambob
  4. Hey! No Rappelling, no Sling Loading, no Towing for now but we working on it. Missions, Zombies, Cars and planes.. Tanoa is a ferry nice map and its not smal. Remember you need the Epoch experimental mod! Come and visit you can always switch back, ferry nice Admin people SixDice!
  5. Arma3 DLC

  6. Arma3 DLC

  7. Arma3 DLC

  8. Arma3 DLC

  9. Hello Arma Lovers!SixDice Server is up and running again..After every Server update der is work to be done..-------------------------------------------Arma3 Epoch Tanoa..Up building limit extendedBuilding lifetime extendedVehicle lock extended--------------------------------------------HaveFun!Server name: [NL] SixDice Arma 3 Epoch Experimental Tanoa (0.5.0|1.68)Address: game version: 1.68.141205Map: TanoaMission: Epoch Mod__________________________________We love the new Jets!
  10. epoch

    Hey! No its stil works, we run the experimental version of Epoch Tanoa.. The Frankies server is a custom mod server i believe. Your welcome to visit.. Server name: [NL] SixDice Arma 3 Epoch Experimental Tanoa (0.5.0|1.68) Address: Map: Tanoa Mission: Epoch Experimental Mod
  11. epoch

    Hello all! I was wondering what the best way is to edit the Epoch Mod.. adding custom building and stuff for on Tanoa map on server side!? Tips are welcome! SixDice
  12. Renovating World War II bunker.

  13. -SixDice- ArmaEpoch

  14. -SixDice- ArmaEpoch